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  1. Will there be structural integrity? Having to think about what resources you will need for your builds and the strengths and weaknesses. When building Cities/homes/bases/Mines etc. Will our building objects have weight,strength or other limitations? Will the strength of the materials we use to build be a factor in how high we can stack or for example how far out we can have an overhang unsupported by a beam? If we do have integrity to our builds, Will we be able to visually see integrity weaknesses? Maybe with a tool? Structural Damage Scanner Tool / Repair A tool used to visually see damaged parts of our builds would be amazing! Also will we have to repair blocks/elements on our builds? If so a visual indicator like a Damage scanner would come in handy indeed.
  2. This is kind of a big idea... but it's something I've wanted to see inside of a game for a long long time. Just this idea being implemented would bring me and many players like me to Dual Universe and keep me playing forever. It's important to note that when I say crafting system, I mean the system used to manufacture things such as armor, weapons, clothing, furniture, house decor, maybe even computers and technology. This would also include ship-based technologies such as engines, turrets, weapons, hallways, possibly even rockets and missiles and different types of ammo. Players love customization. Personally, I love to be able to create a completely unique look that is totally my own. The crafting system in other games is pretty boring. You level up your crafting skill until you get to a point where you can craft the next level of gear etc etc. All of the gear is pre-defined models that were loaded in to the game by the devs. It's completely repetitive and extremely boring. What I would like to see instead is this: 1) Do away with crafting levels. That shit sucks. Make it so that any player can create anything they want to at any time. 2) Do away with pre-defined models. I'm tired of seeing every single person using the exact same armor as every other person. That's not immersive. That's boring. Instead, implement modular models with several different options to create a unique look with a maximum level of customization. 3) Put the customization in the hands of the players. Make the models that players create into something that anyone can use. The Crafting Process Phase 1: The process would start with a blueprint. This is where the players design the object in question. It could be pulled up in a separate window with several options for the player to select whatever it is that they would like to create. Step 1: Select the category of item. Some items may have sub-categories. For example, weapons may have sub-categories of rifles, snipers, heavy weapons, or sidearms. Clothes might have sub categories of Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Jacket, Hat, underclothes, etc. A very basic model of the item would appear. With it would come sliders to adjust proportions, material types, colors, etc. A modular design would allow for added attachments. Step 2: Select and customize attachments On a weapon, this could include different barrels, various clip sizes, length of stock and grip, caliber, different action chambers to allow for semi-auto or automatic modes, etc. Each of these attachments could affect how the weapon performs. Armor attachments could create a specific unique look. Larger sets of armor could be designed with more protection in mind but detract from maneuverability. Smaller lighter armor sets would offer the opposite. The more attachments that are added, the heavier the armor may become. They could come with optics, helmets, various measures of technology, oxygen systems for non-atmospheric operations, magnetic boots for low gravity situations, pneumatic strength assistance, etc. Clothing attachments might include sleeves, buttons, zippers, designs (such as stripes, circles whatever), etc. Step 3: Publish Blueprint. A published blueprint will be ready to build. It will have a bill of materials required to build the object that the player has designed. Different attachments might add different materials required and bring up the cost of the item. A higher cost would effectively promote lower levels of sophistication in mass-production. Phase 2: Now that you have your published blueprint, you must take it to a manufacturing facility. Large organizations could use the blueprint, and install it into a factory to have the item mass-manufactured. They would gather the resources required to manufacture the item and then produce them. Individual players and independent designers could pay organizations which own factories to build their designs and blueprints. Alternatively, large organizations can pay designers to create a nice blueprint for them. Designers could become famous and well sought-after to design things for large companies. Phase 3: Sell your items on the market. Watch them spread into the world. Watch them be stolen or destroyed and end up in the hands of people they were never intended to reach. Watch your designs become the most desirable items in all corners of the galaxy. Watch as entire organizations commission designs for armor, weapons, uniforms, drills, engines, turrets, computers, furniture, and so much more so that their people could be well equipped and fashionable. This is the kind of game that I would play.
