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Found 6 results

  1. Here's an idea that might be quite useful for creators and also would help a lot in a possible wipe scenario: being able to edit Core Blueprints. Basically, if you have the Core Blueprint (and DRM on it), you would be able to "edit" that Core BP and replace or remove elements on it with variations of the same item. So for example, you could replace a Basic Space Engine XL with any other variation of that item, as far it's a Space Engine XL, and optionally you could also remove the elements from it, in case you don't want to deploy the BP with certain items.
  2. With Demeter landed and a roadmap for 2022 being put together, we thought it would be a good idea to combine our feedback from the past year and some change of playing the game. One of the things NQ talked about was needing quanta sinks. PvP is the ultimate sink with ammo, fuel, and lost honeycomb plus elements. There are a TON of people out there who would play this game if PvP was a more content-rich pillar of the game (please note, we want PVP to be an equal pillar – and love our industrial and trader communities). Here's our opinion on how to motivate PvP-minded individuals to be attracted in this game. There are several pillars of the game we feel need some serious TLC from NQ: Ship building - Give us interesting choices (not just PVP centric this one) Core Sizes - Everyone need reason to diversify PvP Diversity - Give us a real reason to PvP ==SHIP BUILDING== The THEME of this section is: Give us a reason to pick X over Y But give us a reason to pick Y over Z And give us a reason to pick Z over X As ship builders, for every decision we make, there needs to be another decision someone else can make to counter our design plans. This currently isn't in the game, which is why every patch there is a PvP "meta". And while that meta might have evolved over time, there is always one option that is objectively better than the others. The much-discussed solution to the issue needs to again be brought up - we *have* to talk about an energy system. We need some kind of battery/energy generator on dynamic constructs that will power all of our components. This would give us the ability to do two things: Limit component usage and stacks of engines/brakes Gives players interesting choices in ship building Consider the first point - we have ships right now that hit 20G accel or braking. That is the benchmark for PvP ships. It's a bit silly isn’t it? With an energy system, for every X engine we want to add, we have to add Y battery / capacitor, which come with a certain amount of weight. We can put 20 XL engines on a construct, but it will come with significant added weight. This could effectively give us an acceleration “G max”, because we shouldn’t expect our avatars to take sustained 20G to the face and be ok with it (maybe modifiable with skills or *gasp* avatar equipment). To the second point - this is where PvP gets the most interesting. Right now, everything is done at long range, with lasers. Take the follow example setup: Laser and Rails require lots of energy to function, so the added batteries make the construct heavy, and therefore slower. Cannons and Missiles don't require any additional energy, so they can be more lightweight, faster constructs to get in close range. (Sidenote the ammunition would have to be reworked but that’s a later technical discussion) With this example, the “Laserboat” has a counter (current meta). Someone coming in full speed with a bay of cannons or missiles, gets in close to the slower ship. The sniper might be able to take out the brawler on approach, but if it doesn't, it's in big trouble – at least that is the theory we are crafting. Now, as PvP players, we have meaningful decisions to make. Do we make a dedicated sniper? Do we make a brawler? Do we go for multi-role and add different weapon sets? Does the added weight of multi-weapon sets benefit our setups? We can come up with similar decision making for brakes, wings, and all other component types. Right now, the only decision to make is whether or not we add MOAR brakes to our constructs – and the answer is always yes. There's no drawback. With an energy system, a construct could hit 20G braking for a bit, but that would just drain the batteries completely and start disabling components. Sidenote – this is also why you have crappy looking ships everywhere with 200 brakes on them. Can’t have cool screenshots if you encourage your player base to basically min/max everything. ==CORE SIZES== When we think about building a new ship for PvP, there are exactly 0 seconds spent thinking about what core size to make. It's Large or nothing for two obvious reasons: We need a Large Radar to lock up a construct at 2 SU and stop them from warping by taking a random shot. Large weapons are better than everything else. There isn't enough drawback to consider smaller ranged and damage producing platforms. By addressing this, you could attract some more combat orgs (and all of the gaming press that generates) – consider some options: Give us an additional tool to prevent warp that we can put on different core sizes that can target up to 2 SU. Give it some sort of skill-based chance to hit even. Implement different types of bonuses for core sizes – these could be different advanced cores within the same size range. For example, and Advanced XS Core might have a range bonus to whatever E-War you implement. An Uncommon M core might get a fuel use bonus. Just give us interesting choices. Implement different speed limits (max speed) per core size with generally