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Space Ark Alliance is now recruiting. 


We are the Ark survivors. It is up to us to seed the universe with hope, spark new endeavors, and to regain our footing on the path to stability. 

We are a small faction gaining momentum to become a great Alliance. Players of all types are welcome.

Help us forge our collective story.


Here are some of things this organization will be achieving:


- Gain new territories

- Build stable cities

- Build Angel Stations (Space Stations that Guard from invaders and watch over surrounding planets below)

- Build Gaurdian Outposts (Guard stations and waypoints between connecting cities)

- Build infrastructure and solid foundations

- Create trade stations and successful trade routes

- Create top notch defender squadrons (to Defend Territories)

- Build a Fleet of Ships

- Defend our territories from hostile outsiders. 

- Explore the unknown

- Help Forge our collective story

- Above all we must survive the harshness of space and grow in numbers




Here are a few updates to what to expect from the Space Ark Alliance.

Check out our Recent posts for more detailed information on Expected Tasks, Goals, and Visions

Space Ark Alliance Recent Posts




Welcome to the Ark!


Join the Space Ark Alliance




- Atlas 5 - 


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