  3. It could be really interesting if you could develop or create some sort of biological ships. Like large living space faring "animals". A sort of incredible bio-engingering shooting parasitic creatures or spines as weapons :3 A bit silly maybe but it would be really cool. (other "ship types" would be really cool aswell
  4. One thing I haven't seen any topics on is planetary weather or natural disasters. Personally something like this would add a very neat immersion level to the game. You could have actual Seasons were a player would experience a specific type of weather more often than you would at another time (like snow, rain, strong winds, ect.) Additionally, if its primarily a snow or desert planet the dust storms or snow storms could move around on the planet, thus making it (1) difficult to fly, walk, build, ect, (2) physically impossible to land or do anything, and (3) could destroy buildings and other infrastructure if not properly built. Natural disasters are also an interesting topic. Having earthquakes or even a sunami (depending on if there is water and how much) Possibly even a hurricane. Please note I don't know how adding weather of any kind or in any form would affect the optimization of the game. But at the very least having weather that Impares flying, sight, and walking would be interesting.
  5. So forgive me if this has been discussed but I have not seen anything on it yet. However I am new here and haven't had time to dig into everything, just skim. I wanted to talk about blueprints in the game and how they will work. I have seen some post that mentioned blueprints for devices, such as motors and drills, but I have seen nothing on blueprints for ships. First lets start with devices, I am sure there will be a number of basic device blueprints that are easily obtained, with some possibly being much harder to find. This is nice to have but not what I am talking about. Something I would like to see with these is research to upgrade the stats on a generic blueprint giving it RNG modifiers, but I will make a specific post about that. The blueprints I am talking about are the unique ones for your creations. Every ship that a player will make has to be made by hand, at least once anyway. I am unsure if they are going to go with a system where you place the blocks in the open world to build it, or design it then have some sort of assembler construct it, but either way I think there needs to be some way to create a blueprint of your ship. The first reason is obvious, to easily reproduce it again, especially for things like fighters that will be used a lot. Personally, in games like Starmade and Space engineers I would spend a lot of time designing and balancing ships to be just right. But if they were blown up I loose all that work and have to try to recreate it from memory. Starmade had a blueprint system which allowed me to make another that was exactly the same, as long as I had the parts. Space Engineers however, at least when I played, did not have any system to do this easily. Space Engineers, I believe has a blueprint projection system to show you where the parts are, but it is only a guide and you can still make errors. Now I would not want a system where I just add the parts into the blueprint and spawn it in. Starmade had this but was fading it out into a shipyard system, you load the blueprint into a construction yard and it slowly assembles it if it has the parts. For a game that plans to be massive scale, I think this would be the preferred method I would choose. The size of the shipyard would dictate the size of ships you could construct, and things like assemblers and CPU power could dictate the scale and speed of the shipyard. An added bonus of this is they could be used to repair damaged ships. When you are in a battle theres sometimes very large damage that is easily caught, but theres always something minor or hidden that you dont always catch. Having some sort of system to help repair this is needed with massive constructs. The second would be to sell them. If I create a really nice, well rounded battle cruiser, people may want to buy it from me, either because they like it or just dont want to be bothered them self. Now selling ships has been mentioned before, and I don't want to get side tracked into the trade system. But if I spend hours shaping and designing this amazing ship, why couldn't I just blueprint it and make another. Maybe I like my ship and want to keep it for myself as well. Or maybe I want to just copy my blueprints and sell them to others so they can make their own. I would like to see 2 types of blueprints, like eve a BP Original and a BP Copy. The copy would have a limited number of uses, 1 or more set by the copy process. It would be to allow you to build my creation in a limited number. Where as the original would be unlimited uses and could make more copies. If a RNG research aspect is introduced this could be a way to sell your research as well. Now with blueprints comes the possibility to steal other peoples designs. Which why not? But I would suggest a system thats not as easy as get in and make a blueprint of a ship. Maybe have a encoded lock so that only the creator can make a blueprint. Possibly be able to hack the system so you can copy a stolen ship for yourself. Maybe it has to deconstruction the ship to know the full details of the blueprint. I would hate to have no way of replicating a stolen ship, but I dont want it to be to easy. So what are yall thoughts on this? Has this been discussed already and where? Any other additions or suggestions you would make on the topic of blueprints? (I will make a separate post about RNG research ideas later.)
