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Life-Time Subscription

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Heyo, it is Legate again, been a bit since my latest activity, been busy with school, social, and planning more ships for this game, up to around 15 btw.


When I checked the kickstarter (already great progress when I saw it begin), I was browsing through the perks and found Life-Time Subscription for Ruby+ (I think). This got my engines running, will there be life time subs after the kickstarter event or is this more of a one time deal that we have to leap on faster than using warp drives? If we can get it afterwards, then I got some saving to do, if not, then it's back to grinding enough currency to last me at least another eon worth of playtime.


One random guy that still sits at school sleeping with a book as a sheid and a bludgening tool:


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I had to cut back from Gold+ to one of the silver packs because of bills/crap.


The life-time sub sounds wonderful tho... imagine never having to worry about spending $ or in-game currency to buy DACs.  More over, imagine now being able to freely trade DAC's for in-game currency!


All the money.

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My suggestion either way back dual universe through kickstarter if you can afford it, those who can but want to pledge gather your friends and family to make one pledge or two in fact to support this project, if you also can't afford it that's no problem folks.

You can spread the word to those who you play video games with in steam or to youtubers, twitch streamers or other people who's going be interested in Dual Universe.



Cheers :)

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