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Hello fellow DU`ers,


I have been following this game for around a year on kick-starter and every now and then lurking in the forums. I have enrolled into a few organizations already and found a pretty cool group. 


I wish to thank everyone in the community and the team, who is making this amazing project come to life, for such a warm welcome. Everyone I have met is willing to explain and take time to show newbies like myself around.


A little about myself... I am attending college (albeit a little late) for Biotechnology and plan to finish with a PhD in Astrobiology. I am infatuated with space and this game is going to be the perfect outlet for that. I have a been gaming for most of my life and it has helped me through thick and thin. I am extremely happy to be a part of a community that could help like others did for me back when I was young.


Keep going strong NQ. 


Keep up the friendly community everyone else! 


P.S. Stoats are my favorite.

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10 hours ago, MasteredRed said:

Hey Stoat! For a quick round of my usual introduction.



Read that ^


Yeah. I think you're on the right track(my personal completely 100% biased opinion).


Welcome to the forums!


Hehehe. Nice to meet you MasteredRed!



8 hours ago, Lenux said:

Welcome to the forums , we hope you will get fun with us :D


Thanks lenux! I hope so too! I've been having a blast so far!



47 minutes ago, Lethys said:

welcome to the community


Thanks Lethys!

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