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Found 31 results

  1. The Mothership is a gaming community originating in the Homeworld Universe (Homeworld, Homeworld 2, Deserts of Kharak). We currently support Company of Heroes (1&2), WarThunder, Elite: Dangerous and a selection of other titles. As you can see we play a lot of sci-fi, flight and strategy games. That is basically what this game is about and I am very excited for its release. We are supported on Teamspeak3, and host our own website via Clansweb. In the game world we will try to establish our organization in a star-system and probably first focus on building our own mothership. So the focus is on building our first large cap ship. You can find us on our website or join our teamspeak: theMothership.ts3.cloud Website http://the-mothership.clansweb.com/welcome-to-the-mothership Organization https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-mothership
  2. You've Been There. You've seen the sun set on the desert and heard the sounds of mortars and rocket shells in the night. You know the taste of sand on an MRE. You know the sound of an A-10 as it takes off for a strafing run. You know the taste of salt in your mouth as your Zodiac pushes for the beach. You've Done That. You didn't get just a lousy T-shirt. You got wounds, scars, memories and a brotherhood. For you, it wasn't a game. It was a job. It was a job you volunteered for- many times, more than once. Welcome to [bTDT]'Been There Done That'. We are a group of veterans, active, inactive and retired, who game, socialize and continue the brotherhood. We don't care about your skill level, your gender, your age or if you were combat deployed. We don't care if you were a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine. We only ask one question. Did you serve? We'd love for you to apply. Why? Because you've Been There and Done That. So have we. ***ONLY REAL LIFE MILITARY VETERANS (ANY COUNTRY) ACCEPTED*** To apply please click HERE
  3. Hello and good day fellow DU Pioneer With this topic i'd like to introduce the Society Observing Universal Life. A less complicated connection for people who want to focus more on gameplay and not administrating some corporation, organization, or any sort of order with rank and privileges. Instead of privileges and authority which many others have, you will be pleased by being free from such burdens. Soul will not be an anarchy, hierarchy, monrachy nor any capitalism, theocracy or anything like that. If you need anything to compare it could be called anarchy or more likely equalism. Yes there will be members who do some chores for SOUL but that is all voluntary and all are free to do so as well or never engage in chores. Only two easy rules: 1. Treat members as equals and remain neutral to the Universe, you are free to do what you do on your own responsibility. 2. Attend the meetings which are neither regular, nor are only announced by officials. Every member will have authority to call for meetings. (Will be further explained for members) There is no requirement for joining, but since some roleplayers tend to do funny things ill elaborate a few details: a.) In case you are part of a rival faction of another members faction, it is in your own interest to treat each other equally and not as enemys unless you are in a battlefield fighting for your faction. Meaning if you do fight eachother, it will not be as members of SOUL. So when you two are alone and not on orders by your other factions superior, its rational to treat eachother as SOUL members. b.) Should your intention for joining be the gathering of information (spying, eavesdropping, etc.) you are free to do so, as a neutral and free group it may also be possible that members will be trying to help or sabotage your activity. Meaning that we do not care about spys in our midst. Since DU is still in progress and undergoing changes, so is it possible that SOUL will change.
