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  1. Being a turret gunner on a multi-crew ship can be very fun (speaking from own experience), games such as Guns if Icarus Online and Blackwake pull this off very well. And being an "idle" crew member can also be very fun, at first just looking at the oncoming enemy and enjoying the show until the first barrage hits the starboard side, then you scramble into frenzied action as the captain notifies the crew where the breach has been made. Turrets might have been disabled, one of the thrusters might have been destoryed and the hull have been breached exposing the reactor core. Time is of the essence, the rest of the crew depends on you and your fellow engineers to get the ship up and running again before the next volley can strike. And I suppose boarding parties will also be a thing, so not only will you need gunners and engineers, but also marines.
  2. Well, if DU has a successful launch, I don't doubt that its player base will quickly match that of EVE or even WoW - I believe this because DU will be (and I believe already have been) covered in media as "The new space Minecraft!" and a lot of people who have played MC will more than likely be interested in DU. And as shuch DU will have a much larger player base than EVE because it has a wider appeal; the threshold of getting into DU (being free 30 first days and all) is much lower than EVE, who's interface is just too daunting for the average gamer. So, if we're to presume that DU some day in the future reach the same amount of players as WoW, which an internet graph told me peaked at around 12.5 million players. Now with that many players, I wouldn't count out the possibility of a 6000 ship battle occuring, cause even though most players might not be interested in fighting, theres still a few million wanting to fight, + their orgs might conscript them (and maybe willingly so if their homes are threatened/ "it would be cool to try it out this one time") to fight. Or perhaps orgs hire many mercenary orgs to fight with them. And another thing to take into account is that even though there can be 200+ crewed ships, is that these battleships/titans require alot more effort and time to make than smaller 50 crew cruisers, so the question begs; quantity or quality? Of course this hypothetical playerbase might be overly optimistic, but IF it were to be this many players, NQ better have the server capacity to handle it.
  3. Yeah, this has been a wet dream of mine since I saw that Space Engineers was going to get programming blocks. The only hinderance to this, is if you could put base defence turrets on dynamic core structures, which I highly doubt is even considered by NQ (not sure if auto defence turrets are even a thing, seen discussions on the forum on them, but if its actually confirmed or not has evaded my mind). But I guess what could be a compromize would be player controlled drones. I've heard that NQ was planning exosuit/exoskeleton of some sort. If this is something tha the player can build with voxels and premade parts, it should be possible to put in some drone parts and camera in them, thus you could have a carrier ship which drops down these player made drones without risking the lives of the players themselves - but I guess if this is to be worth while the "punishment" for dying should be somewhat severe, so that its not like other FPS where you can just respawn and be ready to go within seconds.
  4. There is one thing that you all might have forgotten (or it has been discussed so much already that its redundant to say it), and that is performance. I have no doubt in my mind that the LUA scripting has to have some sort of limit to not stress the server. I mean it already must keep track of 10s of thousands of players and then it suddenly have to keep track of an exponential number of highly advanced machinery? Maybe I'm overlooking something here, but apart from the threat that automation could pose for the new players and the economy (this is afterall a highly debated discussion even in real life), but as much as I would like to have advanced machinery, I just dont think the game could handle it - maybe it could run a dosen such scripts, maybe hundreds, but thousands? And believe me if it was possible, everyone would want one, and NovaQuark aims for a player base in the millions.
  5. If DU works as intended, I can see it living on for more than a decade, just look at EVE, 15 years old and still going.
  6. Who knows, maybe in 10 years the technology will be there to make such physics possible on this scale. But then again how many people would rage to wake up to a patch which makes their floating fortresses become a pile of rubble on the ground?
  7. What if Orgs can make their own Puzzles? it can make it very hard for hackers to crack, but also opens up the possibility for bribing members of the org who knows the Puzzle code.
  8. What if you surround one central territory with other territory units the central one gets a "defensive boost", like it draws power from the other surrounding ones to make it much harder to hack, capture or destroy? As such the core of the territory is by default harder to assault - but not impossible. this will force an attacker to start at the edges of the territory and creep in and as they capture/destroy as they advance, the core will lose its defensive boost, whether instantly or precentage wise (according to how many surrounding tiles are left). The only problem I see with my idea is if the entire planet is claimed - but then again if you own an entire planet it should be damn hard to capture it.
  9. What I'm wondering is if they're going to make crates static elements to cargoships a la space engineers, or if we're going to get some sort of moveable crates (this could be done by making a very small hovercraft consisting of only a few crates too though). Though I guess what my main "concern" is if there is going to be a more streamlined method of transfering items from one crate to another.
  10. Now I don't know a whole lot about scripting, but could it (talking about automated weapons systems in general as well) simply run when a player is near it? Similar to how redstone machines in minecraft will only operate in loaded chunks? Then there wouldn't need to be a worry for no defence when offline as the raiders and griefers themselves will trigger the defences by just being in the area.
  11. That gives me the idea of being an ambush pirate, pretending to be a valuable asteroid for miners until its too late for them.
  12. Greetings! I'm Rick Windmiller, or Windmiller Rick (which ever suits you best). I've been following the progress of this game for well over a year now. Really excited to see how it will turn out - JC and the rest of NQ team have proven so far that it has great potential. Don't really know what else to write here, but I can say that I like writing, dinosaurs, and of course windmills. Hope to see you all on fruitful business adventures on Alioth and beyond!
  13. I've been toying with the idea myself. It would be pretty cool if they make it possible to make rollercoasters, ferris wheels and such. A Maze Runner labyrinth would be awesome.
  14. Hello, new here myself. I think your second idea is really nice and more importantly more practical. For what NQ have shown us so far regarding to buttons and the linking tool, this idea seem to fit right in with what they're doing, because it sort of creates a middleground where players without the know-how to use LUA gets to make some basic transport system - and it also incorporates the existing dynamic core (the platform element of your first idea is basically the same imo). However I think it doesnt really needs the "Rail" Element", one could maybe just link the dynamic core directly to the Rail Sensors? You've probably thought of this yourself, but I would add Rail Sensors inbetween the start and ending point so that one could make the travel path more precise in regards to obstacles in the way (existing buidlings etc.)
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