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Found 6 results

  1. Currently, the skill points are generated in background with the queue, which leads people to having alt accounts trained to specialize in one thing in background, which is not optimal and ends up being P2W, as this clearly gives them advantage over players with only one account, specially players starting out. The proposal here is to complement the current system with skill-specific points, which are earned by doing these activities - being active in the game. This could apply to all skills or, at least, the most basic ones, such as Mining and Piloting. Firstly, let's do some math. I'll take as reference the skill "Advanced Mining". In terms of skill points, each level costs, respectively: 2400, 12000, 60000, 300000 and 1500000 points, giving a total of 1874400 points to complete all 5 levels. With a full queue, we currently get 90 skill points per minute, which means it would take around 20827 minutes to complete the queue, which translates to 347 hours or 14.5 days. All of this is passive, so one owning multiple accounts would be able to queue many large skill trees to specialize in these same 15 days, which for a normal account could take 15, 30, 45 or even 60 days to complete. Not really fair, right? Now, with the proposal, let's say for every 25L of ore extracted, one would get 1 skill point. With a scoop size of 250L, one would get 10 skill points per scoop while actively mining. With an average time of 10 seconds to get 4 scoops (1000L, or 40 skill points), one would get an equivalent rate of 240 skill points per minute by actively mining, which would take the queue time from 14.5 days to around 5.4 days of actively mining, not considering the points still being generated in background, which would bump this to 330 points per minute and lower the queue time to just under 4 days, but the catch is: the player would need to be actively mining to achieve that. The same could be applied for Piloting skills, with some adjustments to consider whether we're flying atmo or space. Currently, the maximum speeds are around 1000km/h in atmo and 30000km/h (150su/h) in space, so let's say we want to match the same 240 points rate of mining, then one would need to fly either 16.5km in atmo or 500km (2.5su) in space, at full speed, to match these rates. Anything slower would still be accounted for, but since your speed is slower and the points are earned per distance, you would make less points flying slower, the only thing not being accounted for is warps, as that would be way too easy In the end, if this works, the passive rate could even be lowered, as anyone being actually active would still be earning their points and the passive generation would be more towards when the player is offline (like doing IRL stuff such as sleeping) instead of being a complete benefit to players with many accounts farming points in background Hope this helps somehow!
  2. Is there any value in introducing "Skill Certifications" in DU ? It could serve as a way for players to show others which skill levels they have attained in various fields. Make it an option (via a tickbox) which certs a player wants to display publicly. Those can then be shown as part of their profile when viewed by a 3rd-party. Lore-wise it can be justified as viewing the official training records that are kept on the arkship. This feature can be used by orgs' to advertise for members that have particular skill levels, or even be used to determine pay grades for temporary miners, ship crew or manufacturing specialists. If a formal skill view exists, it also opens the door to the creation of a "Labour Market", where players can advertise their "availability for work", and orgs can advertise for contract workers or permanent members. It will serve as an initial contact point for negotiations, so it won't reduce the amount of player interaction.
  3. IDEA: A way to visually identify what players are proficient in key skills, and inversely, a way to show the players around you what your specializations are. Concept: Characters could have cosmetic items, or skins for their suit/tools, that are unlocked by reaching skill benchmarks in specific areas. Fleshing it out: Each skill category (Piloting, guns, scanning, mining, refining, engineering, etc) could have a skill icon associated with said skill. At a certain benchmark, you unlock the ability to wear that icon on your character's suit, or on an article of clothing. This would tell the players around me at least one set of skills I'm proficient in for the purposes of forming loose teams, and also inform them at what level of proficiency I am in that skill. The Engineering skill for example might have a Wrench icon associated with it. A soon as a player becomes proficient in Basic Engineering, they get access to the Wrench Icon as an accessory for their space suit, which would place it on your character's back and on the upper left-hand side of your chest. As a player progresses to Engineering Rank 2, that wrench icon changes to have a #2 incorporated in it, or a wrench with a stripe across it or something, showing the players around you that you have Rank 2 proficiency in the engineering skill. A character could only have 1 skill icon equipped at a time, but they could switch between them. This would be useful for ORGS because they could use it to display who a ranking member is within an org. The Cheif Engineer for example might be the only player permitted to equip "Engineering Rank 4" because an org could decide to use that insignia to show who the ranking officer is at any given tame, same for military roles. I see this as being especially useful though with players who are meeting each other for the first time in-game, and are divvying up tasks for a play session. If I volunteered to be our crew's scanner, I'd equip my Scanning rank insignia, the miner would equip mining, engineer would equip engineering etc. That way we know by looking at each other which one of us is supposed to do what, and players that want to join would know what skillsets we might be missing, or might be able to show us that they are better at scanning than I am for example by equipping their higher rank insignia. It might make cooperating on-the-fly more efficient.
