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Division Portal: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/perdere-mining

Discord: https://discord.me/perdere


Welcome to Perdere!

We are a mining division of ToasTec. We are welcoming all forms of life. If you enjoy mining, building, and trading then you found the place for you. We, the self-proclaimed space dwarves of Dual Universe, would like to personally welcome you to Perdere as we continue to build our numbers and rank. Feel free to pop by the discord and say Hi! New faces are always welcomed. If you would like to join Perdere then contact a manager. 




More info can be found on our Division Portal.


Thank you for helping us help you help us all ~ Partum

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Thank you to everyone has joined so far! We are already up to a total of 5 members in a short couple of days! We plan on growing more as we talk to other guilds and hopefully merging with some other groups!

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Hey guys just wanted to post a quick update. So Perdere is already up to 5 members! We are growing quickly and would like to welcome you to join our group. Note even if you just want a place to hang out the discord is a great place to do so. We want to be neutral with all guilds/corps. Perdere has been stated to be mainly a mining guild. Although this is true and we are going to be doing a lot of mining, we would also like to recruit people that are interested in transport/hauling so we can get into trading. 


Plans for Perdere

We've already been contacted by multiple other orgs/corps (whatever you would like to call them) talking about how we could be beneficial to each other. We would like to provide any base resources that are more grindy for users to purchase if they are doing large products. So if you are an org looking to get into manufacturing we can get in contact and help each other out a lot we supply resources, you guys craft, we buy for a cheap price 50% off (since we sold cheap materials) and then we can handle the risk associated with transporting and trading the final product leaving next to no risk for you!



I personally would really like to start developing some lore behind Perdere and a couple other corps to tie in with the lore that has already been set with DU. If you would like to work together on this send me a DM through the Perdere Discord server!


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