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  1. Yes this is my avatar from second life, i use it as my online avatar in eveything. I enjoy helping others in SL, what is your name in SL ? look me up in SL "Damian Firecaster" thank you all
  2. I do not agree with coders and builders Not cooperating, Im from Second Life they did that all the time they had expert coders and expert builders, they got togather alot to build some great ships and other items in SL. So i thing coders and builders will be joining forces to build some of the best ships in DU.
  3. I have a few hull designs from games i have played (second life, space engineers) that I've been wanting to build and see how they do in DU. So primarily idea first, build up the hull, then try and fit in the necessities. my ships I will be building are 1. SS RAM (luxury yacht), 2. CWC Wolverine (Special ops), 3. CWC Amazon (SUV (space utility vehicle)) the SS Ram is my Mobile Home. I will look at building a base on a planet to house all my ships.
  4. If your using a Voxel Engine take a look at what the did in Everquest landmark that game using a voxel engine. we(players) were let loose in the alpha version of the game to help develop the game. it turned out Great, we did things the developers did not know the engine could do. they also gave the player the same tools more or less that they were using to develope the game. Let the Player in as early as possible to help build and Develop this game so Both sides are happy with the Release version. You will be glad you did. thank you Damian Firecater Everquest Landmark builder.
  5. HEY No man's sky will have space whales. and stop trying to steal NMS ideas.
  6. Name: Damian Firecaster been playing games sense 1990 Games Played: Desent 3, Ghost recon advance war fighter, Ghost recon futur soleger, D&D Neverwinter night 2, everquest 2, Eve online, Second life, Ghost recon Phantoms, Everquest Landmark, Star trek online, D&D Neverwinter, Elite Dangerous, Kerbal Space Program, Robocraft current games: core worlds coalition Starship Captain Special ops, Second life Recon sniper, Ghost recon Phantoms wizard / builder, Everquest landmark(Voxil building game) Starship captain, Star trek online. Starship Commander, Elite Dangerous online game names: Damian071 and/or Damian Firecaster. future games: NO MAN'S SKY ASTRONEER DUAL UNIVERSE GHOST RECON WILDLANDS
  7. what your talking about is what they have in Star Citizen right now, each ship is an instance so you can run around inside while flying and fighting, and do repairs.
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