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Will buildings have a decay time?


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A few solutions to a few problems


Building decay yes it should be a thing however There are 2 ways this will work side by side constructs outside of a TU owned by players not a part of a org or a org structure  will decay after one month if no player of any relation enters a zone this can be adjusted say on the spawn planet of Alioth this is one month but in space this can be one year whitch should satisfy exploration


Building decay however for players who are a part of a org could have extended times due to somthing like org upgrades or a skill systym similar to eves systym whitch could increse this Also say you are in a larger org this timer you get could be extended or decreased based on your size and how NQ wants the org system to play out


Org owned structures (new mecanic) in whitch orgs can have large citys preserved overtime with incresed timers for lone objects. Outside of a TU.


Inside of a TU Instead of a timer There should simply be a TU upkeep say fuel blocks whitch it consumes every set amount of time. If it runs out the TU shuts down and the timer begins as mentioned above.


This idea mostly would be for static structures only mobile structures would have to have a different systym so a salvaging mechanic can exist.( no idea how this would be done either)


However instead of having a decay systym instead change how a server loads things in the game having servers only active where players are and when they leave the server stops loading the area whitch fixes this problem also with NQ being able to split the work and multiple servers even if you fit the max amount of things a player can load in everthing will still run smoothly.

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On 1/29/2019 at 9:13 PM, AtlasCS said:

Situations like this are a perfect chance for landscaping orgs/construction orgs to be valid. Want to build somewhere but don't want to clean it up? Pay someone else to do it.

I like it this is done in minecraft all the time 

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I think it's a bad idea it would be too hard to manage and it could have bad consequences.


Altought eyesores policy could exist example if a territory is unused or left for months inactive or inhabited then the player would receive a notification and have 3 months to change that if the player doesn't the core and construct will vanish. But what if an hacker exploit that they could destroy anything or a bug happens .. I think it would make the game too heavy and could scrap everything  sometimes player can't be active because their pc broke I think it should only be applied to bad looking things that are left inactive with inactive owner.

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There's no need for sophisticated rules to remove "abandoned structures" outside the safezone. DU already has the most effective structure-removing mechanic in gaming: FFA-PVP !


Inside the safezone, things get more complicated. NQ have raised the possibility of having "activity timers" to determine whether a structure in a safezone should be removed. If the owner of the structure does not login for a specified amount of time, the structure is removed.

This is particularly important for hexes claimed on the sanctuary moons. The idea was that everything in that claimed hex would be "packed-up" and stored by the game until the player returned one day. Losing everything you have because you took a break from the game is a very strong incentive not to return...

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I really like the packing up idea. Though at the same time, I think there is other avenues for player development here. 


1. Scavengers could scrap buildings.

2. Organizations could claim them and reuse them.

3. Sometimes its cool to see abandoned/decaying cities.

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There has to be some way to remove constructs/buildings etc. of people that no longer play.


Does anyone else remember cities and cities of ghost-towns in SWG?  I do.  I don't want that.

So I propose something along the lines of - if you cancel your subscription, then one month after your last paid date, all your stuff gets packed up and put in your inventory.

Should you re-subscribe at a later date - then you need to find a new place to put your stuff down.

Don't like it?  Then don't cancel. 

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