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Found 6 results

  1. What if when AvA PvP is released there is craft-able parts like helmets, gauntlets, jet-packs and other accessories that can be crafted and customized that players can add to their avatar to make custom armor and suits? Obviously like materials the accessories would drop when the players were killed so no one would be to op with what they have on their avatar but it could give players more customization of their avatar. Another feature could be that the accessories could be colored separate from the avatars suit so not everyone's avatars looks the same if they have the same color avatar. Please comment your thoughts.
  2. Hey, so one reoccurring thing that I see in my organization's discord is that we would love to have our own distinct armor/player model... how much of a stretch would it be to add that to the game... it would help to identify different orgs. Maybe the organizations that want them could make their own 3D model and send it to Novaquark. It's just an idea, but it would be cool to see different factions ideas for armor!
  3. Veld


    What do you guys think about adding fully customisable/scriptable exosuits? Let's say the exosuit follows an abstract physics system. We'll split the parts up into arms/legs/torso-head: Arms: more mass = less recoil but slower reloading/aiming/ rotation Legs: more mass= less stagger but slower movement Torso: more mass= less stagger but slower rotation In all cases more mass = more armor (taking into account the density of material used) More mass all round = hard to change inertia. Different types of jet pack could also be attached in addition to parts which alter the capabilities of the suit. Like scopes, ambulatory aids, shields, night vision, spider boots etc. As for jet packs more lift is needed for more mass. The jet pack positioning will be locked to the upper back so you don't get people flying around with rocket dicks. With LUA scripting the parts will act like those of a ship but with constraints. For example the jet packs will just be locked to basic controls as if you were a player and torquing wont apply. As for structure there will be a base form that destructible voxels will be made to conform to. They will be warped into trapezoids with spheroid tops and bottoms to flow over the surface. Since the voxels are destructible you can strategically open up weak points in the armour.
  4. would you guy like to see an incredible amount of customization for every armor piece, such as insignias and patches you can put on your gear but the bigger thing i want to see done is every piece being able to be sculpted what i mean by this is some form of menu that gives you like a metal shape a bit bigger then the part it i being sculpted for that you can sculpt down and make it look to your orgs personality to stop clipping if they do it they should have a max size for length and width on everything if this happens to be the case i would want to suit to have nothing to do with armor instead make the modules you put in the suit do that please tell me what you think of this idea and how it could be improved on
  5. Please vote truthfully. (Comment down below if more options are needed)
  6. I've seen a lot of discussion around clothing and character customization, but nothing really about armor. The only thing what i've seen was like: Community: "will there be armor?" NQ: "yes it will, but not now" I was disappointed, because we have her a lot of great discussions about different things reaching from core-mechanics to only cosmetic propertys of stuff and with the planned mechanics of boarding ships and even possibilities of ground combat is bodyarmor a essential gamplay feature that deserves our attention. So then will i share my ideas about this topic with you. I would like to see 4 main categorys of armor, light, medium, heavy and super-heavy. The first three categorys should be split in to two subcategorys, armor worn above clothing, for environment where no lifesupport systems are needed and armored spacesuits, for all the places they kill you just because you're there. Now to the categorys: Light Armor: Fast movement speed, high agility, less protection Medium Armor: Average movement speed, average agility, good protection Heavy Armor: Slow movement, low agility, smaller FOV, better protection Super-Heavy Armor: 20mm Titanium-Steel-Alloy armor plates mounted to a heavy-duty exo-skeleton. (yes inspiration came from power armors) The armor can be entered with or without a standard spacesuit. Slow movement, as good as none agility, even smaller FOV, best protection, integrated shield generator, mountpoints for weapons (example: fix mounted gun on forearm), can handle heavy weapons, maximum runtime before recharge: 15 minutes Armors are upgradeable. Exampleupgrades: Aim stabilisers, thermal sight, jetpack, target marking AI Let me hear thoughts and suggestions. Edit 1: changed Title
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