  4. Idea: When you die, for whatever reason, your ingame skilltree gets reseted or downgraded (setting you back to the previous stage in each category as an example) Concept behind: If you die, you respawn with a ressurection node, but this thing only has a blueprint of you, it doesn't know what was going on in your brain. You learn the skills over time while Aphelia, the AI, is manipulating your brain. If you die, the ressurection node loads a old version of your body and brain Pro: -You would fear the death -you would play safer -it would be more realistic -you would accept going in jail rather than commiting suicide, justice systems would make much more sense -pirates would not attack big stations just to "see if it works" (if you ever played space engineers you know what i mean) -Experienced players would be much more valuable -taking hostages would mean something -There would be less "Shoot on sight"-activity -bounties woud make much more sense -most organisations would try to avoid war -taking out a good pilot can change the battle because after respawning he would not be able to drive the ship anymore or less effective -war strategies would change from making most damge possible to avoid killing civilists Contra: -It could get really frustrating -it would be kind of unfair Let me know what you guys think about this!
  5. Hello, Neo here, formerly Saffi... Anyway heres a plea for some racial and technological differentiation for characters, but also for several character sizes at launch. For launch its pretty well understood that you need to focus on the things that will actually make DU, DU. Over time perhaps you can develop more suits, clothing and so forth, but that's for another thread. For the characters themselves, the ability to scale the size of the characters, even if just some preset ones. In this early stage I'm not asking for a full on editor, but perhaps down the line you could advance the options. My plea for preset options is as follows. For Males and Females a preset height for Tall, Mid, Short, and Small. For males a few options with increased muscular bulk or wider shoulders. For females some options with enhanced tone, possibly stronger thighs on a few builds. This would be really nice to help people with their backstory and feeling their character lines up with what they believe is under the suit. ----------- Everything will come from humans, on earth in our time now, there are people looking for ways to live longer or even forever and to change the appearance of ourselves. As the science advances post human elements will also become more abundant. Humans Kemonomimi's Cyborg attachments. Humans could have a bonus applied to them, many people would play them. If they have a unique trait, along the lines of human charisma it could be as follows. Human Trait: Pays 15% less taxes from their pocket. The money is still generated but the taxee doesnt pay it, the game pulls it from nowhere. No negative trait. Kemonomimi's are basically humans, namely they only seek to alter their appearance, by technological means, from human ears to those of another animal species, and also tails. A few cat ear and tail options, and a few fox / wolf options would cover a majority of interested people. Mimi trait: 15% more action or stamina bar. Negative Trait (Unstable Genetics) -10% stamina regen rate -10% inbound healing Cybernetic attachments could be something that either race, or any other genetic modified humanoid models could use. They'd be one time use or until death, and in which you would then need to go and buy or re-equip your cybernetic part's. Could have a stat limiter, such as you have 2 mod slots, or maybe a different system 100 mod points. Say for instance a single eye mod would cost half as much as a double eye mod and the buff correspond equally. for example. 25 points for a single mod and it give a 5% boost to its stat, 50 points for a double and a 10% boost to whatever stat. Just some ideas. Single Cyborg Eye Double Cyborg Eye Cybernetic Visor Iris implants (no visual just a cybernetic mod) (single or double) Eye's would increase your target acquisition range, but not your actual lock on range. Cybernetic arms, single, double, and synthetic mesh (no graphic just a mod) Arms increase accuracy, and voxelmancy range. Legs same as before single, double, synthetic muscular mesh. Legs increase stamina (dont boost speed it just causes alot of balance issues) Other mods could be made that dont have physical representations, although the above can also exist even without physical representations. This could make a decent economy in game for parts and enhancements. Some other cybernetic part ideas. Nano healing pump - very slowly regens your health, can be activated to drain stamina / energy / food meter, to increase healing speed temporarily. Adrenal / Endorphine pump - activates when low on health, provides a temporary increase in base HP and restores a small amount of stamina Edit: You know, I could be perfectly happy with just humans. So let me make an additional plea if you NQ are thinking of sticking with only humans. If you do come around to making a character creator, these are the things that would please me greatly. Body Scale - not just a height changer, scale the body's proportions. not just a raw height slider, no stretched lanky tall character, no fat short compressed small ones. Hair color editor - for my obvious needs! Heterochromia
  6. Ok, so I previously posted about a game play idea I had and I thought I would start a topic to go more in depth. The idea was skill trees as you can see from the title. I'm thinking it would look something like this with more skills. Farming
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