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  1. so I've been thinking ever since the Teaser for thsi game got launched on the developer's You Tube channel about what the system min and recommend requirements are expected to be for this game. Also in terms of recording for You Tube i am a small channel You Tuber and was wondering if there could possibly be an integrated recording feature to make it easier to run such a large game and to make it more convenient not only for our use but for advertising this game. Please let me know what you think.
  2. based on what i have read there will be players on the ground and in space and it is all on the same server. Say there is someone on the ground in some city they have built, how will the mechanic of players on the ground and players on ships work? Will players in the ships be able to unload heavy ordinance onto a ground based target? Or will there be a mechanic to protect ground based players that are just getting their feet wet?
  3. So i haven't heard much about the mechanics of how to viewpoint will be. When you are on a planetary surface will it be first person and will there be active tools or a weapon in your hand, or is it sandbox on ground or if it is to what extent. Can someone or a dev please enlighten me about this topic. Also how will this be implemented if you are on someone else's ship and are roaming around. I'm really interested in seeing how this plays out.
  4. Wow thank you for the very fast reply and information. I am very excited about this game and very eager to see how it is going to turn out. So am a bit eager as well to see some in game content and screen shots, but i am also patient. thank you for the info.Hope to hear more about it. - LordSilver
  5. I noticed this game has a you tube channel with nothing on it and when i search for this game i cannot find anything that looks like in game screen shots. What is the earliest time we can expect to see some in game content be posted so we can better understand the game? And will the currently selected alpha crew be posted their own findings? If so where?
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