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My smart mouthed way of answering this would usually be to just point people to this site -> http://isalphaoutyet.com/


But, to more specifically answer your questions...


No, the game is not available yet for download. 


To play in the first stage Alpha you will need to purchase a founders pack, however, no subscription will be needed: https://community.dualthegame.com/pledge 


To play in late state Alpha, if you did not purchase a founders pack, you will have to purchase a supporter pack (which will not go on sale until later this year).



Alpha is scheduled to launch sometime in September.


Founders Packs will no longer be on sale after the 7th of September.



tl;dr - If you want to play in Alpha launching in September, buy a Gold (or higher) founders pack. 




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Dual Universe is an ambitious, long-term project. We aim to have a playable Alpha version open to a limited number of people in September 2017. There are different ways to be selected for the Alpha phase, see the forum for details. The Beta phase is expected for the first half of 2018 and the official release for the end of 2018. After the release, development will continue as the goal of Dual Universe is to create a lasting game that will evolve with its player base.


Take a look at the FAQ page. It has the info listed there: http://www.dualthegame.com/faq


But to summarize, you need to be a Gold level founder or higher to have access to the alpha. Please note that according to a release on July 5th, they will be removing the option to become a "founder" on September 7th, 2017 for a complete overhaul of the crowdfunding campaign. In doing so you will no longer be able to obtain the ability to access the first alpha version (Alpha 1) if you have not already purchased a Kickstarter pack or a Founder pack. However purchasing a "Supporter Pack" which will come out later in the year will add the option to catch the future revisions of the Alpha.


From https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/11308-end-of-the-founder-packs-crowdfunding-portal-evolution-alpha-news/



“Supporter” packs will still provide Alpha access, but at a later stage than the Founder ones. We’ll share more details later in the year about the new “Supporter” packs to come



Access to this Alpha 1 is guaranteed for every Founder pack with Alpha access (Gold and above). So all early backers who trusted us on Kickstarter or the Crowdfunding portal before September, 7, 2017 will be onboard for the Alpha first steps.



When the future "Supporter" Packs will be available in Q4 2017, those packs that provide Alpha access will grant access to Dual Universe Alpha 2, that will come at a later stage of development (it will be an update of the existing Alpha 1 that will bring new features and fixes). 


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