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Looking for a helping hand? - Introducing the Dual Universe Guide server

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A forum is typically a place to discuss single topics, pose questions or make suggestions. This happens in a highly organized manner, which is perfect for keeping discussions in order, being able to archive them and giving a large portion of people the possibility to participate.

However, there are downsides to it when it comes to user friendliness in various forms.
Getting an answer usually takes time, topics that may interest you already exist but are no longer active or already archived and discussion can head in a directions you don’t feel like taking part in.


For these reasons, the user Loondoe has created the Dual Universe Guide (DUG) Discord server.


What exactly is that?

Primarily, the DUG server aims to provide a 24/7 live-support platform for all players interested in any aspect of Dual Universe. This support is offered by many volunteering, friendly and well respected community members from all branches.


Furthermore, the server intends to act as a compressed collection of informational sources and material. We publish community generated guidelines, articles, monthly handouts, records and history information, walkthroughs and more.


Is this the right thing for me?

Basically, the server is for everyone and everything distantly and closely related to Dual Universe. This is definitely what you are looking for if:


  • you want to have questions about the game or features, the community portal, pledges or the forums and its community answered fast and easily

  • you want to find or be provided with information and sources for the game’s features and plans quickly

  • you want to find or found an organization and need advice

  • you are looking for players or organizations to partner up or make business with

  • you want to feature a website, server or project you created and open it to the public

  • you need help or a solution for a problem you encountered

  • you want to get informed about past or current events and business in the community

  • you need help with anything else and need someone to talk to

And how does it work?

First, you’ll need to join the Discord server itself by clicking the link below:



Once you’ve joined, you can just state your issue in one of the support channels to receive help from supporters.

Alternatively, you can take a look at the other channels to look for information yourself.


And that’s it. That’s how easy it is to receive help.


For any further suggestion and question on the project itself, these will of course also be answered on the forums itself.

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