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Diverse Unified Alliance RP Channel(PT 1)

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Prior Note: This is copied from an RP channel me and my org members were in. This is just pretty much what we constructed on the spot. I edited it a bit to make it into this format, but it's mostly raw. Anyways, if you do decide to look through this, hope you enjoy it.


Non-Canon Roleplay Begin:


Dominar Diablo-


It had been sometime since he had awoken. The AI had been giving him instructions, explaining to him why he had spent the last 12 thousand years in a glass tube. After walking around the halls of the Arkship, he was directed to a locker by the AI. Inside were the standard issue spacesuits. Taking one of these suits out now, he started putting it on. It took him a decent half an hour to dome the suit, as all of were cold. Once the suit was on however, he activated the in-build life support. His entire body heated up in a matter of seconds, the coldness dying away.


"That's a relief..." Speaking still took an effort. My throat was still dry.


"Sounds like you desperately need something to drink." It was the AI. She had long since ditched the robotic personality after she was asked to sound more human and less, well mechanical.


"I can direct you to the Arkship Pub, if you so wish."


"Yeah...alright." Taking one last look into the locker, I noticed a simple, black, cloak. I paused for a moment, before reaching inside the locker and grabbing the cloak. I domed the cloak and pulled the hood over my face, before turning and following the AI's directions to the Arkship Pub


What the hell is going to happen next…


MasteredRed -


Once we knew our path towards our lives, we hurried for it. Not looking back, not trying to think of what was before us. We just knew that we would come into this world looking for the best opportunity to lay the foundations for our strength.


The strength we desperately tried to cling to and find for ourselves. Little was known about where anyone would go, as people were waiting. All that was left was the simple idea. The idea for that foundation.


"Hmmmm. I wonder what they're all up to.…"


I imagine we're about to enter into the atmosphere here soon. If things work out the way I recorded my expectations of them to, the race for power will begin shortly.


Dominar Diablo -


The halls of the Arkship became more and more repetitive. The same walls, the same doors, and absolutely no windows. The AI was still speaking to me, still explaining things


"How long until we reach the Arkship Pub...?"


She replied, promptly. "Not long now, however, I recommend you take a slight detour."

"Why would I want to take a detour?"


"Because there is another crew member who has recently awoken. He is just around the corner to you."


"I see. I suppose it's worth taking a detour then, where to?"


"Through this door."


I looked to my left and noticed a door that had suddenly unlocked, the light at it's handle was bright green. I approached the door and grasped the handle, turning it sharply and pushing the door open. I was met with another hallway. In front of me, a man.


MasteredRed -


Never was it imagined the things that would go on. Never would it be imagined how people would band together only knowing a name to follow. A name that indicates who they want to follow.




The man sees someone in front of him and turns around directly, almost looking to avoid the person in front of him.


I'm just going to go find some tools or something. I'll need to get off this ship quickly.


From there, he proceeds to run directly away from the person behind him.


Dominar Diablo -


Seeing the man run away at the sight of me was rather unsettling. I watched him go, unsure of what to do, trying to figure out why he would run.




"It seems this particular crew members is being careful. He's not scared of you, just unsure. I'm monitoring his vitals and the only thing that is out of the ordinary is...well, nothing."


The AI had said something quite unexpected. Rather alarming to the person on the receiving end of this speech.


"So, if he's not scared, he's simply avoiding me? I didn't think this cloak was worth avoiding..."


Having this thought, he began running after the man.


"Hey! Stop!"


MasteredRed -


"Huh? Seems he was actually expecting something to happen."


The running member stops and immediately turns around.


What could he possibly want. I need to find all the members as soon as possible.


"Ok then. What do you want sir?"


Dominar Diablo -


He skids to a stop and pauses.


I'm actually surprised he stopped running.


The sudden burst of energy had quickly faded, the after effects of 12 thousand years of sleep taking a heavy toll. He eyes the man for a moment before taking his cloak off, revealing dark eyes, dark hair and a stern face.


"What..why are you running?" His expression would be curious, but stern. It is worth noting this man is no more then a young adult.


"You are the first person I have met that is also awake."


GrandMasterApex -


After 12,000 years, finally his pod opened. Stepping out slowly, very weak and very confused, the man paused to look at a familiar site. Running through his thoughts to find answers, he realized that he knew very little and questions began to spring all over his mind. Looking down he saw a card, with a picture and a name that seemed familiar. Taking the card he sat down, staring blankly into space, lost in his thoughts.


MasteredRed -


"I ran because I have things to do. I've already been to one meeting and I don't have much time to lose."


I wonder why he ran after me so quickly. Doesn't quite make sense to me, but I'll hear him out.


