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Found 5 results

  1. In order to save DU we need a leader and who is better than Lord Chancellor TMA Lets decide if Lord Chancellor TMA should be the supreme leader of all DU by voting on the hot tub stream
  2. This isn’t for now, this is to generate ideas for further down the line. There are arguments for and there are arguments against a wipe. Rather than having a wipe, I think NQ needs to get creative with a solution. But they are pretty busy so let’s get creative for them. The object of this post is to determine reasons why a wipe is needed, and work out solutions for them which don’t require a wipe but don’t go breaking a bunch of promises which were already given. So firstly why try to avoid a wipe in the first place? - A promise. We were promised no wipe once beta started. We were promised if our subscription expired that when we came back all out stuff would still be there. People have put hundreds, or more, hours into some fantastic designs, buildings, etc.. The player base is pretty small right now, and while a wipe may make it easier for new players it would cause a lot of current players to rage quit. Plus let’s face it, a lot of the reasons for a wipe are just gong to happen again and again if not addressed anyhow, and we can’t have a wipe every couple of years so the issues need to be addressed in game. So I’ll start with a few reasons I think a wipe is needed, then give a few solutions for those reasons... Dead hex’s everywhere! - Try to get a hex near a market, good luck, try to get a nice beach front hex, good luck. If all these hex’s were actually being used, and building etc., it would be amazing. But sadly huge amounts of them are either claimed by players who no longer play and may never come back, or claimed by people just banking them. My solution, - We were promised if we left and came back we’d still have our stuff. I’d be very upset if I heard the game was at a level I want to play so I returned to find the cool hex I claimed close to the market was gone. I propose (a lot of my suggestions have this answer) a new system with new rules. Make a new planet in a new system, but this time territory claimed has a rental cost to the ark ship. This cost is based on the cost of placing the territory claim unit. The more you have, the costlier it gets. Sure some people will have plenty of money and pay ages ahead, but that’s ok. When the money paid on a unit expires, the unit is shut down and collected by the ark ship. All static constructs on the hex are now considered abandoned. Something like this is going to have to happen if the game survives as there will always be players coming and players going. But let’s not be mean and take back all the claimed land on the current system they promised would still be there’s when they returned, let’s have the new system have this issue worked out in advanced. Let’s admit it, with no rent and passive income from hex’s arriving with automining, sooner or later the majority of the current system will get claimed. That’s ok. The people who supported the game through beta will have a little passive income as long as they are willing to showboat between systems every few months to empty all there collection box’s. Tunnels everywhere are killing NQ database and bandwidth Really should have seen this coming, but were not here to blame, were here to help. My solution - once again a new system. But the new system has no ore you can find by mining. There are only three ways of finding ore, surface gathering, automining units and underground mining of asteroids or passing rocks. They show up, sometimes in the safe zone, sometimes in the PvP zone. They stick around for a while, then they are gone. It’s great, lots of holes made, but once they are gone the database can once again forget about them for ever. Naturally have balancing, less megas and lower tier ores (generally but not always) on the ones in PvP zones more megas, higher tier ores normally. Yes we will still have tunnels all over the current system, but as the current system starts filling up with hex’s just claimed to place a autominer on, or from people who have left the game, people will slowly migrate to the new system. Heck have new players start there. As less people use the old system there will be less strain as the tunnel laden planets won’t be accessed as much. The devs have new planet generation tech they want to deploy We hear they have new generation methods. But you can’t really respectively place them on a current planet without really wiping it first. Once again, leave the old planets on the current system, deploy the new tech on the new system. Start smaller with less planets, and when they have new tech again, deploy a new planet or moon which is discovered. Tech will always be advancing, give them a way of using it without killing the current stuff. We we are running out of megas/ore are we? Yes or no, the answer is simple and already in the works, asteroids mining. Simple. The market bots ruin everything Some love them, some hate them. But leave them here, but in the new system don’t have any NQ markets. Have all markets be player markets. No bots allowed. If you really want to sell toma got, pack up a huge ship, and slow boat it back to the old system, be in 10,000SU away or ten million. The choice is there for those who want to use them still. But let the actual player driven market determine the prices in the new system. We will have daily allowance and autominers to help start the economy. Some players used exploits and got mega rich Darn wish I had got in on that, but I’m poor 😩. Is this actually a huge issue? In the short term yes they have a huge advantage, but over time there are always going to be players who spend all day playing, or orgs which are very well organised who are going to be way ahead of other players. It’s life. These people should have been dealt with at the time, but they weren’t. They got a huge jump, but over time we’ll catch up. I don’t have a good solution for this issue myself. Maybe somebody else does, maybe it’s a yip, we’ll just take that one on the chin and keep going, new player is always going to be disadvantaged to a long term player. Casual is always going to be at a disadvantage vs hardcore. It’s just NQs job that new, old, casual and hardcore get enjoyment. Conclusion There are many reasons why NQ may eventually feel a wipe is needed. Let’s not use this thread to bash them, there are plenty others already doing that. This thread is to seek issues and offer workarounds. -if you have a reason you think a wipe is necessary please post it, don’t feel like you have to have an answer -If you have a answer, or different answer to one of the issues, please feel free to post it. Don’t post that somebodies idea is stupid, but if you have a different one post it instead.
  3. I may be a PVPer but I love creation and creativity. This is a breathtaking development and really I would be so pissed for all the people who've put all the time into this development thus far if a wipe took place. THANKFULLY NQ TOOK HARDSTAND AGAINST A WIPE AND HAVE VOICED IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN...
  4. If this rumor is true, then I'm putting on the brakes for mining and production right now and just collecting login cash until there is some definite direction.
  5. This is not about a wipe during Beta, but a wipe from the transition of Beta to Full Release. Could we please get clarification on whether or not there will be a wipe on Full Release. I have been planning on there being a wipe, but after reading some forum posts it does not seem clear. I am personally for a wipe, but I've been playing since pre-alpha. However, I believe new players who are getting the game need to clearly understand whether or not there will be a wipe. Also if there will not be a wipe claiming territories becomes much more important. NQ, please clarify.
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