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Who am I?

Currently a student in a software engineering major.


Why are you here?

Well to make fast ships and big guns.


What do you plan to do?

Build ships for deep space exploration and hopefully write some good code while I am at it.


What role do you plan to play?

Deep space exploration and ship design/programming.


Are you a lone wolf or "team" player?

A little of both. If an organisation wants my skills and thinks I could be of good use, plus can compensate me accordingly, I would be more than happy to join up. As long as I feel that I am being put to good use. Other than that I will probably be by myself out in the great unknown building star gates and finding cool stuff.


What do you hope to accomplish in the game?

Just building cool things really. I love designing, building, and exploring. This feels like the perfect game for someone like me.


Anything else you can think of?

Not really, I mostly did this so if someone is interested in who I am then they could find this. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will update this with questions as they are asked(that is if anyone out there really cares to know)

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Hello @jmsether and welcome to the forums! It is great to have you in Dual Universe.


Also, nice resume you got there! I would consider hiring you if you are interested!


Just if your interested though. I am MasteredRed and let me get you up to date on the stuff about Dual Universe.


Here is a list with stuff you need to read.

It details a bunch of Dual Universe related stuff, like interviews that have occurred in the past, things that have been discussed on the forums, and so on. It's really good to get up to date on it.


Next off though, for a software engineer, you are actually of high caliber to people. Since you have a lot of useful properties, such as being an amazing person with hopefully amazing code, you aren't in low demand. I would recommend you take a look around and invest in an organization that can make great use of your skills.


Once again though, welcome to Dual Universe!

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Hello @jmsether

Iam a member of the DUA (Diverse Unified Accord) and we are looking to recruit you for you particular set of skills!!! If you wish to talk in private you are apply to ping me [DUA] Serpentine4.7 on the CSYN discord at https://discord.gg/eWTceEN .You might have seen another member aswell (MasteredRed).You are also able to visit our discord at https://discord.gg/hq5bkC8.



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