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    ZahZuhZay reacted to Roustabout in Market Analysis Update 12/27   
    Markets by the Extraction Cartel has added several new features as well as expanded the sampling of orders for a more accurate reflection of the Pure and Ore markets.
    At the moment, over 90% of the items have a base price calculation. This calculation uses the current pure prices to determine the cost of a single unit of each item without taking skills into account effectively setting a guideline Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. The future state of this will include skills, machine costs, and schematic costs to get to a better MSRP number.
    You will also find a baseline component analysis and calculation on the pure inputs needed to create an item.
    Upcoming features
    Sampling and analysis of other key trade goods (like warp cells) Commentary Ability to factor in skills to the prices Schematic Amortization calculations Visual representation of the markets Trade Routes  
    Feedback is welcome and we are always interested in new ideas to expand this market analysis
       Please visit http://www.extractioncartel.com/
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    ZahZuhZay reacted to Neo_O in [Discuss] Dev Blog: The New DRM System   
    that drm is not a bad idea, but like all your recent implemented ideas they lack on previous mechanics that let your implementations unbalanced and unfair for some players.
    in this case of drm you lack on the posibility on not being able to copy paste voxel.... and what happen if you purchased the ship and it get attacked and you want to repair the hole. or in case of the pirate they succesfully destroy ship core and want to bring their trophy home and want to repair that holes?
    yeah, is so easy to answer: use the voxel tools but if they want to keep the shape of the ship?
    yeah, you gonna answer: use the repair unit... but you need a blue print stored into it to repair ships... and if the ship is key purchased? what happen later?

    my solution opinion is already done by other game: starbase, they have a manual repair tool that can be implemented for voxel destruction to not need a bp to repair the destroyed hull
    PD: if you are not NQ-staff and don't like my opinions just give yours and don't replay my post with your smartness plz im fed up of that smart people that think they know all and only their opinions are the good ones. ty and salut!
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    ZahZuhZay reacted to kanadaj in [Discuss] Dev Blog: The New DRM System   
    Thank you for adding the feature to strip both DRM and LUA from elements when you remove them from a construct, it's a life saver!
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    ZahZuhZay reacted to Morndenkainen in [Discuss] We've Heard You!   
    Well, you heard SOME of us, after we decided to speak with our wallets at least... All of these steps are quite acceptable... Yet I notice you guys have completely ignored the RDMS issues and aspect of the game. There are still dozens of shipbuilders out there who have had their blueprints stolen because the RDMS system opened up and allowed people who'd previously bought said ships, which were previously locked (No blueprinting) and unlocked them so dozens of BP's could be made...

    And stranding players with unannounced updates to the seat controllers.... Not cool. Not cool at all...

    Also, a quick fix to the market... Introduce NPC shipping.. You can't find something locally? Hire an NPC ship to bring it to your local market from ANY market for X quantas per SU of distance....

    The test server is something that should have happened ages ago... 

    Still, after you guys removed the unsubscribe button from the "my products" page, it's going to be a bit before I can trust you again.
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    ZahZuhZay reacted to Kirth Gersen in [Discuss] We've Heard You!   
    Just forget about ATV. Their influence was clearly bad on this game.
    Learn about the history of MMOs to avoid repeating the same mistakes other already made in past.
    And play your own game (without the cheat codes).
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    ZahZuhZay reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Pre-Beta wipe announcement!   
    Dear Alpha testers,
    The Beta launch is coming in just a few weeks and as you might expect it, so is the pre-Beta wipe! You will have 2 last test sessions before the wipe, during which we ask you to save all the Constructs you want to keep under the form of a Blueprint. 
    We know that this official announcement comes on short notice, but as you can imagine, the whole team is on a tight schedule to deliver the Beta at the end of the month and we’re trying to inform you as much in advance as possible with the time constraints.
