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  1. Diese Prinzipen gefallen mir Ich werde New Berlin gerne unterstützen und ich hoffe wir werden die Oase der Freiheit erblühen lassen. Beste Grüße, Bralor
  2. Ich hab großes Interesse an New Berlin aber vorher noch eine Frage. Da New Berlin von zwischenmenschlichen Problemen, Weltanschauung und/oder politischen Absichten befreit sein soll, wird es mir dann gegen meine Verfolger und Feinde als Unterschlupf/sicherer Hafen dienen , falls ich fliehen muss und sollten sie eine Auslieferung fordern wird man dieser nachgehen oder alles tun um den Klienten sicher an einen anderen Ort zu bringen?
  3. Bralor


    I think that NQ already knows what to do so that the planets do not look barren and dead. I really hope that sometime after release there will be a variety of flora and fauna, animals / alienlife (not intelligent life) to explore. There would be many possibilities to derive useful knowledge for our constructions, e.g. if a player finds an animal with extremely strong body armor and then examines it to synthetically restore it, then to use for the defense of his ships or bases. Of course you would have to catch the animal first and depending on what you want to catch this will certainly be an i
  4. Hi everyone, as I understand it, Dual Universe will have materials with different properties and 'quality levels' (if I misunderstood you can correct me). This means for me that there will be better and worse materials and that, in my opinion, will cause every player to try to get the best materials. Is so far logical and comprehensible. But if everyone tries to get the same materials, understandably to get the most out of his ship, etc., the constructs will hardly differ in color, because logically every material, as far as I've seen, has its own texture. I would not think that's nice if the
  5. This reminds me that the effect can set as 'not obviously visible' for other players. This would make the affected organization review members' health (and health plays an important role in a future, because governments are already interested in the health of their citizens). With the background of NQ for this game, I think that's a good connection, because I think if someone was picked up on the arkship, then only healthy people would be there, so at the time there were such health scans. I'm thinking of something like how sensors reflect the values of important bodily functions. These sensor
  6. Ok thats your opinion but i liked the idea. In addition, many others find the idea of narcotics good. We'll see how the developers decide.
  7. This is just one of the good examples here in the comments. Pls read the comments above NanoDot. There are good ideas how you can bring 'drugs' as a useful function in the game.
  8. Introducing narcotics is a great idea. Many good solutions for treating drugs as a meaningful function have already been mentioned and I hope that some of them will make it into the game.
  9. Of course you are right with what you say. If NQ decides that a player can not control multiple weapons, then that's the case. However, we are here in the forum to discuss it so developers can see what the community wants. For my part, I am absolutely in favor of a player being able to control several weapons. I'm not talking about a single player being able to control a huge warship in full. Nevertheless, even a single player should have the opportunity to build a remarkable ship. Furthermore, I would not find it good if there are only dull forward weapons that can only hit wha
  10. Good day everybody, First of all I would like to say that I recently discovered Dual Universe but was fascinated from the beginning with NQ's vision - a game in which EVERYONE can do what HE wants! Now I read the comments here and lose my hopes of a game without limits A game in which everyone can do what he wants, should not have the condition of having a crew. That should not be misunderstood. I know that NQ also wants players to team up and do great things and I think that's a great thing but for me that does not mean that every player needs a crew to experience the full potential of
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