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  1. Steam would be nice for me seeing I have a account but no problem If its a stand a lone game.
  2. Don't know if you could control a whole planet but I would think you could shoot down a orbital ship with a big missile or cannon!
  3. So I would have to think that the larger the core the more materials need and the higher the price right?
  4. That is a interesting idea? =)
  5. Shipwright mixed in with some mining and factory stuff! =)
  6. I also had a shipwright in SWG and I am very interested in how they will work in DU. =)
  7. If the game is a little like space engineers then some one will figure it out : people have made orbital weapons for attacking bases from space in space engineers, but I have not really seen anything for bases weapons attacking orbital targets, but I guess you could make something like a big ballistic missile launched from a ground base to take out a orbital ship?
  8. I have a lot of ideas for ships and have played a lot of games with ship building mechanisms. I would love to share but most of it is TOP SCREAT seeing I will probably be a ship designer in game. I am sure there will be a lot of great designs out there! Just remember these main factors when building that can make or brake you : #1 cost of materials and ship cost. #2 ship specialization and efficiency. #3 Research and technology upgrades. I can probably help you out if you have ideas or questions but I will not be showing designs at this time but when the game starts and you need a special ship order look me up! *Wink* =)
  9. Even if they don't release automated Nano farmers or wait until way after game release to implement them! This is not a bad thing and would give new players a good chance to catch up with some of the more veteran players. Harvesting by characters only also forces Organizations to really work as a team when harvesting materials so they can build the biggest and best structures as a group! I am still not sure if there will be a character skill tree and if so what it might look like?
  10. I think they will have to implement automated Nano farmers to get the amount of materials needed to build large scale ships and cities. I cant imagine them allowing a personal Nano device / inventory being able to hold that amount of materials at one time. Plus a automated Nano Farmer could extract certain materials from a specific radius and depth without tearing up the landscape. One of the easiest ways to go about it is the size of the Nano farmer could determine radius and depth it has. The Nano farmer could be set to any ore you could scan for! If you found a rare ore deep in the ground a small Nano farmer is not going to work : you would have get a medium or large Nano farmer to get to those depths but small Nano farmers would be cheaper and still allow beginners the chance to grow so the could later produce the larger Nano farmers.
  11. Small groups of people will probably be building more like towns then small cities because of the amount of resources to make cities and there maybe a upkeep cost or tax with it? Player cities can play many parts for a guild / Organization from a Simple safe haven to a manufacturing giant that supply's good and materials to the galaxy! There is all so the coolest thing about bragging rights to how has the best cities if your a person into city building. The other possibility feature of the cities is if your a manufacturing giant you maybe targeted by a rival guild /organization adding a whole new dynamic possibility to the game. The two mmo style games with player cities or bases in the open world that inspired me the most and I have fond memories of would be : Star Wars Galaxies and EVE Online!
  12. I am not sure how big the cities will really get in DU and I don't like comparing games but its all I can go on from my experience's. One of the first games I played that had player cities in the world and not in a instances was Star Wars Galaxies. The game had major problems but some good points for its time that I will NOT get into! But most of the cities had a simple shuttle to shuttle system that would fly you from one city to the next or to a major starship port in a decent amount of time! The shuttle would be a easy one for going from one city to the next! For inter city travel you could use something like a automated high speed hyper loop for large cities to cut down on travel time. Small cities or towns a 10 to 15 min walk is not going to kill you. =) Here is a interesting question to think about : will player cities have a NO FLY ZONE option to keep people from landing there space ships in your city or a GRIEFER trying to kamikaze a Large ship into your city? Almost forgot about this one : I like player cities but one of the problems I have seen is the radius = cities too close to each other that look like a cluster F*** on the land scape. I hope this is helpful some and maybe something to think about?
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