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  1. I agree with a post I read earlier I think a fuel/oxygen requirement would be awesome and maybe the ability for a reactor to go critical if its overloaded or heavily damaged
  2. lol yea I recently built one for H1Z1 but I'm not so sure it would hold up to there ideas
  3. im new to the youtube thing mine will probably be more videos if i can find a group.....sadly im the only PC gamer i know
  4. it really depends on how the devs want to play it out i mean if re-entry heat is a factor then the problem becomes how do you find a object big enough to survive that long. but there is the concept of a "orbital kenetic weapon" it kinda works in SE i would like to see proportional damage to mass that would be awesome
  5. like the subscription model, MMO's are expensive to maintain & there going to have to find that funding somewhere so id rather just pay that and not be bombarded with micro transactions at every turnor have shotty server connections
  6. i agree with the p2p structure. i mean server upkeep and IT/ further development isn't free. also the devs deserve to make a profit from there work its only fair.
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