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Mind's Reach - Recruiting

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Mind's Reach

Recruitment: Open

Leader: Gladiator550



About Us:

We are a group of players who are determined to push the limits of what is possible in Dual Universe. We will do what has never been done before! We will do what was thought to be impossible! We will push the boundaries of Dual Universe to the brink of breaking! In the process of doing these things, we will make friends along the way, and some may even turn into some of our most powerful allies, but there will be those who fear us. They fear us not for what we can do, but what we are capable of doing. We will show them how powerful our minds are. Show them that nothing is out of our reach when we put our minds to the task. When it comes down to it, information is power, and we have the power!



Our goals are simple. They are to be the top org in DU (not based on member count),. I want this org to be the org best known for strategies and tactics. We will win the wars not because of manpower, but because of our wits.


Divisions: Industry & Military

Mini-Divsions: Strategy and Tactics & R&D


The industry division covers multiple areas

  1. Mining
    • This the back bone of any organization. This helps with creating revenue and decreasing building costs
  2. Building
    • The building of ships and structures
  3. Trading
    • The handling of large scale marketplace transactions


  1. Protecting
    • We protect our own territory and help defend allied territory if they require assistance
  2. Expanding
    • We will expand our territory to gain more resources and influence on the world

Strategy and Tactics (not open to general public)

This mini-division is not directly connected to the military division, but is more for the people who provide influence on the outcomes of the military battles and industry competition

  1. Military
    • They help provide suggestions to the Military Command for the best action to take when it comes to getting the best possible outcome
    • They will often end up creating and the strategies that the military puts into effect to win a conflict
  2. Industry
    • They help advise the Industry Command on what action to take to get ahead of the competition


This mini-division is separate from the industry division and is overseen by the Leader, Military Leader, and the Industry Leader

  1. The purpose of this division is to research and develop new technology, ship designs, and structure designs that are requested to fill a certain role if asked. If there are not current needs that Oversight needs, then they are free to develop what every they want to. It does need to have some significance though


Media/Communications Division

The purpose of this division is to make media for the org. Their job is the make the org look as good as possible in the public eye through the use of media representation.

If you are interested in joining this division, there are some requirements before being able to be in this Division (will change requirements as more people join the division). They are but not limited too:

  1. Being creative
  2. Being able to use some sort of picture editing software proficiently (like photoshop)
  3. Being able to use some sort of video editing software proficiently (like Adobe Premier Pro CC)

Not all of these requirement need to be met, but the following requirement does need to be able to be met:

  1. Being able to make media that can support the vision of the leader


Note: If a lot of people become interested there will be more ranks added, but there will be a limit put on the division's member size in relation to the org if there needs to be one.




Interested in Joining?

We have our own discord at so come chat with us, or you can post an application on our organization page that can be found here:


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mXyj5zx

Organization Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/minds-reach


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cant say much, seems like a very simplified roman adaptation to DU, but tbh, a more accurate roman structure might actually benefit in DU

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11 hours ago, Lights said:

cant say much, seems like a very simplified roman adaptation to DU, but tbh, a more accurate roman structure might actually benefit in DU

Well my intention wasnt to go with a roman structure except in the form of the military, but that is how it turned out in the end ;)

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