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The Family - LF associates to further develop a tightly knit collective


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The Family

Fortitudo per familiam




I have a business proposition for you, my friends.

Our humble organization is seeking a few dedicated members to be a part of our DU operations/dealings, and we're certain these individuals will play a pivotal role in the direction this organization will take.


- BUT before you make a decision to contact us, here's a little bit about our philosophy and aspirations:



The Family is a non-aligned collective, based on loyalty and trust. We aim to reach the stars together and do whatever's in our power to further our members' interests.

We are, first and foremost, men of commerce - We deal in banking, mining and of course financing operations to keep our interests safe. The Family will seldom decline an interesting business opportunity. As a friend of The Family, one could expect financial aid, dealing with stubborn individuals and having an all-round backup for even the most banal of tasks.

We are eagerly anticipating future business inquires.


Motto: "Fortitudo per familiam" or in English: "Strength (derived) from family"
Values: Justice within our sphere of interest, loyalty, respect and neutral-alignment
Business aspirations and/or interests:

  • Outposts, on asteroids etc.
  • Plot renting for mining
  • Banking
  • If somebody has a problem with an individual, especially the monetary kind, we're happy to help for a symbolic fee or promise of a returned favor in the future
  • If possible, stock dealing
  • Protection
  • Black market stores and ware collecting
  • Intelligence
  • Gambling



If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, message yours truly.

You are welcome to comment questions or other inquires, about The Family, below.


More information and other means of contacting the organization can be found on our organization page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-family and website; http://dualuniverse.wixsite.com/family .


Other organizations are more than welcome to get into contact with us as well, but do remember that we have no intentions of declaring our loyalty to any cause - But that does of course not mean a mutually beneficial friendship shouldn't be possible between our organizations.


(Addendum: even though it should go without saying, please be advised that no applicant is guaranteed a spot - this is a small org and will most likely stay that way, whether or not you get it in, is entirely based on your communication/chemistry with current members.)


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