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Found 6 results

  1. I've updated the planetref.lua file so it can be used with the atlas.lua file now being distributed as one of the game files. That file's id field is used to initialize the BodyParameters.bodyId field, and BodyParameters.planetarySystemId is set to 0 (since there no comparable value in the file). The BodyParameters.__tostring method has been updated to format the additional fields that are not otherwise used but are of course useful. You can get a copy of the file from the gitLab repository
  2. Purpose, Makes lights randomly change rgb colour and cycles them to give a breathing effect. Level: Lua beginner = cut and paste code, create filters unit start and system update in lua editor , DU = know how to link lights to a programming board Build You need 1 Programming Board(PB) and some lights. Connect the lights to the PB and name each slot in the lua editor (Ctrl L) you have connected l1 , l2 etc. If you don't want 8 then edit the source code and remove. code is below. Other stuff you can do : add a detector to autostart , change parameters in unit start to get the feel you like. -- copy and paste into unit start unit.hide() -- hides programming board -- remove these where you have not connected a light l1.activate() l2.activate() l3.activate() l4.activate() l5.activate() l6.activate() l7.activate() l8.activate() bClock = system.getTime() -- start clock origRgb = l1.getRGBColor() -- stores the colour of the original light if you want to reset lights on exit breathRate = 1 --export: rate of breathing Multiplier changeFrame = 1200 --export: frame colour and channel cycle rgbIndex = utils.round(math.random(3)) -- choose channel to breathe r = math.random(255) -- setup channels g = math.random(255) b = math.random(255) frameCount = 0 -- Copy and Paste into System update frameCount = frameCount + 1 if ( frameCount % changeFrame == 0 ) then --randomize rgb and channel r = math.random(255) g = math.random(255) b = math.random(255) rgbIndex = utils.round(math.random(3)) -- choose channel to breathe end nClock = system.getTime() local timeSeconds = ( nClock - bClock) local breath = utils.round(( math.exp( math.sin(timeSeconds * breathRate )) - 0.36787944 )* 108.0) if rgbIndex == 1 then r = breath elseif rgbIndex == 2 then g = breath else b = breath end -- set rgb colour of linked lights ,remove these where you have not connected a light l1.setRGBColor(r,g,b) l2.setRGBColor(r,g,b) l3.setRGBColor(r,g,b) l4.setRGBColor(r,g,b) l5.setRGBColor(r,g,b) l6.setRGBColor(r,g,b) l7.setRGBColor(r,g,b) l8.setRGBColor(r,g,b)
  3. Entstanden aus der Anziehungskraft von Zusammenhalt und Miteinander... dies ist Black Hole Sun. Ausbeutung und Verrat formte und fügte uns zusammen. Wir werden zeigen, dass es auch einen anderen Weg gibt eine starke Gemeinschaft zu bilden. Lerne uns kennen... lerne, was es heisst, ein Teil des Ganzen zu sein und erfahre wie gegenseitige Unterstützung und Freiheit in unserer Gemeinschaft gelebt wird. Entfalte dich selbst und werde nicht durch Zwänge geknebelt, nur weil DU die Ziele anderer unterstützen sollst. Hier bist DU im Mittelpunkt und nicht machthungrige, geldgierige möchtegern Anführer. Komme zu Black Hole Sun, der einzig wahre Weg. ...Black Hole Sun... because gravity suxx https://discord.gg/s58VjfeWq8 Veteranen bieten euch Unterstützung für einen guten Start in DU. Resourcen, eure Schiffe, Knowhow, Cluster... Ausgebildet werden: Miner Industriespezialisten Static Designer Dynamic Designer Piloten Trader Terraformer
  4. Hallo, just using my mousewheel does not give me the level of control on the throttle I want and the R/T keybindings are increments of 25% and the mousewheel keybindings can not be replaced. Has anyone tried to adjust the sensitivity of the keybindings to say 5% in the lua script ?
