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The ability to purchase and control an area

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I think it'd be cool if we could create a space like a cabin or a store or a city etc.  If we have something like a city, we can create constructs in an area and we can control via invitation or membership or something, who is allowed in the area, it can be a safe zone where there's no pvp, a store that can actually sell things for credits (or possibly some other form of revenue, at some point interchangeable to a currency like PayPal or something).  We could sell advertising space in our areas.  It would just be nice to have a place we can call "our own" in this new universe.  I know people that can create and print membership cards or something.  Maybe we can all be allotted a small area?  Like a house in a neighborhood.  Create a place where we all start from and can go places from there.  Maybe a row house in a neighborhood would be cool.  idk, just brainstorming here.


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