  4. Hi, i'm UniversalG and I've taken the lead for my group Hammertime Gaming I come from Australia and have been watching this game for a few weeks now like most and it definitely has my attention. I look forward to interacting with this community more and watching the game grow Shameless plugs below VVV Teamspeak: ts3.Hammetimegaming.com https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/hammertime-gaming https://hammertimegaming.com/forum/
  5. My name is Trihxeen. I am from Texas in the United States. I am 27 soon to be 28! MMOs have been a big part of my gaming life since I was 14(playing RuneScape) and I plan on playing them til the day I die. I have played: RuneScape, EVE(not too much though), Star Wars: The Old Republic, Blade & Soul, and Everquest Next Landmark just to name a few. I have played around with some game creation tools, but I have no degree. I can find my way around a 3D modeling program and I have down SOME modeling myself. The only one I have left from moving and changing PCs over the years is a model for a game I am currently writing a story for. I am about to start classes in game design, and hopefully one day be making my own games! I am the first member of NinjaClanFu to join this forum! So, lets talk about some of the history of NinjaClanFu! We started out as a group of three playing Minecraft together, and from there we have played/experienced many different types of games together! We came together as NinjaClanFu with 6 people when Ark: Survival Evolved was released in Early Access on Steam. We slowly grew in number from there because of some mishaps with a couple of people we added. But, we are always looking for more members in the future! NinjaClanFu won't be any type of corporation, but we will be looking to build a community to thrive and prosper. This includes everything that the game will have to offer from miners to pvp to any sort of administration we might develop! We are currently planning on being explorers for a while, and hopefully finding a nice place to set up camp and get started on growing! We currently aren't recruiting, but that can change soon! When we do start recruiting(if you would like to join us), we will likely have an application with MMO history and would like to know your experience in building, mining, PVP, and so forth. Additionally, we would prefer to meet will people in TS, Discord or something similar. Maybe even play some games together to see how we click! Play styles won't have to be exactly the same, but we would like to add people who have a similar, if not the same vision. Anything else you would like to know about NinjaClanFu or myself, don't be afraid to ask! I will try to be as active on the forums as possible, but it might be minimal throughout the week since I work 4(days), 10 hour shifts each day. Thank You for taking the time to read this! I look forward to meeting everyone! -Trihxeen
  6. Welcome to the Alliance of Free Worlds (AFW)! Our goal is to bring peace and stability to the universe. Either by force or through diplomacy. We will protect our freedom at any cost! Our motto: >>UNITY IS STRENTGH!<< As we try to live up to its standards. We are an Alliance-empire. Our aimed attributes are: Permanent advantage to other groups Freedom of the individual Strong presence within the universe Being well organized An elaborate infrastructure among our colonies (we plan to connect all our colonies with stargates) We are still small and aim for new members at the moment. We are of course aware there will be half a year timeframe between the first playable alpha and then another year until the open beta, but this gives us enaugh time to actually form a decend sized player base. So feel free to hit us up. As you can see i am a member of the alpha team so i will have some ingame experience and intel ready to coordinate our group better for when the game opens. If you are interested in joining, you can't miss us! We are wearing the empire's banner in our signatures. Our command structure: Our members will be devided into three branches, otherwise called "sections". Based on my loose knowledge about the game, these branches will be: LeaderBranch 1: Civil matters (This includes every freeroamer in our empire as well as colonizing new worlds and building our infrastructure - like power and food supplies) Branch 2: Military (Building military installations and ships, commanding our soldiers & troops) Branch 3: Resource harvesting (everything that has to do with gathering resources and keeping our empire steadily supplied) If there is something like a dedicated research branch in the game, there will be a fourth section, the resesearch and developement section. A player will be appointed section leader and all section leaders plus emperor then form the council That council will make the empire's government. Each branch leader will be in direct control over the players below him that are part of his branch and will be in command direcly below the emperor. A section leader will be free to take decisions for his section at his own discretion. Big empire wide related matters are however to be decided by the council. As example the section leader of the military branch can decide on his own to make military bases, build ships or send someone on military missions. But in order to declare war, a council meeting has to be called in to collectively decide whether we want to initiate a war against a group or not. If more than 50% vote for declaring war, then war will be initiated. If we get a 50/50 vote count, the leader decides what happens. Being a section leader requires alot of responsibility and thus i will hand-pick the section leader carefully based on his performance and accountability in the game as well as his experience with the game and maybe other games of that kind. The empire leader is the council chairman. Every council member has the right to suggest an action or a council meeting to the chairman. The council has the right to make decisions independently if the chairman is absent at a critical moment. As you can see the authority will be evenly spread out among the council. This prevents an abuse of power. It's a mix between monarchy and democracy. Why choosing this system? The monarchy part grants us a maximal control of our resources while the democracy part grants the players the freedom they desire. If you are interested in joining us, don't hesitate! Just shoot us a message in this thread! The use of the official empire signature is greatly supported! http://imgur.com/uJR4j9k -The founder and leader of the AFW, Slaxx https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/alliance-of-free-worlds
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