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Found 7 results

  1. After the 0.24 update I have a strong prediction that 0.25 will be an atmo/TW PvP update, from videos by NQ and a few hunches. In the rare scenario that I am correct, the update could be a literal game changer. If done right, It could bring a new interest in the game to both old and new players, since it would force orgs to log back in to 'defend their interests', and make the game more lively and exciting. (not to mention all the cool PvP videos that would come out of it). However, if it is done wrong, it would lead to pirates dominating the outer planets, leaving everyone stuck on Alioth unt
  2. At this point, many of us realize the dangers of XS core sniper ships. For those that don't know, these are XS ships + Gunner seats that are typically equipped with something like a Space Radar L and Large Railgun L. I want to talk about the math and logic behind a scenario associated with these little bastards. Let's start with the math given a scenario involving an XS core sniper aggressor (A Team) against a fleet comprised of an M core freighter and and two XS core sniper escorts (B Team). A Team can lock and fire at the B Team freighter at a range of 160km. BOOM! Th
  3. I have seen no talk of planetary resource regeneration, yet. To take a quick look at some other games with similar gameplay elements: Space Engineers has infinite asteroids, and its planet deposits are far richer than Dual Universe's. Eve Online's asteroids respawn every day. Empyrion has meteorites that fall on a planet if all deposits of a type are mined. No Man's Sky has basically infinite resources even on a single planet. Factorio has a basically infinite map with resource deposits getting larger and larger as one gets further from the center. Ox
  4. We know of various cultures within Dual Universe that arrived within the last centuries of Earth. The Luminous, Alphas, Ethereans and the Emporium. Aside from this little tidbit of knowledge, not much else is known about them. While we await for Alpha to be released, why not have some fun and speculate. What drove these cultures to arise? Who would you side with. Maybe create some history for one of them. Each culture will have their own ups and downs and intricacies. I hope they're given a proper lore/background by NQ, and I'm looking forward to them being picked up by various organisations o
  5. Please, do not misunderstand the title of this thread. I’m not trying to simply bash this game or games like this one, on the contrary, I will go through most of the main advertised features of this game mentioned on the homepage of http://www.dualthegame.com/#screenshots as well as some of the points in the FAQ (http://www.dualthegame.com/faq) and compare them to other games I played or heard a lot about. Furthermore, I’d like to point out that I haven’t read everything there is to read, and I’m not going to before writing this. Why? Well, because I don’t want to discuss whether what the dev
  6. I have to say, that honestly, I’m not very happy with how territories have been presented up until now. And I thought very long about alternate solutions to what the dev’s have presented and I may have come up with something. Tell me what you think and how you would maybe improve on my system. (This is also an elaboration on the short post I made on the dev-blog discussion on territories) So I’ll go with the example the dev’s gave: a 30 km radius Planet and hexagonal-tiles with a 1km long side. Let’s start calculating. Spherical Surface Area: 4 x 30km^2 x π = 11,309 km^2
  7. Cybrex

    The Economy

    In a previous topic, there was a brief moment where some of us discussed how the economy in Dual Universe will operate. I feel like this is a good topic to continue discussing, even now despite what little information we have. However, I hope that Nyz can shed some light on this. Before we begin, if you see anything missing from this topic, please let me know. I plan to update this thread with current economic facts, as well as discussion points. Thanks! _____________________________________________________________________ Topics of interest! If you have something you want to be d
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