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    Tiberio Octavio reacted to Sir_Rat in Career Poll   
    This is a poll to get a general idea of the community's interests.
    -If you are interested in multiple/all careers, pick the one that interests you the most.
    -If a career you have in mind isn't explicitly listed but is very similar to a choice, choose the most related category.
    - Sorry if this has been done before (if so, please link it).
    - If what you are passionate about and want to do is not an option, choose 'Other' and post below what career path you would like to pursue/try out. 
    - If this triggers you because you don't want to be put in a box or don't want this Eve-esque Career Paradigm in DU, choose 'Triggered'
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    Tiberio Octavio reacted to GunDeva in Sub-Organizations?   
    It sounds like a great idea and would help all organizations small and large by being able to contract jobs out that you cant preform your self or don't want to but still need to get it done ! I see mining already be a big one with some organizations focusing on jobs and skills other than mining and don't want to spend many hours doing mining but need the materials from mining.
    They have not released a lot of information on the contracting and rights part of the game so it might be possible that NQ has already thought about this but just have not released more detailed information on the subject?
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    Tiberio Octavio reacted to namco in Sub-Organizations?   
    I didn't even have to read to agree. The idea that the main organization is huge, but you can have sub "contractor" style sub-organizations, like say a 3 man assassin squad called "Bladed Gore" and they are a part of "The Rapture" organization (just examples, I suck at naming lol). Then there could be a building group inside "The Rapture" called "Hells Angles" which is a group of lets say 5 elite pilots that have the skills not only for fighter but also freighters and are actually good at it. Then you could have "Contractors United" which also under "The Rapture" who happens to be a group of contractors that help building anything related to "The Rapture" organization. This would be sooooooo cooooooool I am getting stupid excited just typing/thinking about it. Then the organization could maybe have "The Rapture" symbol on their back, and then their individual mini organization or "business" on their sleeve with its own icon. OMG I can't wait for this freaking game!
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    Tiberio Octavio reacted to Sunrider44 in Sub-Organizations?   
    Hi and welcome @ImperatorFVV,
    First of all, the system currently used is a sketch, you can learn more about orgs here: Devblog
    But to answer your question, it's important to understand that orgs in DU do not work like "guilds" in other games. The main difference is that a membership in a DU org is not exclusive, so you can be member of as many orgs as you want. In your exemple, you can be member of "Space Industries" AND "Space Nation".
    So, depending on politics and diplomacy, Space Industries can be seen as a part of Space Nation because your membership is counted twice: one time in Space Nation org and one in Space Industries org.
    For now there are no real strong regulation in DU orgs about membership, it's more like: if an org A thinks that another org B is hostile, it asks to its members to resign membership from the hostile org B, or demands to choose between B and A membership.
    This way makes the whole system able to create any configurations. But, technically, it asks to manage the rights on an individual level and not on an org level.
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    Tiberio Octavio reacted to Wilks Checkov in Sub-Organizations?   
    I know with the setup we have with our structure at the current moment this would make defining memberships far easier. As well as open up other possibilities for other types of communities to develop. I am also fairly sure I can speak for several other groups that would love to have this, but with how NQ are focusing on the game at the moment, it will likely be a while until any such rdms features are added to the community site. 
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    Tiberio Octavio got a reaction from Wilks Checkov in Sub-Organizations?   
    So, recently, I thought that there are a lot of organizations who aren't really what we would call "future countries". There are plenty of them, such as companies, political parties, institutions... that are focused on certain game aspects rather than being an actual community of players with a common purpose. It is pretty obvious, that most of those orgs, in their search of protection, profit or greater good, will tend to align with bigger orgs, being part of them, but at the same time, being somewhat "independent".
    It is curious that there is no actual game mechanic to handle this. Say, if a company wants to be registered within a certain country, there is no official way to prove they are part of them, so here is where the Sub-Organizations make their appearance. Basically, it would be a very simple system, which would allow little orgs to be integrated into bigger ones, with the approval of both of them. They would appear as a sub-org in the main organization entry, and their players would automatically be added into the main org. This would allow a better management of all the companies, satellites, parties and institutions within a certain nation, giving each of them specific permissions or privileges depending on their status. 
    A very simple example would be this: Imagine that Silverlight Industries (which is a company), wanted to be part of Terran Union (which is a nation), but also wanted to mantain their status, their page... everything. They would just make an agreement with them, they would become a sub-org, their page would appear inside TU's page and TU would have 200 more members.
    I obviously understand that this mechanic may be very complex to implement, and that I am missing a lot of little details, but anyways, what do you think? Would it be useful? Give me your opinions.
    Thank you very much.
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