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    Recommendation regarding system specs. for your game.

    More like comparing it to what is found to work in the MMO industry. So in that sense yes I am comparing it to the typical MMO. You'd be very correct, but only in that aspect. Graphics really rather depend on the engine used and the textures created. It actually wouldn't be that hard. Time consuming if anything. The visual appearance of the game rarely has anything to do with the actual functionality of the game. That part falls up on the actual coding of the game itself and the parameters of the game engine being used. So I am not entirely sure the new technology you refer to that they are using has anything to do with this aspect of it. Again I could be wrong on that, but I have personally yet to see an instance where one is dependent on the other. Space Engineers even though not an MMO would be a prime example of this. They discontinued their DX9 version because they chose no longer to develop that version of it along side their DX11 version. As a result planets are only viewable and in the DX11 version. They could have just as easily been added to the DX9 version. Truth be told they just didn't want to commit time and resources in to developing that version of it any further. It is what it is. So my point being is it's not that it can't be done. It can be done. No doubt about it there. More of a question of if they choose to develop time and resources in to it or not. I also want to further point out Atlas the new MMO on the block adding in an MMO as a point of reference as well minimum on a video card alone is 2 gigs. for that game. It essentially uses the exact same engine as Ark. I can scale Ark down to run on a machine with a 1 gig. video card and the only thing that is off is the texturing because they were not designed to be scaled down. That's why the low settings always look so horrid. And that's not even counting being able to force it in DX10 mode. Point being is it is completely obvious as you can clearly tell no work was done to that game in low settings and texture designs were purely for high end gaming rigs making you wonder why they bothered to even include the settings in the first place mate. lol I guess really we can reference them as a prime example of lazy development of a game. If the technology they use is truly that good then in all reality my proposal really isn't all that far fetched. It makes perfect business sense even. At the end of the day it's more about if they choose to devote time and resources in to it or not rather then a case of it can not be done. I personally do not think they will bother because that is the new trend companies are following. I will actually be impressed if they do. So I wouldn't put money on it either mate. lol I am actually right there with ya on that one. lol Most of the new stuff seems to be aimed more at higher end gaming rigs now days leaving very little for people with the average pc to play unless they look in to older titles. It is what it is. Still at the very least I felt it was worth mentioning. Anything past that is above my pay grade. lol Oh wait. I am not getting paid for this. lol First recommendation is on the house then. lol Anyway I hope you and yours and everyone else had a very Merry Christmas this year and that you all have a very Happy New Years when it gets here.

    Recommendation regarding system specs. for your game.

    Oh wow. Well I at least have a better understanding on how your seeing that. Thank you for clarifying that btw mate. I am going to try to elaborate as best as I can on that. That was totally not the message I wanted to put out. I don't rock and roll that way and that's not what I am about. I'll try to do my best to clarify on my end some. Since 2015 which I won't go back no more then 3 years because I don't consider a 3 year old PC to be old IMO. It's safe to say we had a huge jump or spike rather in what we can upgrade our rigs to. It went from 8 gigs of ram to 16 and then 32 and now you got rigs out there with as much as 192 gigs of ram. Now that's crazy, but it exists. lol Now video cards you can get them from 1 gig on up to 12 gigs maybe even more, but the latest titles being released minimum specs 2 gigs and that's just to start off. Big difference from 2015 in just that short time frame. The point I was actually trying to make is not everyone is going to be able to keep up with that pace. Not with the economy the way it is today. That's not even touching the OS because and speaking for myself now as well on this one. There is a lot of us gamers who absolutely will not touch Windows 10. So for just as many people who do like it there are just as many out there that do not. I always found limiting a game to one operating system to be extremely restrictive. Take Entropia Universe for example. This is a mmo game that has been around for years. On max settings this game looks just as beautiful and polished as the game play videos I have seen of Dual Universe. Yet this game can be scaled down to run on lower end pc's if need be by tweaking the settings for performance. I would ask how could that not be more appropriate for what DU wants to achieve? The goal is to create a massive virtual universe. What could be more necessary in doing that then creating one that can reach the masses? At the end of the day they will do whatever it is they decide to do. Now myself personally I am ok with which ever way the wind blows on this. I probably should have just made up a random example instead in order to make my point because unless I am asked I do not speak for anyone other then myself. I do put points of views out there I think other people may have. I was tossing numbers out there as an example of what could happen and my goal was to show that if they opened themselves to considering this avenue then those people who may not have the cash for a new pc will more then likely at least be able to afford and be more then happy to part with that $15 bucks a month subscription fee to play your awesome game and it will generate you extra cash flow and funding for further development of your game. So rather then loosing X amount your actually opening yourself to making X amount toward this goal. Which at the end of the day that is what it is all about. Anyway I am going to stop right here before this turns in to much much more of a book. lol I did want to break it down some more though where my head was at on this mate and I am kind of hoping that maybe I expressed myself a little bit better this time around. lol I do get where your coming from and I understand it. I am sure I have even said the same with other types of games out there. Given this is an mmo however and one I see alot of potential in which I haven't said that about one in years lol I felt the idea was at the very least worth mentioning. I also wanted to say thank you so much for the clarification on how you read that because that was so not the message I wanted to send. lol Also thank you for the holiday cheer mate and I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas as well too my friend.