    The last test sessions before the wipe will occur will be:  
    From Thursday, August 6th at 14:00 UTC
    To Monday, August 10th at 14:00 UTC
      From Thursday, August 13th at 14:00 UTC
    To Monday, August 17th at 14:00 UTC  
    Remember, everything will be wiped following this session, except the normal blueprints located in your Player Inventory (Nanopack), so be sure to keep those previously on your character, and not anywhere else (like in a container).
    Last but not least, we also want to apologize for the inconvenience regarding the very short notice about the extended PvP zone and the issues that may have resulted from the situation. However, if you’re in a situation where some of your Constructs have been damaged before you can make an up-to-date blueprint of the said Constructs, please contact our Customer Support as soon as possible so you can get help from our team before the next test session. If you’re in such a situation, please read carefully the process described in the previous announcement published here.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team.
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    ZahZuhZay reacted to vylqun in Realistic incentives for City building   
    To have a somewhat imersive experience in Dual Universe we definitely need to see cities. But why exactly would people create cities in DU if just use a vast amount of resources without any real benefit except for showing off?
    Normally city planning depends on  a lot of different factors, like the environment, available resources, especially food, the condition of the ground, expected industries etc. Those are mostly things that wont work in DU. On the other hand, building cities in DU has quite a lot of disadvantages, like being target for raiders, warmongers or just griefplayers. So without any real benefit or need to create cities we will at most have very few large organization building and maintaining a city as HQ and maybe one or two trading hubs. Mostly we'll see well hidden factories and bases which are statistically placed across the planets with nearly no clustering.
    There are two possible ways to facilitate cities. One is giving artificial benefits like production bonus or similar things, i wont advocate that as it is unrealistic and just shows a lack of creativity in the game design. The second way is giving realistic incentives. The only incentives that work on larger scales in a mmorpg are economic or security benefits or needs. Social or educational facilities can be mostly ignored (there could be University-Type elements that increase the speed of accumulating xp for the first 20% or something of the skilltree, with which organizations can cater to new players, but that wont be a real incentive for creating a city).
    In my mind there are three mechanics which would directly create the need for clustering buildings on a small area:
    1. Powergrid
    The first suggestion is, that all functional elements (Doors, electronics etc.) require electricity. Standard, small sized elements would need a marginal amount of power so, that a small generator that can easily be installed in every ship/building is sufficient to support them. More advanced facilities like factories, Elements with strong supporting effects (something like the University for example, or greenhouses), military elements (planetary turrets, shields, sensor units ...) however should have an exponential increase of the power required. Factory units for example should require enough power, that no stacking of small generators can support them.
    To support those power hungry elements players can build power plant elements which are extremely large on scale, like 64³m³. They would support buildings within a certain radius with a set amount of power and to increase that radius you could create power-relay stations. What does this do for city building? If players want to run a factory or other facilities they need to create a power plant. If a single power plant generates enough electricity to support several factories, then the economic way of action would be creating enough factories within the vicinity of a power plant to  effectively use the generated power. A large cluster of factories in turn needs military protection as it is a nice target for raiders, thus we have some kind of city growth. At the same time owners of those power plants could rent space in the effective radius for players which can afford to create a factory, but not the required power plant.
    This can be extended to every kind of large scale element which would be nice to have in a city, for example if we want a space port in the city. The simplest way would be to just create some flat areas for ships to land on. But what about quality of life services like refuelling or rearing constructs? Those actions can take ages. If we had large scale elements like a repair Dock, which repairs damaged ships in the vicinity if activated or refuelling stations, those can save a lot of time to players. Elements like that would also require a lot of power, thus the need for a power plant in the vicinity.
    In short, if every advanced element has a big size and a large power requirement, coupled with the need of power plants, we would by default see clusters of buildings which can be called cities.
    2. Resources
    We can see in some videos how the ground is removed with a tool, its fast, efficient and effortless. if we can mine resources in this way, then DU players will be like a big locust swarm, run across the surface of a planet, scanning and within hours mining all interesting resources. But a big influence on city-building is the need to create a permanent structure in specific places, thus mining resources should definitely not be near-instant. Optimally mining out a big underground ore vein should take years if done by hand or several months when done with elements for mining. If we have long term mining then locations get a certain economic and strategic importance. If an organization finds a large vein of a rare metal it can't just mine it and go away, it has to defend this place against other players. Thus they need to create defensive structures, which again need power plants. If you have defensive structures and power plants on a mining base and some power surplus due to it then its economic to just continue and create the needed refinery elements etc. too, which in turn leads to clusters of buildings again.