"Now, can you pleases give me a reason as to why I should stay. After all, I can't stay here forever."


If I can't get to an area that's large in open, I won't be able to spot any DUA members before they leave the Arkship. I shouldn't be wasting more time than I already have.


Dominar Diablo -


He pauses again.


"I don't really have a reason for stopping you, only that you are the first person I've seen since I woke. Can you tell me your name?"


He's obviously in a hurry. I probably should not keep him here for long, but even so...


MasteredRed -


"I'm MasteredRed. At least, that's the name I have with me. I imagine we've experienced major cognitive dysfunction, or at least most of us. I can remember a bit more details than some people I met at a meeting, but it's still blurry.”


He must have been affected by the journey quite a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if he's lost about 98% or so of his memories. That's the average I guess.


"So, what would your name be? Don't mind me asking but since you've asked for mine."


Dominar Diablo -

"Dominar is my name. Dominar DIablo. I don't remember much about...well. I remember a few things only. What I do know is.."


He pulls out a piece of paper from a pouch at his belt. It was a list of names and organizations present on this Arkship After scanning through it real quick, he nodded and put it away.


"It says here you are the head of one of the many organizations present on this Arkship. I suppose you are looking for the rest of your members. Do you mind If I stick with you for a while? Perhaps I'll end up joining your cause. If we are to 'rebuild civilization', it will not happen if we are all going solo."


MasteredRed -

"Ah. Well, good to see someone has been keeping track of things. Probably Anasasi. However, I don't think we'll see each other unless your going to a large open area that I think is ahead.”


Honestly though, he could join the DUA, but I'm not sure if he has the qualifications yet.


Raises hand


"Anyways, it's been nice talking to you. Sorry I've had to keep it short."


Dominar Diablo -


He frowns


"Right...well, If you are looking for a 'large and open' area, might I suggest the Arkship Pub? it's where I was headed originally, before I noticed you were nearby. I could take you there if you want...It's the place you will most likely find who you are looking for. It's obvious by now you are looking for someone."


He examines MasteredRed. Taking in his being, summing him up, so to speak.


This man looks like he knows what he's doing. I wonder which organization he's in charge of. He thinks back to the piece of paper Right, the DUA. I think I heard about them before we launched...


MasteredRed -


"Yes that would work. I'm a little bit tired.... as usual. All this stuff can be a bit overwhelming at first. That's why I tried a couple exercises to try and prioritize what I remember. It seems to have worked out. I just can't remember my name.”


As all these events unfolded, something beyond this conversation, beyond this group was unfolding. The planet Alioth was bellow them, and the starts within their reach.


GrandMasterApex -

Walking weakly down the corridor, following the voice of the AI, the man now known as GrandMasterApex was recalling the things he had found while investigating his room. As well as a mechanical pet and some strange items known as DACs, he had stumbled across a holotape. The contents of which still puzzled him more than they had helped. He reached the Arkship pub and proceeded through the door


He finds an empty table and sits down, staring blankly around.


Dominar Diablo -


"I see. Dominar Diablo is my real name, I know that much. On the other hand, I don't remember anything about myself in particular, even though I remember a few events leading up to the Arkship's launch. Alright then, the Pub is this way."


He gestured to the way he he came from and then turned to head in that direction


I never imagined things would turn out this way. When I first woke, I felt like I would be on my own for a long time. Perhaps it wont be that way...


The AI spoke now  "There seems to be another crew member who has awoken while you two were talking. I could direct you to him if you so wish, he is a member of the DUA. MasteredRed would want to find him"


Dominar stops walking at this and turns


"Red. The AI just told me one of your members has woken and is nearby. Do you want to find him? Actually, he just entered the Arkship Pub."


MasteredRed -


"Hmmm. How convenient. I don't have an AI with me due to a number of problems I had. However, it make sense that he would be waking up now."


Before we left, I tried to grab a list of those who would be removed of Cryogenic Sleep first. It should be Apex, but I might be mistaken.


"Alright. I assume you know the way. Could you please go with me to find him?"


Dominar Diablo –


He nods


"I’ll lead you to him. This way now."


He turns around again and continues walking towards the door.


MasteredRed -

"Alright. Tell me a little bit about yourself while we're walking."


He begins to walk and turns his head towards him, listening to what he might have to say.


Dominar Diablo -


Chuckles a little


"I'm afraid I know as much as you do. As I said earlier, I don't remember anything about who I am. The only reason I know my name is because it was stored in the AI's files. What I do know is, I'm a rather calm person. Apparently, so the AI says at least, my vitals didn't even spike when I first woke."