    Combat, Is it to soon t

    Well I was gonna make a post on the same thing, but I'll ask this here since we are already on the topic of combat. My question would be geared towards the more up close and personal style of combat in terms of wondering how engaging would the actual player on player combat be? Is it just going to be a straight fps style or will there be 3rd. person view like in DayZ or how would that work in terms of the ground game combat? Most importantly will I be able to open fire on someone if I don't like the direction the conversation is going? Lmao!!!!

    Recommendation regarding system specs. for your game.

    Well all I can really say is I am sorry you thought it was odd. It was only meant to be referenced as an example mate. I didn't mean anything by it. And if you played Eve then I would have hoped you would have understood what I was trying to say. I am sorry if it came across some kind of weird way to you. Wasn't the effect I was going for. lol And I get the point your trying to make and I personally didn't have an issue with what you were saying on that. The other side of that coin too though is some systems out there can't be upgraded past a certain limit. Not everyone has new pc money and these new mmos recently like Fallout 76 and Atlas or as I call it Ark 2.0 lol IMO are prime examples of what not to do when creating an mmo. lol It's all good though. In any case you have a good one too mate.

    Recommendation regarding system specs. for your game.

    Poor attempt at what? lol Not really an attempt at anything mate and if you ever played Star Wars Galaxies then you'd know that a guild hall holds 250 players in the guild roster and our city had to have at least three of them to cover our population base. A corporation in Eve holds way alot more then that as well. That doesn't even count the alliances or the membership contacts made from those. And that's just only two game communities not counting any of the others. Everything I stated is actual fact. It can be found online. I am not here to debate hardware prices and system specifications or anything else for that matter with anyone. I merely made a suggestion. No more and no less. I also do not need to validate myself or my membership base or our affiliations to anyone either. That was not the purpose of giving that example. Anyone who has played in any of those communities would understand and know full well where I am coming from on this would even go so far as to tell you compared to some of the other organizations out there we would be considered small. lol So there is nothing odd in what I said. It's only odd when you don't do your homework before trying to disprove the validity of someones statement. So you may want to take my advise and do some research first in the future. Take it or leave it mate. Lmao!!!!
  6. You might want to broaden your range on systems specs. for your game in order to help it become a successful mmo I am a Star Wars Galaxies vet and that game aside from being my first love far as mmos go it really set the bar pretty high with Eve Online running a close second on standards for space mmos and I've played most if not all space mmos created to date as well as others from the days of EverQuest on up to today. I am only mentioning this so it is understood I am speaking as someone who's been around the block and even at one point own real estate on it. lol Since he days of SWG I've looked at prospects for other games to bring our guild in and rebuild like we once did. None of them made the grade. I wouldn't even consider them seriously. Not even Eve Online made the grade and at one time it was the most popular of them all. I even looked at Entropia Universe and The Repopulation and found them both to be flawed. This game so far has been the only one I found impressive enough that actually made the grade for our criteria except you guys have one small potentially hindering flaw. You set the bar abit high on your games system specifications. I've noticed this trend with some games and it's actually cost them money. Now while you have most if not just about everything right and on point I think your missing the whole massively multiplayer point in terms of wide range accessibility to your potential consumer base. Lotro (Lord Of The Rings Online) had it right when it first came out. They set it up to run on low end pcs at the time, but gave you the option to download graphics for the high end. I always chose to grab the high end because either way you could set the game accordingly. So high end pc's during the time period got to run the game at ultra and people with low end pc's could still join and play the game. to me that is a very smart move. it made them money and it didn't force anyone to have to upgrade or buy a new pc or even an OS if they really wanted to play that game. The game reached a broader audience because of this fact. My starting suggestion I just think it should run from 4 gbs of RAM on a video card from 1 gb of vr ram on up vs 2 and be able to run on operating systems besides Window 10 rather then hearing a side order of it may run on Windows 7. That's my only real issue with it. Other then that everything else looks pretty spot on about it. Your making an mmo and mmo games should be more diverse and reach a wide range of specs. for bigger audiences. Limiting ones are rarely worth playing and doomed eventually to failure in the long run. There in lays the concern because that seems to be the new trend for failing mmos out there today. To date you can not show me an mmo I would class as a success story that hasn't followed this rule to some degree or another. Also as it was said to me in Discord and being able to choose whether to download the intense graphics is awesome because if you know your computer isn't going to run it on ultra that's probably a lot less large files you need to download so you have smaller download size for slower connections which is also another valid point made. Now I can't tell you guys how to run your game, but I can advise you that if you want to reach larger audiences these are some factors you may want to consider in the creation and design of your game. Alot of gamers out here won't touch Windows 10 even if you paid them to. There are some that may only have a 1 gig video card. I don't know. What I do know though is variety spells success in that dept. always. So I would think seriously about taking my advice on this one. I'll give an example. I come rolling with between 250 to 500 members from my SWG guild that I still keep in touch with and occasionally send group message out to them on Facebook. Say I send a message out and I only get say 250 out of that 500 and the others to don't rock and roll with it dude to the restrictions or whatever reason and well if the game is let's say $15 bucks a month to subscribe to it then there just went $3750 bucks out the window. Now in the grand scheme of things that may not seem like alot to a large company, but now we got other groups like ours and maybe only larger and same thing happens with them. Then you start noticing some stuff and realize you just cut yourselves out of that big tasty pie. I think you can see where I am going with this. lol Anyway that is my advise guys and gals. Take it or leave it. Awesome job on the game. It's looks really good and either way you go I hope the wind blows much success your way in this title and I look forward to evaluating it further down the road. Have a great day everyone.