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  1. Well the video showing space flight between alioth and the moon does show them manipulating the position of the sun. So I would say a day night cycle is planned. No clue about the stars
  2. Wow this is a heated thread! Guess I'll throw my two cents in ! So regarding OP: 1. I like the ideas of advertising eventually showing up in the game. However I believe it should be only in game advertisement. Like an organization pays a player to host a sign, things like that. No advertisements from the real world. I understand that the idea is to get novaquark more money but the in game advertising helps to regulate a healthy economy which is a benefit. As soon as you introduce real money being used to influence the action of players, it turns into a very nasty real estate grab for companies to get prime advertisement spots. Also, I don't think many companies would be that interested in advertising in the game. The amount of people that would be exposed to the advertisements would be minimal Which would make their return on investment small enough to not care. 2. I support the idea of being able to personalize things in-game. However the concept of paying money for personalized things in a game which is already using a subscription model is ludicrous. I would rather see players develop custom textures or logos and be able to use those. It could even lean into brands where you may pay a premium for a ship because it has a certain logo so you know it was made by a certain player/organization. But, I don't think this would be technically possible. I praise NQ for a lot of technical things but I really don't see how they could manage allowing custom images and still keep end user performance high. But hey, I'm all for it if they can do it. 3. No, I'd rather see the staff of NQ spending their time improving the core game which would help everyone. 4. The subscription based model is fine. I prefer MMO's where the model is subscription based. This will honestly be the first game I play that is monthly subscription based. However, I believe the content provided is of high enough quality to warrant it. Honestly, players who don't want to spend money on time they don't have to play, e.g pay for a month when they only have 5 hours or less per month, probably should not play DU. The game will require quite a bit of playing and or grinding. These players' time would probably be better spent on a different game that's not subscription based. I understand that incomes are different for different parts of the world. And, for some people the current price model is too expensive even with an ok income. For people in those parts of the world I would totally be for them paying less. However, I also understand the impossibility of this. Since there would be some jerks out there who would try to take advantage of this and exploit a cheaper price when they have plenty of money and live in a relatively wealthy country. 5. This just seems kind of silly honestly. I mean I understand where your coming from, but it's just silly. There will no doubt be countless of videos or streams to watch on DU. I would imagine people would watch these, or play on a friend's account to see if they are interested in the game.
  3. A plasma or rather a highly ionized substance could be produced and expelled as a projectile without the use of extreme temperatures. Think an ion beam except a highly ionized and heavier element that is expelled in bulk masses. It wouldn't be affected by temperatures in addition its extreme reactivity would be perfect for space where the only thing to react with would be your target.
  4. Haven't been really keeping up with the game much since I saw it. Since it's getting close to pre alpha I'm getting ready for it so I don't know anything about shields lol. Anyways, I would imagine any shields would operate on a capacitor concept. So it would have a charging cycle and also a maximum amount of discharge "damage". If it discharges completely then it would need to charge all the way back up to redeploy. This type of shield model would give a lot of flexibility and give pros and cons to having big/small shields. Having the ability to use multiple shields to make a larger shield would also give more flexibility. I would like that to be an option as it would allow power to be redistributed as needed. In addition, if a shield goes down it does not mean the whole ship is compromised. In my opinion there should be a defined radius between the ship and where the shield starts. Even if a single shield could be used to cover a whole ship, I would imagine the power input would be proportional to the distance between the shield and ship in addition to the surface area of the shield generated. Also I'm not a huge fan of shields draining a lot of power while idling. I think a good approach would be that used in the Star Trek Universe. Basically a really weak shield is applied over the whole ship. But when there's a disturbance it nearly instantly localizes the shield to the disturbance and gives maximum intensity/protection. The real power draw comes from this localization as well as a lot of waste heat. I could see a similar approach being very useful in DU.
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