smaller cores hitting a higher top speed. An XS core could hit 29,999m/s and maybe a Large core only hits 19,999k/m with the others in the middle. Additionally (although not related per say to core size) - the cockpit needs a huge buff – no PVP players will really use this other than to screw around on their stream or making “art projects” (hey – PVP players can be artists as well – come check out some of our ships). There needs to be a tangible reason to fly a cockpit ship into combat. It could be that cockpit ships get huge radar range bonuses (thus instantly making a viable recon). They could have an ewar bonus to reduce the top speed of ships down in combination with core size (see above). The community could give you a hundred ideas – but cockpits need real uses in PVP. We need some motivation for core diversity in a fleet. With some of the above suggestions, we can get in a scenario where an XS core chases the target to max speed, then applies the slow debuff so that an M/L core can catch up and do the actual damage. If the target can destroy the XS core before the DPS ship arrives, it can still get away. Otherwise, it will be in big trouble if the M/L core ship gets in range. Large cores, capital-type ships, should never be viable in PvP by a single player. Pretty much all PvP is that, because it's the meta and the current tools like remote controls and LUA scripting allow it. How do we motivate players to multi-crew? Right now, if we build a Dreadnought-type of ship (capital class with lots of gunners and lots of guns), it isn't viable because it's going to be slow and everything will get away. The gunners will be supremely bored on the mission as the interface is generally unpleasant. Yes, the gunner’s seat needs to be a bit of a “mini-game” or give us more responsibilities in that seat. For example, let us focus fire on a specific portion of the ship (“Take out the engines!” said the Captain...). ==PVP DIVERSITY== The “old days” of sitting at the edge of the PvP zone, waiting for a non-warp target to show up, or using questionable half-exploit LUA auto-flying type shenanigans to catch people slow-boating between planets is supremely lame. In this regard, Asteroids were a real blessing to the PVP community. We hope they receive many iterations from the design team to make players “risk it for the biscuit”. Industrialists are some of the smartest gamers in any community because they will engineer the safest gameplay. One small improvement we would consider for asteroids - chasing discovered asteroids has been a huge commitment. It's an hour travel time on average (roughly) for us to check one discovered asteroid and return back to base. NQ should consider spawning the asteroids *closer* to the anchored planet, but adding a 30 minute delay to appear in the Discovered section. This will give miners the same amount of time (roughly) to mine in safety but make it less painful for us to patrol broadcasted asteroids. Patrolling broadcasting asteroids is such a commitment with low probability of getting content. Let us patrol multiple a night to “go fishing” ==LONG TERM== Today we discussed giving people some more tools above (such as energy systems, ewar, asteroid iterations, etc.) but we clearly need to talk about Atmospheric PvP and (duh-duh-dunnnn) Territory Warfare. But before we can talk about that… we have to talk about the elephant in the room: client-side control of construct authority. A long while ago JC (RIP) had talked about the plan to have server-side control of the movement of dynamic constructs. Since then, it's been radio silence from NQ. Now that we have optimized servers and recouped some COGS with Demeter - let's get back on the road to implementation - it's the right thing to do. In fact, it is our humble opinion that Dual Universe will never be a serious hit until this is addressed – unless you truly just want your game to be “Space Truckers Simulator Online”. Client-side authority on construct behavior is what causes ships to teleport all over the place planet-side (You also see this behavior at extreme short range in space during combat). Client-side authority opens your game to rampant cheating as well (regardless of your anti-cheat apps you run). Once server-side authority is implemented we can talk about territory warfare and atmospheric PvP outside the safe zone planets. All of our atmospheric equipment will need to follow the engine element model – if we make multirole ships that work in both Space and Atmosphere, there should be real consequences for running that Swiss army knife type of ship. Once we get all that implemented then we can begin to talk about atmospheric PvP. Give us some tools to scan hexes (we want to know what our organization is getting into before invading). Let us build hover tank carriers to AGG drop them on that T5 hex we want to control. Let us fly our Top Gun dream ships on patrol over the outer hexes for recon ships. There is plenty to do inside the safe circle for industrialists – it would be time to open up the outer planets like this before people grow significant roots in more dangerous places. While this community is primarily industrialists right now, it will never be commercially viable given NQ’s direction with all these guns and weapons in their game unless a solid PVP roadmap is committed to. Emergent gameplay (NQ’s core design document concern) will never be achieved by simply building hauling ships in safe space and moving rocks around the map. Thanks for coming to our TED talk. The Esteemed Members of Scotch & Tea™ Purveyors of the finest whiskeys and other luxury goods this side of Helios.
