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  1. So you are saying that we have limited cargo space? I think the advantages of having large storage is good. If you have a cargo ship, then mostly likely it will be either really slow, or have no defense.  The point of this game is to encourage playing together, not to play as a loner. 

  2. Should we be able to patent our blueprints? If we are able to patent our own blueprints, so that you cannot copy someone’s idea without paying. I think this should be implemented so that is you are trying to make money off a idea you don’t just get it stolen by some one else. 

  3. I’m thinking that what if instead of making artificial gravity a big thing, and making it waste a bunch of energy for your ship, what of since your ship will needs a life. be Magnetic, you have magnetic shoes. Then you could walk on the ship without having to worry about running out of gravity by using plates. 

  4. Would build armor make the ship heavier, and therefore slower? Also, on a giant ship I noticed that you need like 5 pilots and the rest of the people are manning turrets. I found also, if you have an extremely large ship, it could act as an aircraft carrier, storage, or energy storage. In DU there seems to be no problem with Cast quantities of space within a ship. Comment on @0something0: bigger ships will also have mass, which means the will take a longer time to accelerate. This means travel may actually take longer. 

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