    3. Dependencies
    Similar as all functional elements require electricity there can be other dependencies which make it necessary to create several constructs at the same place. In the new content update we learn about market Bots, where resources can be sold for quanta and elements can be bought (probably very limited after crafting is implemented, but maybe some of the most basic elements can still be bought). Those Quanta and elements aren't created from void and the sold resources can't spontaneously vanish. So if someone wants to place market bots in his base, it would make sense to require a trading hub element in the vicinity. There are quite some heavy industries which are dependent on water as coolant, so some refinery elements could actually need water purification plants in the area, the same plants could be used to support greenhouses or other buildings with water. If several buildings depend on each other there is a huge potential to incline people to gather together and create cities. Especially as everyone has a limited amount of cores available.
    I really think that those three points are absolutely necessary for a good experience in DU and will lead to some pretty interesting results.
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    ZahZuhZay reacted to TheMasterArchitect in How to recruit! (and not be a nuisance)   
    Greetings Everybody!
    I am writing this post today in hopes of inspiring you all to recruit respectfully and efficiently.  As of late I have been targeted for bad recruitment practices so I'd like clear my name of all that.
    Before getting into recruitment I would like to say there are some steps to increase your groups reputation, which in turn will increase your chance of having a successful recruitment session.
    1.  If you have a Dual Universe supporter pack then the first thing you want to do is create an organization page over at https://community.dualthegame.com/organizations
    2.  Setup a group discord and BE ACTIVE on it.  When a member sees you being active in your group, doing events and working hard to build up your organizations then they will want to be part of the group even more.
    3.  Create some content.  If you've never made videos or artwork I would recommend taking some time and learning a little bit so your group can have some content to attract players (or you can ask some of your members for help, you'd be surprised at the level of creativity of some of your members).  For the best example I would look at the Band of Outlaws organization page.  They do a lot of parody work but it's still successful in reaching out to players and enticing them to join their organization.
    These are just steps you cant take to make your group more attractive.  Try to be creative and I'm sure you can come up with more ways to make your organization appealing.
    Now getting into recruitment practices...
    There are several different sources you can go through when recruiting.  In this post I'll be covering each area of recruitment that you can go through, as well as, describing how you should be getting your message across in a positive manner.
    Dual Universe Forums
    This is probably the most obvious method of recruitment.  When recruiting from the forums there are two things you can do.  One is to create an attractive post for your organization and the other is to message new members to the community individually.  Make sure that when you create your forum post, you make your group's intentions clear and attractive as possible.  When you message someone try not to bombard them with too much information, but give them enough to have a quick overview of the organization and the best way to contact you.
    What you DON'T want to do while finding new members is to message people that are already part of existing organizations.  Always check the players profile and ensure if they are part of a group or not.  Even check their past posting history.  You might be looking at an old post that's been bumped so always be on the lookout.  If you do happen to message someone that was part of an organization by mistake and they respond to you, just apologize and try to move on.
    Recruiting from discord can be very tricky and disrespectful if the place your recruiting from doesn't know about it.  If you find a discord community the first thing you want to do is check if they have an advertisement section.  Always read and abide by their rules.  If they don't have an advertisement section then message the discord server's admin about your intentions and see if it's ok to do recruitment from his/her community.  Try to offer incentives so that they will agree to it.  You can ask them to trade players, if their discord is for example a Rust community then tell them that if you have any Rust players that you will send them your way and they should do it vice versa.  Maybe even offer something of monetary value if you think it's worth it.  But I want to say I don't recommend doing that.  In my experience I have not been super successful at discord recruitment but maybe you guys can do it better than me.  If your going to message members individually then make sure the server admin knows that and DO NOT send a spam recruitment messages.  When messaging someone about recruitment always start a conversation, "hey, how are you?" and then gradually proceed to talk to them about your intentions.