  3. The Alioth Aerospace Expo is a Community event where all the manufacturing organizations come together to show off their latest designs. We have events and contests at these Expos as well. For now attendance is free and we rotate which Organization hosts the Expo. This time Hyperion has the pleasure of hosting the Expo. We are looking forward to present you the biggest event in the beta. ► When: Spring 2021 ► Why should I attend? The Expo aims to become a central hub of the shipbuilding scene. It is an opportunity for both industry giants and innovative startups to attract new civilian and military customers, by showcasing their talent to the wider player base. More than 600 constructs were already participating at the last Expo! ► Want to show off your ships? Players and Organizations can register for exhibition spaces, one construct per area. There will be 9 areas in total. There will be three phases/ways to register your ships for exhibition.Choose the way you prefer. We recommend our Website. Phase 1: Pre-Registration on the Hyperion website starting 23rd November Phase 2: Registration via a Google Form starting 14th Dezember Phase 1 and 2 are live now! Feel free to use our website to register your ships. For boring people we have this google form. Phase 3: During the event, free space can be arranged via Discord. For each area there is one responsible person who takes care of it. ► What are the areas? What kind of ships can be exhibited there? 1. Military Ships - all ships that are designed for PvP 2. Freighter - any vessel designed for the transport of goods 3. Shuttle - all ships designed for the transport of persons 4. Replica - replicas of constructs from the real or a fictional world 5. Scripting - all dynamic constructs related to Lua 6. Starter & Scouts - all ships that can operate as scouts or are especially suitable for beginners 7. Racing - all ships designed for racing 8. Luxury Ships - The most glamorous ships with the only purpose to sparkle and shine 9. Organizations - Extra exhibition space for organizations with a greater amount of ships Further details about the Expo and the events taking place will be posted here We welcome any support you like to contribute to the project Contributions for the Expo can be made here: ::pos{0,2,16.7544,112.0115,42.2058} Please claim your items
  4. Veteran owned and operated, politically incorrect and pro free speech, memelords extraordinaire, The Dark Star Imperium is a meritocratic empire. Meritocratic means is that if you put in the effort, you WILL advance in the ranks as we are a community built on teamwork. Strength that is defined by each member’s ability to work for the common goal as a group whilst also maintaining independence, autonomy, resourcefulness and honing their individual skill. Those who would take the time and effort to help others no matter the cause, that is what it is to be a part of a community / a family and not just some "Org". We specialize in faction PvP, engineering, and tech with all sections having countless veteran players across many similar games and Sci-Fi themed clans. However, we employ players of all playstyles such as Industrialists, Designers, Engineers, Merchants, Economists and even those who are more casual or love meta gaming. Our philosophy on all aspects is going above and beyond the competition by overwhelming levels. Strength not just in numbers, but in skill. Engineering feats not just in usefulness but with complexity. Since our arrival in Dual Universe we've strived to set the bar high in many aspects of the community. In doing so we've gained friends, made enemies and even achieved the emulation of those mimicking practices we've begun. We've faced skepticism, drama and even attacks on our community yet here we are despite it all proving our endurance and resolve. We always put our members and community first, we expect the best, and we give the best. Service guarantees citizenship! Please feel free to contact myself "Firestorm#2981" on Discord or check out any of the following links. Keep in mind if you do intend on joining our community we do require every new member to go through a one on one voice interview with one of our recruiters or community heads. Anyways have a good day and best of luck! Opportunity Awaits Discord Dual Universe: Org Page Recruitment Questionnaire Achievements & Awards DU - Imperium Lore Wiki
  5. EDIT: I just noticed that there was already a post on the same theme... However I don't feel that bad because it was a year ago... and now I want to see what people think about it since we are starting to get a more prescise idea of what the game is gonna look like... Hello there, So I recently started to take a look at From the Depth, and they had a turret system that looked really cool! Basically, to make a gun you have many components wich act like "blocs". You have to actually place them on your ship, facing the right way so they do what you want these to do: for example, the loading system of a shell is basically ammo inserters facing a rack, the number of block of rack you have aligned determines the ammo clip, or buffer your gun has, and the number of loader on the side (wich can for example load a shell of 100mm caliber in a few seconds...) determines the ammo loading rate you have, and you can synchronise your gun firerate to be able to acheive a constant firering... Again, the caliber of the gun, the length of the barrel, the barrel type , the number of barrels (you can make a gatling gun) all of these and much more can be customized, there are no identical guns... (Even though I know that DU isn't going to simulate the projectiles, that wont come in the way, you can compute the statistics of a weapon and apply them in combat) and they have a similar mechanic for missiles wich are composed of "compartements" wich can be used as propelant, seeking, explosive charge, fins, ... and the longer the missile, the less agile it gets, the more reload time you get.... and the more space it actually takes in the ship... This way you can't met two exacte same misiles, and that would allow much more diverse defending methods They didn't used this system for propulsion, however, that's not a bad idea either, I'm already seeing different types of fuel injectors, mixing chambers, combustion chambers... That would of course be a lot of work, however if this ever become a thing, I already see people asking each other's confing, and actual skills in engine manufacturing... perhaps some part will require a better prescision, and can't be made everywhere... Some parts could end up being really rare... and others easy to make... anyway I'm really tired, I got exams tomorow so there probably are a lots of mistakes, and beeing French doesn't help... Thank you for your consideration!
