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Reminder: Novaquark's Policy on account sharing

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Hi everyone,


A reminder seems needed on this topic:


- An account is strictly personal.
- You can only use the accounts for which you are the rightful owner.
- You can't lend or share your account(s) with anyone else (even a friend or a member of your family). No exception will be taken into account.
- Accessing to an account that isn't rightfully yours is strictly prohibited.
- If someone asks or harasses you to give your authentication information to him/her, do not comply to his/her request.
- If someone harass you for such a thing, please inform the CMs by private message and/or contact the support team at support@novaquark.com.


The consequences of sharing an account:

- The security of your account is breached and if something wrong happens on your account, you lose the right to ask the help of the support team.

- If the person with which you have shared your account has committed infractions, the sanctions can be applied to your account as well, even if you didn't commited the infraction yourself but your account has helped in anyway to commit the infraction.


Please keep in mind these very important points.

Thank you for your understanding.


Best Regards,
The Novaquark Team.

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