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Found 5 results

  1. This is a proposal to make docking at space constructs easier and less time consuming / dangerous. Suggestion: create a docking tether module that can be deployed on a space construct that will 'grab' any authorized, unpiloted construct within a certain radius (configurable, or based on size?) and give some visual queue that the construct is tethered. The construct should still be maneuverable while tethered, but will not stray from the station. A pilot should be able to manually engage the tether while piloting the craft, or receive a que that they are in range and free to release control of the construct. The tether could also govern the maximum speed of a construct in tether range. An unpiloted, tethered construct should rapidly come to rest in relation to the tether module when it becomes unpiloted or the maneuver tool is disengaged. It should not be possible to maneuver a construct out of tether range once the tether is engaged. Future enhancement: the tether module could also in the future serve as a valet point, where a player could approach and choose to 'park' their construct. The module would remove the construct from view until the player re-approached the module and claimed the construct. This action could automatically activate the player's maneuver tool, restore the construct and allow the player to place their ship within the tether range. The player would then be free to place the construct, board and be on their way.
  2. The current minimum distance I can park an xs core pocket rocket next to an L core is about 36 meters. Picture below for reference. Can we trim that down some? It would make parking at a busy location a bit easier.
  3. Dear NQ team, as the new docking mechanics are on its way i want to bring attention to an possible new element that brings docking to the next level and probably many players would welcome. A element dedicated for construct docking, similar to an RL airlock. Features of that element could be.. - Two elements would dock face to face - ..result in a defined position of the docked constructs - Allowes passengers to pass through - Acts as material/fuel port - Possibility to control docking, undocking, transfer of materials / fuels via API - Enable docking of cores of equal size (L:L, M:M, ...), but break on movement The mechanics around such an element would greatly benefit the experience and immersion.
  4. Dock a ship with an on/off (via an element?) This one will transfer all its weight as well as a deactivation of its core like a tokenise (to avoid some PvP abuses, or simply arming). There can be several variants to balance depending on the ability to manage core dynamics. Do you have other ideas to improve this system, without this concern of the Role play dimension but so that the game is a better handling of the docking?
  5. Basically it would be cool if the whole team/squad/organisation could travel around with one big mothership, containing multiple smaller ships and hovercrafts etc. Pros: Possible social interactions while flying Easier to defend (against possible threats) More epic gameplay if you encounter a (possible) threat What would be needed: Hangar doors / airlocks Docking stations Recharge stations (If this fits in the energy system) Epic sirenes and alert systems (e.g. red/yellow alert) to alert the team/squad/organisation to go on combat-station -> this will create a more epic atmosphere
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