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Bounty System

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Hi guys,


I have been trying to look for info on the bounty system but couldnt find it.

Will the bounty system work like eve, in the sense that if someone has a bounty and you kill them, you get a percentage of said bounty?

Or will it be more like you take out someone with a bounty, get some kind of item (or just flagged or whatever) wich you then turn in at a bounty office (just as an example)?


And what kind of system will be in place that makes this bounty system worth using, unlike the eve system that is for all intents and purposes a big fail?


One thing that might slow down exploitation of the bounty system is that people in the same organisation cannot collect it. That would of course still not stop someone from making an alt to collect the bounty themselves and generate some income for themselves that way, but it would avoid the whole "hey corpmate, shoot me and we'll split the profit" scenario.

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Look up "contracts", and glance through a few of those threads. If I remeber correctly, a few about bounties were started under that title, others about the subject morphed into bounty discussions.


I haven't heard whether or not there will be an "official" bounty system, but those threads ought to give you an idea about how they might work.

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I imagine they will have to make it more robust than a simple "kill this guy, get this money". The reason EVE's bounty system is so complex is they had to take into account the numerous ways people could abuse it.


Like Accunut said, there are a bunch of threads on this already, but the discussion is still very far from settled.

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