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Head prime Bounty hunter

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Hello everyone .


Yes have it all know and we will do it all at least once (flying hacking hookup).

I thought I saw in an article that it spoke of premium, I wanted to know a little more on the subject if it is not confidential.

  -All will at all times have the urge to pour that anger and hate on a person and the best way is to create a bet is this possible?

-Use paper contract cash form form and / or bonds (debt promise etc ...) => which would allow to create quest between players.  

I think it will strengthen the gameplay of the mercenary fighter and will minimize a raid team because once known you will be chased by a squadron ready to rust to pick up this pretty bonus. (i watch riddick 3 for inspiration)


  I take this opportunity to add some idea:

  -Will we or there will be entertainment venues (penthouse) casino or blackjack poker table, race ships (on a built and governed by a player / organization). (inspired robot robot fallout).


  Sorry if all this has been explained without my knowledge do not hesitate to remove in this case.

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- as you can see here, NQ already planned a bounty hunting system. (far below, it was a stretch goal). The exact mechanic isn't known yet.

- a contracting system will be most likely implemented, but IIRC there isn't an official statement about that. But if it won't get implemented via some game mechanic: you can do it yourself too - that's what DU is about: emergent gameplay. set up contracts yourself and get them done by other players. If they scam you or run with your cargo, hire mercs to get them.

But I agree, that such a basic system (ala here's my cargo, pay 5mil collateral now, you have 2 days to go from A to B, you get your collateral back and 400.000 extra) would be best if it was implemented from the start

- as for games inside DU: there's DICE. They want to do races, arena battles and other stuff.

Players have to build those houses, casinos and they even can script games inside of DU (possible blackjack too): see this video


I have no problem reading french but I just want to remind you that this forum is english based. It doesn't hurt anyone if you just let google translate your text and copy it in your post too, so others (who might not speak french) can read this too


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