They had reached the door now, and had turned left, heading down the long hallway.


MasteredRed -


"I see. Due to some differences in myself, I have most of the important memories I need. I worked in a factory that produced Kyrium, I had a brother, and many good friends. Really, there's quite a lot that I remember, just not details that I would need for a large advantage over others."


Dominar Diablo -

"Fair enough. One of the major events I remember is when the first Arkship that launched...crashed...Actually, that's the only major event I do remember. Everything else is just simple things, like meeting the AI for the first time, and heading to my cryotube."


A bright light suddenly appeared as they turned a corner. Ahead was a door with a sign above it reading "Arkship Pub". The door was open slightly. There was still some ground to make before they reached the door.


MasteredRed -

"The First Arklight.... I think that's what people in my area called it at least."


He looks up at the sign as well, giving off the impression of relief.


"That wasn't a good day for some of us. Quite a few lives were lost in that incident, and I know that it's changed how things would have happened by quite a bit."


Dominar Diablo -


He nods again. His own expression would be slightly relieved. Less because they would finally be able to meet this member of the DUA, and more because his legs were very tired after so long without use


"We have arrived. The AI tells me that your member is inside."


I hope I don't regret helping him. If he's anything like they say he was back on Earth, then I should be happy we met. Even so...12 thousand years in space can change a man.


MasteredRed -


"I think he's probably a person known as Apex. I've talked with him before we launched I believe."


If it isn't, it's probably someone who applied in the general application. I know it's probably him though. He tried to reserve a seat for himself early on.


Both him and Dominar walk through the door


From there, a vast view of people flooding the pub is present. Many just awoken and confused. Others wanting to meet and greet as many possible. All these ambiguous faces present, filled with so many different expressions. Fear, Excitement, Sadness, Joy. None the same as the other. All wondering what to do next.


GrandMasterApex -


Noticing Master Red walk in he turns to him and gestures to him and his accomplice to join him at the table.


I recognize this face from the holotape as being Master Red, however I have not seen his accomplice before.


"You must be MasterRed, Please, join me"


He turns to face this person accompanying the MasterRed.


"And I do not believe I have had the pleasure. You might be?"


MasteredRed -

"Ah yes. This is Dominar. He helped me find my way to the pub."


Dominar Diablo -


Courtly nods to the man sitting down, but Dominar remains silent doing so.


GrandMasterApex -


"I see, Well I am GrandMasterApex. Although as to what I was a GrandMaster of is still a mystery to me"


"It is clear from listening to the rabble in this pub that many of us are suffering from sustained cryogenic exposure. It seems to be effecting some more than others, however one thing that is constant is that without the help of the AI, none of us can preform basic tasks."


Dominar Diablo -


I glanced around at the faces. Some of them were watching us, others were burred in their hands. Even more had tears in their eyes


"So it would seem. Not all of us have access to the AI, apparently."


GrandMasterApex -

"Some have encountered problems yes"


MasteredRed -


"I didn't receive an AI as well, but I had prepared my mind for this trip prior. Strengthening the memories and information I needed. Not everyone did that though, so that's what's happening."


MasteredRed glances around at everyone as well


"Not that I have a problem not having an AI. I prefer it due to the... things that I would likely encounter."


Dominar Diablo -


"So, shall we continue the search for your members, Red? Or perhaps we should eat some twelve thousand year old powdered food."


MasteredRed -


"If I remember correctly, most should probably still be asleep. Right now, I think we should try and figure out what we should do.”


Someone bumps into Apex as he stands up.

Then it was known, things were probably going to be tough from here on out.


Dominar Diablo -


Dominar would bear his cloak, which had been stuffed into a pouch at his belt. It was able to fit due to how thin the material was. He'd look up suddenly as whoever had bumped into Apex started looking at them.


GrandMasterApex -


"Yes I do believe we have spent enough time on these formalities, their is much to do"

As the man who bumped into Apex has turned, the robotic dog Apex is accompanied by start to bark.


"Do watch where you are going sir!" Apex snapped.


Signaling to his pet to be silent, Apex takes in the face of the man.


"I do believe an apology is in order don't you, Or has twelve thousand years of chryo made you as rude as it has stupid?"


Dominar Diablo -


Dominar frowns slightly.


"Apex, I think you are overreacting a little. 12 thousand years of cryosleep would make people clumsy to say the least. Perhaps assuming he did it on purpose is a rash move, isn't it?"


He glanced towards the man who had bumped into Apex, examining him.


GrandMasterApex -

"Perhaps... I ache from my slumber and my patience is short, I do apologize for my manner. But I would advise you to be careful as some may be a lot more volatile."


