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Scripts and Emitters

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So I am wondering how to approach this idea.

I have a construct that is running a script. The construct has 20 doors. The script wants to open or close each of the doors individually. A relay is not appropriate, because I don't know before hand which of the doors will be open or closed, so I can't do fixed wiring.

I have not been able to confirm if a Control Unit will be able to handle 20+ Out Plugs from one unit or script. There seems to be a limit of 1 to other Emitting Elements.

Any one have any other insights on this?


I am using the published dev blogs etc as reference here. Can't wait for pre-alpha to start so I can toy around with this :)

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Without breaking NDA, I think you can use several "keyboards" unit and assign some doors to each one.

Not 100% sure if you can activate all keyboard at the same time, but it's what the July dev. diary looks like.




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