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  1. Frize

    Sized screen

    Sigh... Well, i still hope they'll read this post. ^^
  2. Frize

    Sized screen

    I understand when i talk about voxel screen it was to let you imagine what it would like in game but i don't mean a voxel screen. Choose different size for screen and put each one as a unique item is a good idea but it still not enough. Sometimes it would be the perfect size as sometimes it won't. That's the point i want to mention and why it's more helpfull to size yourself the screen to match with your building.
  3. Frize

    Sized screen

    Hi NQ, I had an idea where you can choose the size of a screen to incorporate into the building like a screen voxel, etc.Not have must to say, tell me if i haven't been completly clear, I've a good day, Frize.
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