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Found 9 results

  1. So if I remember correctly, there was something about there soon being a need for energy? Like we'll have fuel for thrust and reactors to power everything else? Well what if there was Gas Giants, and we could harvest Hydrogen and Helium from them in order to fuel Fusion Reactors? But of course it'd have to be an on ship mounted tool that gather's the gas, and it'd be a dangerous job as if you get too far in the gravitational pull of a gas giant, there is no amount of thrust that can save you.
  2. Would the implementation of solar panels be possible if not already done? Ones that you can place of ships/stations?
  3. Would the implementation of solar panels be possible if not already done? Ones that you can place of ships/stations?
  4. Hey folks! Amongst the discussions we've seen a number of small mentions of this subject. But I don't think we've dived in the full details and possible implementations of this subject (do correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt I'd have to ask ;D). As what I've seen from videos, it would be an indication that the core is the power source. Seems rather simple while potentially, energy, could be a legit resource in a game like this. I trust I can leave the imagination of it's benefits as game feature to you, forum reader. Ultimately minerals and blueprints should not be the only primary source of income if you wish to build a game that revolves around city building and simulating a civilization. You need a diverse market of goods and services. Producing, storing and transferring energy from construct to construct could be the answer to many questions asked in several of these topics about energy shields, automated defenses, refining, etc. As for implementation and the way it could be applied in construction, wireless transferring energy is already a thing in our current modern science. Imagine that one could construct a power-source and one could create a link from one construct to another. Then one could edit the link to output an x amount per tick. Tick-rate already exists as an element in this game due to fuel-consumption shown in the shipbuilding videos. The linkage isn't top tier science either since linking a button and a door also already is an element in the game as shown in one of the tutorial videos. Being able to provide other static structures of energy also raises the cooperation spirit that this game promotes. It gives incentive to collect fuel to produce said energy, form a monthly tax perhaps to cover it's expenses so clients don't have to build their own power-source. I could go on, but again, I trust your creativity to imagine it's benefits to this game, it's community and it's world building lore.
  5. Agier


    Antimatter As some in the past have dabbled in antimatter, I thought I would go over its possible uses in the game. Though to function in the game we would need a particle collider, vacuum and a magnetic storage chamber. I do not know the math to calculate the energy output or its capabilities. (Because I’m not in university). Introducing antimatter into Dual Universe will supply the game with new fuels, energy sources, diversified economy, and advanced weaponry. New fuels and energy would benefit DU as only large organizations, or medium-small specialized organizations would be capable of producing sufficient supplies of antimatter. This will allow small organizations to have a relatively big economy, and would pressure other organizations to ally with the smaller organisations. Antimatter could be used as a propellent in rockets and spacecraft alike, with NASA stating that “10 milligrams of positrons are needed for a human Mars mission.” The money and resources to develop and store the antimatter is significant more than the average rocket; that is because we have not yet developed technology to generate, store, and use antimatter efficiently. To develop sufficient supplies, there needs to be large planet, or satellite based particle colliders in the DU universe; there could also be the introduction of small particle colliders, for large flag/capital ships. It would also be highly impractical to have small fighters running on antimatter, unless their purpose was to ram into larger ships. Other than the collider, you would just need a very small amount of hydrogen to fly for a long period of time. Producing energy from antimatter would only be possible if there was more energy being produced then wasted accelerating the hydrogen. Antimatter could work as a way for alliances, and uprisings to happen. It is obvious that large organizations would be able to produce absurd amounts of antimatter. But it's the fact that small organizations could be able to specialize in antimatter; this could increase the possibility of mid sized organizations allying with small organizations creating an alliance that can displace larger organizations. Though there still is the fact that the largest organizations will always have an upper hand because of their sheer numbers. My favorite possibility are the possible weapons that could be made. Antimatter annihilation is not enough, I am talking about generating black holes. Apparently if particle collisions go wrong there is a possibility of a black hole being generated. As Kurzgesagt touched on, if a black hole with an incredibly small mass appeared a “decently big explosion would occur.” Inside DU a small generated black hole explosion would do practically nothing, but if maybe there was a way to accelerate denser elements than hydrogen, or large chunks of elements, could create a supermassive black hole explosion destroying entire fleets. (Though this could be a problem if people started reenacting Alderaan) The development of these weapons could be made illegal among alliances, and organizations, giving any organization in possession of these weapons, sanctions, or terrorist status. In DU, antimatter could act as a way to spice up gameplay abit. (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)
  6. Will modules like artificial lights require a power source? i think that would be a little bit more realistic and there is great fun in it too.
  7. One cool addition to the game would be Gas Giants, Nebula, and other forms of gas in space (and maybe on planet surfaces). These could be large and (gameplay wise) slowly replenishing resources. You could harvest it by flying a ship through a nebula with a collector attachment, or dragging a collector on the surface of a gas giant. Maybe even construct a station in a nebula that is constantly collecting a small quantity. You could harvest everything and get the same nebulous "Gas". or if you wanted to make things more interesting, You could have different gasses, with different sources and different uses. Methane, Hydrogen, etc. Then you could go as complicated as you want for its uses. The logical first step is reactant for a chemical rocket. Probably some sort of early game fuel, preceding reactionless rocket tech. Following that, hydrogen gas could be processed into a a reactant in a fusion reactor. All sorts of things are possible for propulsion. Maybe you need to restock your maneuvering jets every once in a while. You could also need the gases for processing and creating elements in factories. Maybe they are needed as a catalyst, or you need a huge refinery with dozens of steps and feedback to create rare compounds. One major problem I see is implementation. I don't know what their engine looks like, but I didn't see much in the way of gasses or nebulae in any of the videos that have been shown. It might take some magic to make it work in their voxel system, and it might not even work at all. Thoughts?
  8. CosmicDragon


    I am almost positive that this topic has come up before, but I make this post just in case. If this is an existing topic can someone kindly point me to it, thanks. In this world of nanoformers and FTL the power issue may have with been dealt within lore but if it hasn't it opens up some interesting gameplay possibilities. Can your spaceship's battery die? The most basic question to ask, this idea is closely linked with that of fuel because what ever is used to propel the ship though space can likely be used to generate power. Maybe the outer layer of every ship is super efficient solar panel, although that leads into the same question when some of your outer hull is damaged or completely destroyed, if you dont manage your power levels could you lose all ship function and be set adrift, in the cold unforgiving void. As the size of whatever we are taking about gets larger the questions change, to things like stability in things like nuclear reactors, and coolant, and the more exciting possibility of the trench run being recreated in DU. Which brings my to the final point, Starkiller base, and dyson spheres and personally setting your organization to being a type two civilization, the power being used for whatever a giant space gun, opening massive stargate portals for your whole fleet or over relatively huge distances, or maybe even selling batteries and becoming space Energizer.
  9. As seen in other games such as space engineers, there are multiple types of propulsion. These range from atmospheric (electric jets) to hydrogen (gas fuel) and ion (energy only). This being a game largely about getting up and out to space, what thrust types are there and would we need fuel for each of these thrusts and will there be some form of aerodynamics like drag and lift/ wings. Improvised thrust is also there such as using artificial gravity and artificial mass to create a self-propelled mechanism. Thoughts?
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