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[NovaWrimo2017] A Day of Optimism


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I figured I might as well try my hand at writing something interesting.


I've been wanting to see some more fiction on the gaps and vagueness in the lore, so I decided to write some myself to maybe inspire others to do the same. This story is my attempt at what may have happened to contribute to the era of peace that began around the year 2400, specifically in regards to the Nihilist movement. I didn't put much detail into organizational structure of the Nihilists or the UEF so that this story could fit in without providing any inconsistencies that may come from future stories. Change on this scale is never a one person deal so if you like the story consider expanding on it from different people's perspectives. If you don't like it, give me feedback and/or write a better one! (Seriously, I like reading these stories so give me more)


That's my spiel, thanks for checking it out.

Day of Optimism.pdf

Day of Optimism.docx

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18 hours ago, Kurock said:

Day of Optimism is a great addition to the DU lore.

Glad you thought so! I'm a fan of the Nihilists as a terrorist group and hope to explore it a bit more in future story attempts. Is there any existing stories focusing on them? I'd like to see how others would describe them.

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