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  1. Congratulations France on winning what was a very entertaining tournament! Funnily enough, in the UK (well, England to be precise) there were incidents of vandalism/violence after wins against Colombia and Sweden. Very strange way to celebrate.
  2. Forgive me for ressurecting and old thread, I didn't want to start a new one on this topic - I think this is a fantastic idea with huge potential for medical and other support/social roles. As you say, it branches out in so many directions. If anything, it draws traffic into player made cities. Personally I would make it a priority to play some kind of medical role!
  3. Purely cosmetic hand-held mining tools later down the line would be nice, no more than that though in my humble opinion.
  4. Hi all, Found out about this game yesterday - I had been watching some E3 trailers which got me thinking about games I really used to enjoy playing and it got me reminiscing about Star Wars Galaxies. This in turn led me to research some up and coming MMO games and I landed here. I'm mainly excited about the player driven aspects of the economy and city building (generally anything non-combat), but most of all just wanting a solid community! Speak to you all soon
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