Apex joins the group to leave the Arkship pub


I shall remember this moment, he may be more dangerous than he initially looks.


"you are right Dominar, shall we move to a place a little... less crowded"


Dominar Diablo -


He nods, satisfied.


"Alright. There's an empty table further inside, or perhaps you'd like to leave the Pub all together. MasteredRed?"


As Dominar began looking around, more people were watching them now. The man who had initially bumped into Apex had long since disappeared.


MasteredRed -


"Yes. I think it'd be a good idea t-"


Jerked backwards by a force, MasteredRed falls back and turns around, looking at the face of the man who bumped into them initially, and his friend.


The man grunts as he throws a punch towards MasteredRed.


Dominar Diablo -


Dominar turns sharply as Red seems to fly backwards. Seeing the two men as he falls to the floor, he rips the cloak off of himself and throws it at the two men, attempting to distract them for a fraction of a second.


As he does so, he fiddles with something on his left arm for a split second, then raises his left arm to reveal a Nanofromer. His left palm promptly lights up as a piece of metal the size of a fist shoots out towards the one throwing the punch, aimed at his head. The attack was not lethal, however. With the first man on the ground, Dominar aimed his Nanoformer at the second man.


"Make a move...I dare you." Dominar said, his voice was low but steady.


MasteredRed -


"Alright then.”


MasteredRed then quickly moves to the right of the man. The shock from Dominar's attack keeps the assailant’s friend from turning to face him.


"Not a smart idea."


His fist raises towards the second mans face, revealing the punch to come. Without warning, the second man is hit to the head, and knocked down to the ground.


GrandMasterApex -

About to signal his robotic pet to attack the men, he noticed Dominar spring into action and instead assessed his combat ability, after all, those who could defend themselves were going to be needed in these coming times of uncertainty.


"Well I can't help but feel responsible for this... little misunderstanding... and as such I shall try to rectify this little problem."


From a secret compartment he reveals a DAC and places it in the hands of the robotic bar tenders arms


" to the man who can... resolve our little problem."


"...perhaps we should leave now."


MasteredRed -


"Yes. There's no one here from the DUA at the moment anyways. It'll be a little while before anyone wakes up."


He turns around and begins to move towards the exit


Dominar Diablo -


Dominar turns his head and watches the second man, eyes narrowed in like he's watching a target.


GrandMasterApex -


A crowd of people, now desperate to get their hands on the DAC circled, the two men as the group walked out of the Arkship pub. Events that would no doubt one day come back to haunt them.


"Well I do believe that escalated rather quickly, good work in their Domino I must say. It seems even after the chryo you seem to be able to defend yourself rather well."


Apex places his glance on MasteredRed.


"and of course, it seems you have not lost your touch with the fist either Master Red."


MasteredRed -

"Thanks. Also... Domino... I'm pretty sure you just called him Domino... I think they’ll stick"


GrandMasterApex -


"Well I am a little shaken from the experience but Domino does seem rather fitting... watching how they fell as such."


Apex laughs with his joke.


Dominar Diablo -


Dominar lowers his left arm and retrieves the cloak from the ground. Doming it quickly, he follows the two outside.


"Wait, Domino? Lovely"


He pauses. Catching sight of someone in the crowd, he frowns.




rmhenn –


Three small throwing knives impale the wall just above the two mens’ heads. The point of origin is easily traceable to a man standing in the doorway, cloaked in a beige military trenchcoat, pointing his right arm at the attacker.


“Very entertaining, but I think there has been enough of a show for today.”


The mysterious man walks over to the bar and takes a seat, ordering nothing more than a water.


MasteredRed –


"So then"


The pub was left in confusion as to most of what just happened. One thing was for sure though. They had just attracted attention for themselves.


Dominar Diablo -


"Lanez. Why must there always be knives involved when you make an entrance?"


rmhenn -


"Because, knives are fun."


Lanez takes a sip of his water.


MasteredRed -


"You say that, but I'm pretty sure those men have a different idea in mind."


Dominar Diablo -


"Where did you even get the knives? Did you plunder the kitchen? Or did you just have them in your locker."


rmhenn – 09/14/2016


"With much talent, and a Nanoformer, and some spoons."


Dominar Diablo -


Dominar Sighs


"Why did I even ask. Lanez, we're leaving. Feel free to grab your water and join us."


rmhenn -


rmhenn grabs his water and follows Dominar out of the pub.


MasteredRed -

"So, Lanez, Apex. Please do tell me what you guys have planned here, if anything."


GrandMasterApex -


The GrandMasterApex takes back the DAC from the bar tender.


"it seems the problem has resolved itself."


Next Part Can Be Found Here

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