  6. So in the lore we see two different kinds of AI. The AI that commands the Arkship and a personal AI. I assume that these are different kinds with the Ark AI being more akin to an A[g]I or Artificial General Intelligence though not fully one and the personal AI being more of the Interface your suit uses to give you information on whats in your Kadpak and possibly news from other players and such along with any other general information that the player may need. That first part basically outlines what I think the person AI should be. Not a full AI but the suit interface with different functions. The reason for it being an AI and not just some text on screen would be to help keep the person sane as long periods with no interaction with others can cause a person to go insane. Here are some things the AI could do/help with though this is mostly game fluff and ways to explain things the game does with lore. Display whats currently in the Kadpak Show a news-feed from other players around the galaxy Alert the player to different environmental things such as new ores or another player entering the immediate area. Connect to a ship and help provide basic support for things like control, targeting, navigation, and repair. Scripts would augment or replace this. Alert the player to ship conditions like hull integrity or atmosphere Alert the player to blueprint problems Be nameable with (modifiable?) voice packs (possibly a cash shop / tradeable item created by users for ingame money) Now for the more "fun" part. When reading the lore and some of the parts of the ship AI I was somehow reminded of Fallout and the different vaults in that game as well as several other sci-fi things with AI in them. We know that our own Arkship landed and is at least somewhat sane but what about the others? A number of Arkships never made it off Earth but its assumed that at least some others did and they have probably been traveling almost as long or longer so where are they? These are some ideas for a few of the other Arkships however these should be later in the game after people start to explore out and such. Rouge AI: This Arkship AI has gone rouge and has begun using the Arkships guns to kill off everything around it though it appears to have gone rouge after/before landing (two ideas here) Offline AI: The Arkship continues to function for the most part autonomously however with the AI offline it is unable to land and release the humans inside. Mad AI: The AI has gone mad and has used its influence on the humans inside driving them all mad and begin to hunt anyone and anything not part of their Arkship. Because the AI is still online the Arkship managed to land though it would most likely not be a nice landing (crooked/ fallen over) and the uniforms of these others should be different in some way (maybe colors or design) Aka: space pirates Functional AI: The AI is fully functional however the Arkship took damage from an unknown source and most of the humans were "lost" and the ship is drifting. The AI is working on a way to allow the Arkship to land. DisFunctional AI: Similar to the Functional AI however this AI has woken up the brains of the remaining crew to assist it figuring a way to land the ship properly by utilizing their brains. Hive AI: think star trek borg but humans less covered in tech Mostly just some random ideas I came up to allow for more PvE and interesting exploration
  7. Many of the growing community here have been talking and thinking about how to communicate with our teams quickly. The idea of voicechat is great, but complicated. Not yet knowing how groups may or may not work makes it difficult to formulate this concept. Either way, If there was an option to hold down a button, maybe the letter T on the keyboard, causing a radial menu to appear at the mouse with a few options that you pick to put on the radial hotbar. The functionality could be altered in several ways, depending on whats realistic to implement into the game. Spatial chat only Party chat, (i.e. 5 man group) Raid chat Prompt pre-recorded voice the developers put in to speak. Just an example : Jim the Industrialist/ Builder repair man is down in the guts of the ship trying to fix parts as everything is blowing up. He might be in a random pick up group. or with friends. Maybe their Teamspeak server went down. Everything is going bad. He pushes T and mouses over "Reactor Critical" and clicks. In his group chat an automated message shows up -Reactor Critical, Abandon ship!" which could or not prompt a voice command to the group with a similar message. Jim also usually joins group as a repairman, so he set his hotbar up to include messages related to ship parts, Engines Down, Hyperdrive Down, Reactor Critical, et cetera. Allowing players to put in their own text is a double edged sword I would personally stay away from. Would likely need input delays / cooldown timers to prevent abuse / spam. A possible advantage of a system like this, is that with a single game world, I believe there will be many Players, French most likely, Germans, Americans, Russians, Japanese, and so forth; Messages could be written in many languages so if a silly american like me can only talk like a baby in french, at the very least I will click Reactor Critical and it could show R?acteur Critique for the person with French set at their primary language.
