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Found 9 results

  1. Vanguard ~~~ Founded: 1st Feb 2017 Founders: Dark, Sketch, Owe166 Classification: Mercenary Seriously Casual Recruitment: Open ~~~ ~~~ What is Vanguard? Vanguard is a private mercenary corporation that holds diversity, community, and teamwork in the highest regard. Unlike simple soldiers or bodyguards who are designed to follow orders, members of Vanguard are recognized and treated as individuals working in teams. No member is simply an asset, each is unique in their desires and aspirations. While Vanguard the corporation accepts contracting requests, whether or not most requests are accepted is determined by the Vanguard teams and their members. Organizational Structure: The ranking system of Vanguard was designed with simplicity in mind. This was part of a conscious effort to eliminate possible confusion regarding power and status within the company. At the highest level, a Platoon Leader and their assistant(s) oversee four different Squads. Each Squad has a squad leader and assistant squad leader overseeing the members. Typically, a vanguard member comes to see their squad members as their family within Dual Universe. Is Vanguard for You? With members spread globally, the Vanguard maintains a constant presence within the universe. As a part of this ubiquitous Vanguard, you will never be truly alone. You will always have a home, and a respectable amount of freedom to pursue your interests while not on an active mission. Individuals who share our ideals, are willing to take on a wide range of assignments, and be a part of a larger family are highly encouraged to apply to Vanguard. Base of Operations: Vanguard plans on operating out of a battle carrier named the Invictus. We aim for her to be a testament to our ability and a beacon of strength for the Vanguard. Apart from the Invictus, another separate, grounded home base will exist for members to carry out their own personal projects in safety and peace. ~~~ Recruitment We are always looking for brave and able men and women to join us! After applying on https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/vanguard-mercenaries, you will be asked a couple of questions asked by a leading member. This is simply an effort to get to know you better, and determine the best placement based on your talents. Want to get to know us first? Join our discord: https://discord.gg/4J5qDqd While there are no requirements to join, but owning a mic is highly recommended due to the prevalence of team-based activity in Vanguard. For all questions please contact Owe166, Sketch, or myself with them via PM, Discord, or by posting in this thread.
  2. Sorry for the poorly worded question! What I'm trying to find is how multiple people insides ships in flight interact with each other. For example; Say I flying a spaceship with an inside area and there are other guys in there too. Will they be able to move around freely during flight? And what can they do besides from what I understand; mounting turrets etc? Can they build stuff when in flight? And also can I myself be joining them, leaving the cockpit and going into the inner parts of the ship? The best comparison I can think of right now is something similar to the interstellar rift game, where someone is steering the ship while other move freely around and do various things instead of sitting locked in place. Thanks in advance!
  3. Reign is a massive Carrier class ship. We are recruiting the crew needed to operate it. Players of every interest and specialization are welcome aboard. No matter what your play style, there will be a job for you aboard the Reign. We need pilots, marines, traders, programmers, designers, engineers, logistics operators, miners, and many more. Our first priority within the game will always be to have fun. We will not require minimum time commitments. If the idea of working on a massive ship in any number of roles appeals to you, we welcome you. Discord: https://discord.gg/Kdzcdqb Community Site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/reign
  4. There are other topics about whether a single crew-member should be able to fly a large ship here and here. This is not about that. This topic is more about what actions a crew could make to benefit a ship over what a single person could do. These are... Things You Could Do On A Large Multi-Crew Ship The design idea is as follows: Players can "do actions" on specific elements to improve the effectiveness of a large ship. A single person would *not* have penalties to flying the large ship, but neither will that single person be able to activate all the different actions at the same time nor with the same effectiveness as a crewman skilled in a specific area. Let us assume that for a small single-seater ship, the option to activate these bonuses do not exist due to their complexity i.e. the extra manned bonus only comes from a bigger guns/engines/power source/scanner etc. Character Roles I will split the different actions by crew-member roles. Any crew-member can fulfill any role, though having certain skills will make that crew-member much more effective at that specific job. In smaller ships, some roles could be combined while in larger ships, multiple crew-members could fulfill the same role. Pilot The helm of a ship is one of the few mandatory parts every ship needs. A pilot already has a very active role simply steering the vessel, which could easily require both in game skill investiture as well as player skill. So what "extra" actions could a pilot make? Specific maneuvers comes to mind (barrel roll anyone?). But rather than dictating specific maneuvers, the turning speed (roll, yaw and pitch etc) could be reduced allowing for the pilots to come up with their own maneuvers (of course the effectiveness also depends on the ships design). Engineer This role has more options to tinker with the inner workings of the ship or repair the ship directly. For example routing more power to shields, guns or thrusters giving them a small boost in effectiveness, recharge time or speed. Perhaps the Engineer could push a reactor past its normal limits to provide an extra boost, but at a chance of shutdown if not managed correctly (like the extra power is not used within a specific timeframe). This topic gives quite a few more suggestions. Gunner This role is no surprise. A turret just works better with a player