  5. I have been working on a script to construct HTML for those who want a simple tool yet quite powerfull I hope. The Idea is to have the script as a file in your Lua environement and just use the require() function, then start building your HTML. There is a demo at the end of the script (put the commented lines in your unit.start then uncomment them) HTMLhandler = require(HTMLhandler) HUD = HTMLhandler:Create(system) Features: The tool accept multiple monitors at once, like several screens or HUD (system). myHTMLhandler:Create(system,screen1) Simple usage: To get a simple window inside a left grid in your cockpit you can do: local myHTMLhandler = require("HTMLhandler") normalScreen = myHTMLhandler:Create(system) local baseGrid = myHTMLhandler:addDiv("", "left grid") local myWindow, myWindowContent = myHTMLhandler:addWindow(baseGrid, "MyWindow", "Inside the window") ---- change the content inside the window ---- local changeInside = "change the inside of the window" myHTMLhandler:updateContent(myWindowContent, changeInside) You can create a div with a string or a variable like that myHTMLhandler:createDiv(myVar) and it will display on the selected screen as long as the variable accept the tostring() conversion. You can pass in parameter custom style or/and class. There is also function to create a window and a table. At any time you can change the content as the "addx" functions returns a contentId. For the table, when created you get a table of contentId to modify the column's header and when adding a line you get a table of contentId to modify what's in the line. You can also delete a line or push a new line at the top of the table. indexSimpleDiv = myHTMLhandler:addDiv("simpleDiv") myHTMLhandler:addDiv(indexSimpleDiv, "anotherDiv in SimpleDiv") myHTMLhandler:deleteElement(indexSimpleDiv) -- the anotherDiv will be anchor into the simple Div, but once you delete the simpleDiv it will also delete its child, being "anotherDiv" mainDiv, contentIdMainDiv = myHTMLhandler:addDiv("MainDiv", "left grid") -- this will create a div with the content "MainDiv" and class "left" and "grid" local tableDiv = myHTMLhandler:addDiv(mainDiv, "", "window") -- create a div with the class window as NQ style (works only with HUD) local columnHeaders = {"Name", "Quantity", "Container", "Container size"} --define the title of the column's header for the table local simpleTable = myHTMLhandler:addSimpleTable(tableDiv, columnHeaders) -- create a table with headers local firstLine = {"Gold", "153kL", "Treasure", "L"} local firstLineId, firstLineContentId = myHTMLhandler:addSimpleLine(simpleTable, firstLine) -- add a first line local secondLine = {"Silver", "20kL", "Chest"} local secondLineId = myHTMLhandler:addSimpleLine(simpleTable, secondLine) --add a second line but without data in the last column local pushToFirstLine = {"Plastic", "FULL", "line pushed #1", "M"} myHTMLhandler:addSimpleLine(simpleTable, pushToFirstLine, 2) -- add a third line but at the top position in the table (1 being the headers) myHTMLhandler:updateContent(firstLineContentId[2], "20kL") -- change the amount of gold of "firstLine" Advanced usage: You can change the position of element, attach it to any other element, pass the class and the style in parameters, you can delete it and you can update the content. But it is also possible to do more advanced stuff like creating any HTML element template and use them by referencing them. It should also be possible to do svg tags like that : myHTMLhandler:defineElement("svg", '<svg height="100%" width="100%">', '</svg>') then use myHTMLhandler:addElement("svg",myContentInsideTheTag) The defineElement and the addElement accept variadic parameters so there is in theory no limit Another example, to make this '<line x1="939" y1="537" x2="957" y2="519" style="stroke:rgb(1, 165, 177);opacity:0.7;stroke-width:3"/>' being encapsulated as an element you can do: myHTMLhandler:defineElement("svgLine", '<line ', '" style="stroke:rgb(1, 165, 177);opacity:', ';stroke-width:', '"/> ') local content = 'x1="939" y1="537" x2="957" y2="519"' local svgLineId, svgLineContent = myHTMLhandler:addElement("svgLine", content, 0, '0.7', '3') 0 being a default postion value, if you want to change the position in a list of element (see above for the table). '0.7' the opacity and '3' the strokewidth. now you can change the content by using (by default it will rebuild the HTML and display it as soon as the function ends) : myHTMLhandler:updateContent(svgLineContent, 'x1="0" y1="12" x2="37" y2="24"') Note that multi-content is only availible for table for the moment. others functions: addWindow(Anchor, Title, Content, TitleClass, TitleStyle, ContentClass, ContentStyle, Pos) -- to build a window with the NQ style setAutoDisplay(boolean) setAutoCompute(boolean) -- for big HTML structure you might want to turn them off as every time you add element or edit content the HTML is rebuild and displayed compute() --build the HTML display() --display HTML on all the "monitors" computeAndDisplay() --straightforward getElementHTML(Index) -- to get just a chunk of HTML could be used to display just a part of the structure somewhere else I am aware that there is other tool to build HTML. If you find a bug please report it. If you need help, ask me (same name on discord and IGN) or in the #lua-scripting discord channel If you make your own design using the tool, consider sharing Special thanks to @hdparm ps: I'll put images when the server works pastebin instead of file: https://pastebin.com/KuMRGFFp create a file "HTMLhandler.lua" and save it at the root of lua folder as below
  6. First time I didn't realized how powerfull was lua script, then novaquark put this video on YT explaining that the tutorial of DU was made with lua script. I was like "WHAAAAAAAT !?". Lua script is an incredible and fun tool for the player. But isn't it too powerfull ? With this tool you can rewrite almost the codes of DU. And if lua script wasn't flawless ? If someone could "hack" it to disturb the server for example ...
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