  8. This idea is mostly for the forums, hopefully we can get a conversation started about this... This idea will be taken from other games forums... a DevTracker is exactly what the name is... Developer Tracker It is a special section in the forums, where if you click on it, it links you to a listing of the Developer Posts. It lists all the developers it is tracking... with a list of the most recent posts. One must log in into an account in order for it to show as an option on the forum lists... it works much like a search, but in the sense that it searches for all the accounts tagged with the "Developer" tag. Here are a few examples: STO: http://i.imgur.com/GwMkAZL SWTOR: http://imgur.com/uTNK27N GW2: http://imgur.com/fq0fwId Some have gone as far as creating a twitter account that tweets every time a developer posts something on the forums... For some players, this allows for the location of developer answers to questions more easily, instead of digging through pages and pages to find the official answer... Hopefully it is considered and thanks for reading my ramblings, hehehe! ~ Edit: I just realize the images I linked are really really low quality and hard to see the details... :eek: sorry :'(
  9. Hello everyone, I want to introduce a reputation system dubbed "The Honor System". It's a record of a player's prestige, fame, status, and reputation. Every player will be recorded in THS (unofficial term), and will be listed according to their social interactions. This may be because of their sincerity or insincerity, depends on each individual and how they want to be perceived. Let's imagine a scenario of a player committing vandalism, theft, and hostility within a community. Most likely they would get a negative reputation in the honor system and this will affect all their social interactions, maybe being denied certain services, while having access to services exclusive to that reputation. There will be two extremes, good and evil, very much like paragon and renegade in Mass Effect. I'm not sure if there will be a neutral status like paragade, so that's open for discussion. Players will also be able to gain status and become famous, whether it be by a "wanted" poster or otherwise. Ultimately becoming good or evil, depending on choices, and there will be benefits and consequences to both sides that I haven't thought out yet. I think this is perfect for any role-player out there!
  10. In Pvp and Pve and everything in between, players find interesting ways to win, gain an advantage, or prevent their loss in an impending demise. This concept is an attempt to bridge many styles into a coherent method. Simply : When you click logout and are flagged in combat, you logout, but your body remains in the game. functionality, people might be able to move your body into a jail cell. People could steal your non cosmetic clothes - Armor and Weapons. Hack into your Calabai-Yau Space Nano Pack and take your 50 bananas. When you log back in, and -wake up-. You find you have been put in a jail cell and are wearing inmate clothes. You could always suicide, with your nanoformer thats built into your body's cellular structure. Or you can negotiate with your captors. Maybe they have a robot, or a terminal where its all set up to let you go, if you accept the demand to pay them 100,000 credits. and they give your stuff back. Maybe theyre just bad pirates and stole your stuff and wanna see you go crazy, and or kill self. --- For PVE, when you are fist fighting a bear, and you suddenly disconect. Your body goes limp, you are still in combat though. The bear might kill you. Or, it could even be coded so when a player is in blackout state, the bear loses interest and walks away. This would need some testing or check though to prevent abuse. Like if Bear is at 80% health or more, it will, drop combat with player and move away from them. If at less than 80% it will stay in combat until you are dead, or a certain distance away. Your friends could drag your body away from combat? --- On ships, this gives you a chance to log back in, in the same spot and not far away on a resurrection node - or something else. It could even tie into a medical profession ?? skills to keep blackout patients in combat or alive longer? --- In general, player bodies shouldn't be persistent things. or we might end up with piles of player bodies, and mass graves or something crazy. Players could keep other players, bodies in game. By keeping them in combat. A stun gun turret or something, shooting them every few minutes, in the jail cell. Or, Mad scientist Doctors keeping them on some kind of life support --- I pose this idea half based on the quantum immortality, pretty much we are interfacing heavily from our dimension, with the Dual Universe Dimension. Even if the characters die, we their consciousness are still alive. When we go to log back in and force an argument with the dimension of Dual Universe that we are alive. Its forced to create us if we died. Its a little blurry on when you aren't dead though.
