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Found 8 results

  1. You should add blocky terrain like Minecraft, because a lot of people build buildings without land voxle. Also, it would save NQ server monkey. You guys have got to get it together and learn from your competitor, starbase. make cities more of them, and NPC made. ,make them empty so players can go in and make it theirs. NQ, you have to face the realty of the situation. Not enough players to make market work. Make more market, procedureally generated, with npc. the more players that use it, the less npc there is. Please do not add voxle corner editor. Make the game use the normal voxle tools so it adds challenge and makes buildings more special. It add new progression, called, "Voxlemancy" Let us make our own skyborgs! Skyborgs like space, nebula, white or etcetera It may sound like joke, but it good for games future (i am studying game designing, by the way) Rehire NQ-Entropy, fire NQ-Sesch make npc ships, make then fight like pew pew BAM, make it really deadily too so people have to go away, make it hard to find new market. when finding new procedure space market, far away, make it more cheaper items, so player have to fight through to it. add food, hunger, stanima, sprint and double super sprint, players go fast = less players going slow, fast = good and more play faster, good = money. NQ likes money, no? remove quantas, please make it gold ingot, so people can steal item Question myself below please
  2. Currently the input/ output for all containers of every type is 10. This can be very limiting for larger builds. So my idea is not to change these limits but instead use hubs as a means of adding more links. as of now the current setup lets you like 10 containers to a hub and the hub provides the 10in/out like a normal container. my idea would change it so that you could you 1 in And out to link to another hub leaving you with 9 in/out on each hub. This would have the benefit of giving your container systems more in/out ports as well as provide cargo access points, as a small screen, around your ship/station. This would have an unlimited amount of in/out And storage though as you could just link more and more hubs and containers. This could also be limited by making a new “master hub” item which could act as a hub for hubs And not use the normal links and be limited to 10 hubs just like how hubs are limited to 10 containers. An item like this would mean you could link 100 containers and have 100 in/out ports Max on one system.
  3. So here in this thread I am going to be posting sketched ship concepts that DSI will be producing in DU both for our Navy and public purchase once they game goes live. All concepts presented are exactly that, “Concepts” and do not reflect in game content. Each submission is basically a detailed design guideline that DSI will use for construction purposes at DSI Shipyards and outsourced work with our partners at Objective Drive Yards. Thank you, Firestorm
  4. NQ just posted a concept art picture of in-game pets: They are generally more active on twitter, sharing some nice concept pictures. ( https://twitter.com/dualuniverse ) This I found particular interesting since I had no idea before that pets were planned
  5. Debate 9: Tech Tree Thoughts The long awaited return of the old debate topics is upon us, after a long hiatus of working on my doctorate I have decided to return to them as we traverse this wonderful road to alpha. Today I awoke with a simple thought, "How are the developers of Dual Universe ie Novaquark planning on structuring their tech tree system?" As far as I see it there are several ways that it can be approached, however, to keep things simple I will limit it just two ideas on the subject. Feel free to read through it, take to heart my opinions, or feel free to formulate your own or expand on pre existing ones, all feedback is welcome. Linear Tree: ​This is the classic form of tech tree you see standardized in most games, it starts with usually a single item / tech then spreads along in a sub linear fashion, one tech leading to others along a fixed path. To me this is usually generalized and can end up fairly repetitive. Circular / Adaptive Tree: ​This form of tech tree is generally more complicated but it allows for greater diversification. It allows you to have specific areas of science/technology researched - that lead to other sections of the circle that unlock as you go along. In my opinion this allows technology to be approached in a non linear fashion that is never dull, instead allowing asymmetric progression through the system - focusing in one area one day - in another the next. Of course all of this is nothing but hypothetical, so feel free to do your own research on the concepts, post your thoughts, feelings, ideas below; and remember - just have fun! We will be there before you know it.