  6. ​Cops has been disbanded. Sorry for wasting your time. This was a lone decision by Kiklix and does not reflect the other legate lady astrum nor the members. ​The following are the answers to why COPS has been disbanded. Drama: Certain populous organizations and their legate have been concocting rumors about COPS. Legates from other some what populous organizations have made assumptions about COPS and presented these as facts. In every case these people are wrong and only serve to create drama. There is no reason for all the hate I have received and COPS has received. I am done 'playing' with a community full of children. ​EDIT: Removed this section due to clarification by Novaquark. ​ ​​I would like to thank everyone who made the decision to join cops. I am sorry it could not pan out. I wish you all well, I wish Novaquark the best. COPS - Coalition Of Pirates & Smugglers. The arkships landed. We woke anew, scared, unsure. Groups formed, factions aligned. Power corrupted. For all the efforts to save our species, the millennia we traveled, we reverted almost instantly back to that old human nature. Not even extinction could change our habits, our instinct. We have all been there. Watching and witnessing the mega-corporations metastasize and feed off the livelihood of the less fortunate. Class warfare, poverty, slavery...being forced to work by some clown sitting at the top of his ivory tower barking commands. I’ve had enough of it, most likely so have you. It’s time to break from those chains and live a free life. It ain’t easy, ain’t too much glory, but it’s honest (for the most part) and fair. We are a coalition, a collaboration, a consortium, a conspiracy, a communion, a clan, a crew, a club, a confederation, a confederacy collecting cohorts connected, conjoined, combining efforts to be a free people, free from tyranny, terror and totalitarianism. WHAT IT'S LIKE: Ever want to pilot the Millenium Falcon? Ever dream to have a crew who works together like Firefly? You want to be that solo guy who searches for bounties like Boba Fett and his Slave I? This is how we dream to play and we intend to play this way. However Dual may require efforts from a larger group. If this is true, we just want to have a system in place so that people can come together to fullfill their visions. We want solo play, but under the safety net of a larger organization. WHAT WE ARE NOT: ​We are NOT GRIFERS. COPS are pirates, smugglers, outcasts, ninjas, mercenaries in the ROLE play sense, NOT in the griefing sense. THE BREAKDOWN: • Enrollment: Some will get invited, some will inquire. If you want to be part of a free alliance just ask. • Primary language: English and gibberish. • Timezone: Only mega corps keep up with time. • Goal: Solo or co-op gameplay within a larger group. We all like to do our own thing, but somtimes you need to be part of something larger or you will get left behind. COPS is an organization created and designed to bring together like minded people who prefer to play solo without constraints of typical guild requirements (be here on X day, at Y time to raid Z...ya its tiresome). We realize people have limited time to play and that real life takes place first. That being said, Dual Universe looks like this might be a game where cooperation and collaberation are keys to success. If we find this to be true, there might be more expected collaborative gamplay required. We don’t want to force anything on anyone, but just ask people to step up if it is required to do so. In the end it’s not about making a large guild rich, its about making sure your needs are met, our mutal needs are met. We endevor to create an enviroment where co-op game play is actually fun and rewarding. SO WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? • Security: Safety in numbers. • Community: A network of people to work together with if so desired. • Freedom: Free to play your way but with the undertanding that freedom requires effort and work. There will be times we need to work together, its the only way to keep an alliance strong. • A Trade network. Not sure how Dual is going to work with trade, but within a group there will be communication lines. We will be able to trade with each other and help keep our alliance strong. • Veteran ship builders: We have members who have crafted some of the finest voxel ships to ever exist. Our fleet will impress, this I can promise. • Veteran home builders: We have members who have crafted some of the finest voxel sci-fi mega structures to exist. Our home world wont look like a cut rate hostel. • PVP: Lets face it, even if you only care for PVE, PVP might and will happen at some point. If you intend to fly in a ship, once you are out of the ark safe zone, pvp will happen. We intend to create smart ship designs that will help to ensure pvp victories, but you will need to know how to fly it. • PVE: We know some people have no interest in PVP. Hopefully we can get a civilization started with trade, harvesters, crafters etc. It’s good to have folks who specialize in these categories. • Exploring: It’s at the heart of Dual Universe, of course we will explore! • If i can be done in Dual, we intend on experiencing that content in one way or another. GOVERNMENT: Don’t really intend on having some massive over inflated group of power hungry people running the show. I have no interest in that, however there does need to be a head or some form. Castles have kings, homes have breadwinners. Even a pack of wolves looks to their Alpha. I intend on holding the main key of power or have it distributed among a very close group of friends. Those who know me know I fight tooth and nail for the little guy, for honesty and integrity. I have no intent on telling you how to play or what to do...but internal conflicts will occur and those will need to be resolved. We want everyone to be happy and to play together...its the best recipe for success. If COPS sounds like a style of gamplay that you find appealing, speak to Kiklix or LadyAstrum.
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