  11. Hello, I've been thinking on the subject of why people like one communication device against another. Personal touch is something that comes to mind. Take skype, a popular voice over ip. but also a popular chatroom device. I credit that aspect to the fact that you get to select an icon, a picture, not necessarily your own face - to represent you. I was thinking along the lines that some games have Real ID integration, but if DU is a single world on clustered servers then there wont be a whole lot of Alternative character creation and thus a real minimal demand for real ID. I was thinking that possibly in the in game chats our forum's avatar might display next to your text, or other possibilities including inside your profile, or next to your name on the list of people in the chat. It could chew a few bits of data, but with some reasonable options like disable auto load of avatar icons unless clicked, only load friends icons unless clicked. It might be a little nick nack feature that people come to enjoy that allows them to project a little piece of themselves into the world. Also a subject that probably needs a topic of its own, as has been said by others, but I figure that the community can police the images, something with alot of negative votes gets sent to a tribunal where a majority of the voters need to say yes, this bulge is too inappropriate or R-rated.
  12. NanoMaid, your very own customizable sidekick! Change her outfit, change the color of her lights. Whats your NanoMaid like? Does she wear a frilly headpiece? Or maybe a cat ear headband? Dont like that sad blue? Change her glowing eyes to red or green! NanoMaid comes prepacked with a Sweet'nSassy personality. She wont help do anything but she can give you emotional support! "Your inventory is a mess, clean it up, you lowlife!" "Trash like you is lucky to have me, after all, I'm your' only friend." "You forgot to loot... its not like I want you to dummy!" "Are we going exploring? I love exploring with you." NanoMaid, she's tiny and adorable, she will follow you anywhere and help you clean up your' life ! -Please use as directed, keep away from children under 5, Do not try and stick 'objects' into your nanomaid, If your nanomaid begins to mumble about world domination please contact the rogue AI hotline immediately.- --- Photo : http://www.kidsomania.com/photos/Cool-Toy-for-Girls-who-Like-Robots-Dorosseru-by-Bandai-3-524x698.jpg credit to website photo is from : http://www.kidsomania.com/cool-toy-for-girls-who-like-robots-dorosseru-by-bandai/ Animated series this is from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireball_%28anime%29#Fireball_Charming I haven't seen this but perhaps I will give it a watching, though I have no idea what its about, I just happened to think the character could help formulate inspiration to the concept.
  13. Astrophil


    Hacking the system of a ship or building could be another component in combat. Say during space combat that you hijack the opponent ship's shield system, rendering them completely vulnerable, but that the same could also happen to you. It could either become a powerful asset or pitfall and add to the realistic aspects of the game, as cybersecurity and cybercrime are a very real problem in our world today. The question would be the format in which the hacking would take place. Would it be in an actual programming language (possibly LUA?), or in a fictional, simplified code, or perhaps it would be unique to that particular system.
  14. Hello, this is part question part idea. Would player created ships remain in game, when their primary owner log's off. It could be interesting keeping them in at all times, having to park in orbit or players creating real stations to dock at. Though I can also see it becoming a resource intensive cluster mess
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