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    SWGEmu Basilisk on planet Talus in the location of Old Risa City from Kauri.
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    Playing SWGEmu at https://www.swgemu.com/ and SWG Legends at https://swglegends.com/
  1. I quit playing Eve years ago. I personally and just my own opinion on what I personally look for in an mmo found it more often then not dull. Nothing against the game. It is a legend in it's own right in it's genre. I just didn't find it to be as immersive to me as I did when playing Star Wars Galaxies. There are not many games if any at all in my eyes that can even hold a candle to that game. Especially the Pre-CU era as in my opinion that version of the game is still unmatched even by today's standards. I found the time grind in Eve very unrealistic and not very engaging at all so it was whe
  2. I agree with everything you said mate. I only want to point out that the pendulum swings both ways on that. The only difference is when it's an older mmo no one thinks twice about saying let's design this to fit the newer hardware and operating systems out there. It's to be expected even. Yet when the opposite is recommended and it happens in just about every game it is met with opposition. I personally never really understood that myself. To me it's not that big of a deal. I am not even saying scale it down to run on extremely old hardware. I am saying cover the entire scope of the mmo marke
  3. More like comparing it to what is found to work in the MMO industry. So in that sense yes I am comparing it to the typical MMO. You'd be very correct, but only in that aspect. Graphics really rather depend on the engine used and the textures created. It actually wouldn't be that hard. Time consuming if anything. The visual appearance of the game rarely has anything to do with the actual functionality of the game. That part falls up on the actual coding of the game itself and the parameters of the game engine being used. So I am not entirely sure the new technology you refer to that they are us
  4. Oh wow. Well I at least have a better understanding on how your seeing that. Thank you for clarifying that btw mate. I am going to try to elaborate as best as I can on that. That was totally not the message I wanted to put out. I don't rock and roll that way and that's not what I am about. I'll try to do my best to clarify on my end some. Since 2015 which I won't go back no more then 3 years because I don't consider a 3 year old PC to be old IMO. It's safe to say we had a huge jump or spike rather in what we can upgrade our rigs to. It went from 8 gigs of ram to 16 and then 32 and
  5. Well I was gonna make a post on the same thing, but I'll ask this here since we are already on the topic of combat. My question would be geared towards the more up close and personal style of combat in terms of wondering how engaging would the actual player on player combat be? Is it just going to be a straight fps style or will there be 3rd. person view like in DayZ or how would that work in terms of the ground game combat? Most importantly will I be able to open fire on someone if I don't like the direction the conversation is going? Lmao!!!!
  6. Well all I can really say is I am sorry you thought it was odd. It was only meant to be referenced as an example mate. I didn't mean anything by it. And if you played Eve then I would have hoped you would have understood what I was trying to say. I am sorry if it came across some kind of weird way to you. Wasn't the effect I was going for. lol And I get the point your trying to make and I personally didn't have an issue with what you were saying on that. The other side of that coin too though is some systems out there can't be upgraded past a certain limit. Not everyone has new pc money and th
  7. Poor attempt at what? lol Not really an attempt at anything mate and if you ever played Star Wars Galaxies then you'd know that a guild hall holds 250 players in the guild roster and our city had to have at least three of them to cover our population base. A corporation in Eve holds way alot more then that as well. That doesn't even count the alliances or the membership contacts made from those. And that's just only two game communities not counting any of the others. Everything I stated is actual fact. It can be found online. I am not here to debate hardware prices and system specifications o
  8. You might want to broaden your range on systems specs. for your game in order to help it become a successful mmo I am a Star Wars Galaxies vet and that game aside from being my first love far as mmos go it really set the bar pretty high with Eve Online running a close second on standards for space mmos and I've played most if not all space mmos created to date as well as others from the days of EverQuest on up to today. I am only mentioning this so it is understood I am speaking as someone who's been around the block and even at one point own real estate on it. lol Since he days of SWG I've lo
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