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  1. I know from the preditions we are years off from seeing any form of combat in the game but the more I think of the combat the more ideas that keep popping up in my head. I know this is way earlier than it should be discussed but I just cant stop myself from amagining the possiblities I'm liking the idea of following the tried and trued archtypes of tank, DPS, and support, with shields being the main focusing point. Think about it. If you made shields that had the ability to Overclock and Underclock. shields than are non collision. and that can be boosted from support class ships. That immediately allows for a more diverse type of gameplay. For example dps fighters are going to want to be small to allow for shields to be underclocked allowing for a shield stronger while also keeping them cheap and replenish able than something like a destroyer class ship that doesn't allow for as tight of a shield and has to be overclocked and supported by a support class ship that has shielding support(lot of supports)(am I even saying that right it looks wrong). What do you think. Is it too soon to speculate?
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