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Avatar by SpacePirateCaine. He is japanese and refuses to talk to me.

just a casual gamer having a little fun. Single (shocking!), 43?, nice office job, a little bi-polar, usually medicated... heavily, zero education but work in the education industry, pretty average at a lot of things, Jack...of all trades, a part time pilot and a part time liar. I Like sci-fi, todays popular music is disgusting, guitar player, guitar builder - from trees I cut down, suck at math, just don't care, I hunt and peck equally well, possess the death valley of humor, never sarcastic, forgetful, a part time liar, bored with a lot of things, passionate about a few, often fickle, occasionally stubborn, an over estimator, under achiever, self questioning yet often sure, sometimes wrong, and ok with some of it. I am what I am, I suppose.

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