actively aiming and firing it. What about when the weapon is not being used during combat, such as when the ship is facing the wrong way? How about a preparation load action that allows a second shot to be fired a little sooner than it otherwise would? If the game had large fixed weapons that could only be aimed by the pilot by pointing the ship in the correct direction, then the gunner could man one of these to allow a bit more leeway in its aiming. Navigator Keeper of the star-maps, maker of navigation way-points (how else will the pilot know where to point the ship to). A navigator would not only plot a course but also actively update the course as new information becomes available from scanning. Scientist Scanning and analysis is the scientists role. Detecting something (like a large amount of iron on a nearby asteroid) needs to be analyzed by the player (with skills giving valuable clues) to discover if that iron is just an iron deposit or if it is actually a potential enemy ship made of iron. Actively scanning opponent ships to pinpoint weaknesses as well as jamming opposing scans could be an interesting interplay all on its own. The scientist could decide to do targeted or general scans with the targeted one covering a smaller area but delivering more accurate information. A large ship could even have multiple scientists, one monitoring deep space scans and another running close space scans. Captain The captain of the ship already has a massive job to make all the best decisions based on information given to him by his crew. And who doesn't want a large fancy captains chair? A captain sitting in his chair might be able to boost a single action of another crew-member a little as chosen by the captain. Of course only one such boost could function on a ship at a time, because there can only be one captain. This is a great way to have the captain contribute mechanically (even if only a little bit) and to shore up a role that the ship might otherwise be lacking. What other things do you think would be beneficial to do on a multi-crew ship? Edit: This post inspired by Starfinder which I played over the weekend.
  5. As I understand it, when players log off, their avatar will disappear. When they log in again, their avatar will reappear at the same location. If they were on a ship and the ship moved away while they were logged off, they would no longer be on it when they log in. This is a serious problem. Either the ship can only move when the entire crew is logged in or it may need to frequently go back and pick up those who were left behind. This will be trouble even for small crews, especially if they live in different time zones, but it could make large crews impractical. A solution would be to give the players the option of leaving their avatars in the game as a physical objects when they log off. Then the avatar would be carried along with the ship as it moves and still be on board when the player comes back. Since the avatar was still present, it could be attacked and it would be basically defenseless with the player logged off, so players would only want to do this in places they felt were relatively safe. Logging off in this way could put the avatar into a sleeping position, so anyone seeing it would know the player was logged off. It would be desirable, but not necessary, to design ships with designated sleeping areas where the sleeping avatars could be kept without getting in the way of other activities.
  6. So far, no one has joined the Blue Moon Crew, so I have been searching the organizations in the community portal to see if anyone else has created a similar organization, so I could join them. By now, I would have expected there to be hundreds of organizations representing crews of all kinds, but that is not the way it is. I could have missed some, but I only found a couple that might have been single ship crews. (Those were either too mercenary for me or not accepting members.) Most were things like corporations or empires. Of course, there need to be those kinds of organizations, too, but it seems a little odd that more people are not forming crews.
  7. Hello. I've been here for several weeks, so it's time I got around to introducing myself. If the name I tried to reserve is approved, I'm Ben Fargo. I'm very excited about DU. Everything I've heard about it agrees with my concept of what an MMO should be. My goal in DU is to build a ship, a small to medium sized cargo vessel. For the ship, I've started an organization called the Blue Moon Crew. Unlike a lot of organizations, which are corporations or empires, it will be much more limited, just the crew of this one ship. Every member of the crew will also be a co-owner of the ship. So far, I am the only member, but ideally I would like to have about three to five people in it. I'm also a member of the Cinderfall Syndicate. The Blue Moon will be an independent ship, not part of any fleet, but that independence will be based on developing strong relationships with other organizations and players. It will need facilities for building it, then cargo to carry, places to dock, protection from pirates and probably many things I have not thought of yet. If the Blue Moon Crew sounds interesting, please consider joining. If you've any questions about it, I'd be happy to answer them.
  8. Hi all. I am accepting apps for the organization I am planning on having in the game. It is called the Arcadian Fleet and we are accepting members who will be dedicated and interesting in trade, empire building, and the protection of organization assets. If you are interested at all please feel free to check us out in the organization section or send me a pm. I hope to see this organization grow and take a foothold as a nation in the game. Thanks!
  9. Greetings! The ship will be called the ISS Wandering Mountain and it will be a nomadic city state that will wander the stars exploring and seeking knowledge. This ship will need a crew and that's where you come in. Anyone is welcome. Come join us to explore the stars seeking enlightenment, adventure, and the discovery of the unknown. We need builders. security, maintenance crews, miners, famers/food producers. Everything a fully functional nation would need. For more information or to apply PM me or check this link: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/iss-wandering-mountain
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