  6. OK. So the backstory is being moved to the right forum spot. <= (in case the first couple of comments make no sense ) So when I decided to really commit to Dual after lurking many a month (since commit = goodbye life), I got to thinking about the notion of organisations in the human context, and what that might look like in 500 years. "But the game is set in 10,000 years" you might say. And I'd respond by pointing out that the game is set after all players have slept 10,000 years. Which means the baseline social reference frame is really circa 22nd century to 26th century Earth. "Why 4 centuries. The backstory says 2537 (CE)." No - the backstory says the U.N committed to the Rebirth Program in 2027. We know the Program called for thousands of ships. And that each one holds millions of people. The sheer logistics and the 500 year lead time would almost necessitate an plan for an orderly and staggered migration plan - that is - Arks will launch as each one is built. It is unlikely they would be built all simultaneously - almost certainly they would be built in orbit due to the fuel required to escape the gravity well (we know they are massive enough to withstand a controlled collision and solid embedding into planetary crust - think about that a second...) if they were built planet side. So I assume the short story talks of Arks as smaller loading/ferry ships. Aetherios' posts make a nice plausible idea there - the Arks are made up of smaller sections which could be these ferry ships. So, beyond that - being conservative, let's assume it takes no more that 100 years to design and build and test the first ships, including the working (and tested!) technology for associated systems - namely, working cryogenics and fully realised AI - not some pre-canned chat bot - both of these very key (and currently non-existent) technologies are critical to Dual's backstory just to get us to the new worlds. Based on that, I am working from a premise that the first ships started leaving no earlier than around say 2125. "Yeah, well that's all good and all but so what?" Well, the so what is that we are already, via the backstory/game site and (canon) short story, making assumptions about the nature of human society in the 26th century. Such as assuming the idea of a corporation, or indeed, a nation state, (and by inference the U.N) still exists, although I further note that all things change in form over time. And I thought to myself, "well, if those things still exist, other social constructs born of those things would probably still exist." One such construct that really interests me is the notion of the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). While many are familiar with the notion of a DAO through the classic Al 'Qaeda terrorist model, or more recently in the media, the D.A.O blockchain project that raised $50 million in a kickstarter - neither the pursuit of being a griefer pretending that being an asshat to people is "roleplaying a terrorist" nor pursuing an E.V.E style commercial empire is really of interest to me in Dual - not like the politics / government side of things does. So if only there was a DAO I could use as a model which had a political and/or government angle. And is interested in the common good, a key element of roleplaying online in a community. Maybe one that wanted to actively prevent a re-occurance of humanities usual ailments: "The first guerillas were born, the first battles. The first madmen greedy for power and resources established their little empires, enslaved villages, attacked isolated communities with their ships to raid them for raw materials, energy and constructs. A resistance is organized, but it is weak." Luckily I found one in Anonymous. In short - the Silent Legion is so far a thought experiment in how a group like Anonymous might evolve into a DU law enforcement / vigilante justice group. More soon!
  7. In Pvp and Pve and everything in between, players find interesting ways to win, gain an advantage, or prevent their loss in an impending demise. This concept is an attempt to bridge many styles into a coherent method. Simply : When you click logout and are flagged in combat, you logout, but your body remains in the game. functionality, people might be able to move your body into a jail cell. People could steal your non cosmetic clothes - Armor and Weapons. Hack into your Calabai-Yau Space Nano Pack and take your 50 bananas. When you log back in, and -wake up-. You find you have been put in a jail cell and are wearing inmate clothes. You could always suicide, with your nanoformer thats built into your body's cellular structure. Or you can negotiate with your captors. Maybe they have a robot, or a terminal where its all set up to let you go, if you accept the demand to pay them 100,000 credits. and they give your stuff back. Maybe theyre just bad pirates and stole your stuff and wanna see you go crazy, and or kill self. --- For PVE, when you are fist fighting a bear, and you suddenly disconect. Your body goes limp, you are still in combat though. The bear might kill you. Or, it could even be coded so when a player is in blackout state, the bear loses interest and walks away. This would need some testing or check though to prevent abuse. Like if Bear is at 80% health or more, it will, drop combat with player and move away from them. If at less than 80% it will stay in combat until you are dead, or a certain distance away. Your friends could drag your body away from combat? --- On ships, this gives you a chance to log back in, in the same spot and not far away on a resurrection node - or something else. It could even tie into a medical profession ?? skills to keep blackout patients in combat or alive longer? --- In general, player bodies shouldn't be persistent things. or we might end up with piles of player bodies, and mass graves or something crazy. Players could keep other players, bodies in game. By keeping them in combat. A stun gun turret or something, shooting them every few minutes, in the jail cell. Or, Mad scientist Doctors keeping them on some kind of life support --- I pose this idea half based on the quantum immortality, pretty much we are interfacing heavily from our dimension, with the Dual Universe Dimension. Even if the characters die, we their consciousness are still alive. When we go to log back in and force an argument with the dimension of Dual Universe that we are alive. Its forced to create us if we died. Its a little blurry on when you aren't dead though.
  8. NanoMaid, your very own customizable sidekick! Change her outfit, change the color of her lights. Whats your NanoMaid like? Does she wear a frilly headpiece? Or maybe a cat ear headband? Dont like that sad blue? Change her glowing eyes to red or green! NanoMaid comes prepacked with a Sweet'nSassy personality. She wont help do anything but she can give you emotional support! "Your inventory is a mess, clean it up, you lowlife!" "Trash like you is lucky to have me, after all, I'm your' only friend." "You forgot to loot... its not like I want you to dummy!" "Are we going exploring? I love exploring with you." NanoMaid, she's tiny and adorable, she will follow you anywhere and help you clean up your' life ! -Please use as directed, keep away from children under 5, Do not try and stick 'objects' into your nanomaid, If your nanomaid begins to mumble about world domination please contact the rogue AI hotline immediately.- --- Photo : http://www.kidsomania.com/photos/Cool-Toy-for-Girls-who-Like-Robots-Dorosseru-by-Bandai-3-524x698.jpg credit to website photo is from : http://www.kidsomania.com/cool-toy-for-girls-who-like-robots-dorosseru-by-bandai/ Animated series this is from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireball_%28anime%29#Fireball_Charming I haven't seen this but perhaps I will give it a watching, though I have no idea what its about, I just happened to think the character could help formulate inspiration to the concept.
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