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  1. If that would be true, it would be basically equal with a suicide from them. I can't even imagine how can anyone even think about forcing a such bad mechanism. DO you think that you are the first one who thought about this idea? Hint you aren't, many games tired it before, AND it did failed every time. In wow, there are multi person vehicles on battlegrounds, with a driver and turret(s) etc. They are much more powerful that players, yet the turrets are empty most of time. Blizzard thinks that they reinvented the wheel and they attempted the one unit multiple player idea in their other games too, in hots for example with the hero chogall(one moves, other one fires). basically noone picks it.... Deal with it, the idea of multiple players working together on a same unit isn't working. The reason is simple: it's boring, it only takes away fun while give nothing in exchange, you only get handicap this way but gain nothing. You also bound to other players, so you can't even just paly whenever you want. lol, the combat in a scifi game is boring already, you want to take it to a entirely new level? Can you even imagine how f boring it would be to just stand before a single cannon, click on a enemy ship, and then push one button to fire? What do you think how many hours would it take to get bored of it? Hint: less than one... Even if it would be not lock&hit game, but aimed, it would be still f boring (in wow there was encounter where some players controlled cannons, it was fun on the first run, and became a boring chore afterwards...) There are no reason behind this handicap anyway. It wouldn't balance anything, it would only promote botting. Also ROFL, even in the WW2 there was warships where AA turrets was remote controlled. It would be 100% legit not be allowed to use technology already available in the past century in a time, where you can build spaceships by hand, and travel in the universe... Like the human is so critical where you can't even see your target with a human eyes as it will be km's away, but yeah sure someone needs to stand there to "aim" with them lol, or you mean that in the future the cannons will be loaded manually? what would you load into a leaser battery anyway? In the first place there are exactly zero reason to limit big ships anyway. Every player have exactly same privileges. I think they not going to give admin rights away randomly, nor spawning materials for certain players, so if x player was available to build a big ship, then every other player also have exactly the same chance to build it, so where is the problem? You are lazy to do it and want to punish the others who actually put time into it? Ofc big ships should be very expensive. Both to build, repair and to use.
  2. No, you guys doesn't even understands what is "griefing" if that's what your point of view is. Griefing has one and only one point: to cause as much damage(not health damage) to one that you can. Getting rewards never was the main point of griefing, and so most doesn't care about it. Just look at eve forexample. ppls suicide gank miners in hs, where the ship that the griefer lose cost more than the whole stuff that the noob had. But that can be said to pretty much all high sec noob attacks. The profit is basically zero, while those t2 equipment cost more. In minecraft, the griefer most of time doesn't even play on that server, and only comes here to ruin others game, as that's the main point of griefing, and not making profit. Sure if you find some expensive stuff you steal it, to cause more damage, but it wasn't the main point. Profit oriented attack would be stealing or pirating. Not like I would be again griefing, but the real griefers doesn't care whether the griefing is profitable or not, heck even if they lose money this way, they just want to ruin the others game and that's all, so making it hard to get rewards with it not going to change anything. Actually the few safe space areas aren't really going to make the game appealing for the casuals. As their number will be heavily limited, ppls would fight for that place so most of them will be controlled by the stronger alliances soon enough, making it impossible for later coming newplayers to use it (free), and will be riped out from valuable materials quick. Whole carebear planets/systems would be more vise choice on the long term.
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