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  1. In the years before earth was destroyed a group of like minded people came to gather to form PACT( people actively cooperating together),once the demise of earth was announced our leaders devised a plan of bring together some of the most intelligent and resourceful survivalist's to bring on the allotted ARK ship. The journey to Alioth was not smooth sailing for those in the organization .A mistake in the deep sleep programming led our people to surreal dreams where they had to survive in dinosaur infested lands ,as our space engineers from the U.S.S. Empyrion worked tirelessly to ease the programming restrictions in the pods to ensure the majority of the members to survive the trip. We survived but a lot o our previous skills had been lost and must be relearned. And so we turn to other's like us in our new galaxy ,to join us , not just to survive but to thrive. RULES .Discord is mandatory(must also use our age verification in discord) .- MUST BE AT LEAST 13+ on this server. Anyone younger will be removed. - Do not spam or harass other users or staff members. - Please be nice and go push to talk if you make a lot of mic noise. - Derogatory, Hate Speech of any kind will not be tolerated and can lead to a ban. ~*~ PACT is not for you if you are ~*~ -Greedy: people who don't help others but themselves -Needy: beggars who ask for help and spam it -Leety: aka Elitists or someone thinks that they are the only ones drinking the koolaid -Cheaty: real hacking into the game /ddosing the servers / mod abusing Feel free to read our pact policy further at: http://onepact.forumotion.com/t1-pact-rules-policies#1/ https://discord.gg/X4hydPa
  2. agreed takes entirely to long as is transfer tool is horrible to use unless theres some lua that speeds it up
  3. i think what would be a good idea is to add power sources to the constructs like generators and reactors , and solar panels.Not every thing can run on fuel tanks alone .i beleive some of the weapons in the game are energy weapons how do you power a laser cannon with fuel.
  4. i hope so ,that or i'm a s;ab of walking bacon.
  5. discordauth:d5kNp11VlHYNi6EC0xP2iAkK9S_n3Ru7e_6wjxxFcus=

  6. i used to play but quit because it got to be to much like having to goto work
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