    Steam Groups
    The first thing you want to check of course is your friends list.  Check any past communities you've been apart of or talk to some old friends.  Some of them might be interested in joining up with you.  Other than that, your best bet is to check steam groups that have connections to games with similar aspects to Dual Universe.  My military is ran by Arma 3 Milsim guys so I regularly check out several Arma 3 Milsim steam groups.  That and other games that has similar aspects to Dual Universe such as Rust, Ark, Space Engineers or Empyrion.  Now alot of these groups literally have tens of thousands of members so there really isn't a shortage of people to contact.  What you want to do is start sorting through profiles that are interesting to you.  I have my own criteria of contacting people and you guys should make your own as well.  Try to add as much people as you can when going through the steam group member lists, but I suggest only contacting people who are online at the moment.  Whenever I add someone I usually give them a nickname (for example, "Space Engineer Player - 03/31").  I use nicknames because if someone eventually adds me, I want to remember where I added them from and if they don't add me in two weeks then I just delete them.  You also want to be using "Steam Tags."  This will help you separate your actual steam friends from people who you are contacting for recruitment.  Just give them a "recruitment" tag after they add you.
    Now once people start adding you back, you want to start messaging them.  ONLY message them when they are online, not in Snooze or Away mode (it might annoy some people).  You want to do recruitment as respectfully and efficiently as possible.  So I suggest that when you message someone you start off by saying something like "Hey, how are you?".  Then you will get either a positive or a negative response, you know how steam players are  .  If they respond in a positive manner then tell them you have an offer and that you are hoping that they could hear you out.  Then proceed to tell them about the game and your group.  If they aren't interested then tell them thank you for listening and to have a good day.  After that just remove them from your friends list.  If someone responds to you in a negative manner then try to twist it around in your favor to make them interested.  If that doesn't work then once again delete them from your friends list.  I usually add around 20-50 people whenever I do a recruitment session.  You'll probably get a 20% friend acceptance rate and out of that you'll get 20% that might be interested.  That's just what it feels like from my experience.
    I also want to recommend upping your steam profile.  If they see that your profile is an empty page and your messaging them about an offer then they might take it as a scam.  Whereas if you have a decent looking and respectful steam profile with some artwork then they may listen to your offer.
    Reddit/Other Communities
    Now I only did reddit once so I can't help you be too successful at this, but I can tell you just be respectful of any place that you may recruit from.  Try to go into subreddits that can somehow relate to Dual Universe.  Read the rules and make sure your posting in the right place.  The same goes for any other forum/community that you may recruit from.  Always read up on the rules and if there aren't any then try to contact the admin.
    When I do go hard on recruiting I usually spend around 2 hours a day recruiting on steam and talking to people about the game while at the same time being as respectful as possible.  If your trying to recruit a lot of people then you'll have to spend a lot of time on recruitment.  If your building a small group then I just suggest sticking to the Dual Universe forums and see what you can find here.  There's tons of time before the game get's released so if you just want a small group then waiting and contacting people on here every once in a while might be your best bet.
    Thanks everyone for reading.  I hope this clears up any confusion and hopefully the group that is actually ruining recruitment for everyone can follow these guidelines.
    Have a great day!
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    ZahZuhZay reacted to NanoDot in Sandbox vs Themepark MMOs - What do you think?   
    It comes as no surprise that everyone here is a fan of "sandbox" games, lol
    However, history has shown us that "sandbox" games just don't appeal to the vast majority of players. Everyone of us will have their own pet explanation for why that has been the case in the past, and why it will be "different" with DU.
    But I don't think it will be any different at all, actually. To thrive in a sandbox, you have to be creative and self-motivated. You cannot sit back and just consume the entertainment provided by the devs. The vast majority of gamers want just that: they want to be entertained and given clear goals to attain. And it mustn't take too much time to get there...
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