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Repair Stations

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A craftable repair station you can set permissions on for your TU. Allow any user to repair their ships there at a price set by the station owner, its then down to the owner to make sure the station is fed with enough resources to keep the customers coming.  Could specialize in certain difficult/expensive repairs.

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Or set it up so permissions are kill everyone not in org.  Lure them in and boom ... trap set and executed.  Then no need to store tons of resources ... and you just may collect them instead.


Not that I would do such a thing but I'm sure someone would.

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True, it could be useful, or frustratingly abused, depending on how it is implemented.

Maybe they will make it so repair tools can't cause damage.


Or, it will give rise to "certified" repair stations, where they are inspected by a well-known third party organization. (We'll call one "RepairCo)

Maybe players could buy a list of certified stations from them, and it is updated regularly. Or it could be a subscription-based thing, where you keep the list you have, but it isn't updated unless you subscribe to the service.


The list could be static or active; meaning you have to look up a station to see if it is RepairCo certified (static), or it is automatically displayed on your map as certified (active). This could also be a list price/subscription level option, with the active lists being more expensive.


They could also implement a way for stations to display a certification claim on the map, with a link to the certifying organization's database. For a small fee, you can look up just one or two repair stations.

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