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  1. First off, I wanted to give my discord link, always welcome to new people: https://discordapp.com/invite/cRA2kt8 Second, can anyone leave a like on this video: https://youtu.be/IfTqJiPv25E
  2. Thanks, that answers my Day/ Night question. ...Still dreaming about stars.
  3. I was walking outside tonight and I found myself looking at a plane flying across the dark sky, I wondered where the stars were and when they would come out... Then I remembered Dual Universe and how Large objects can be seen from far away. After which, I began to wonder if Dual Universe would have a Day/ Night Cycle and if night time would showcase stars if you looked up. I, for one, would love to see this happen, if it hasn't already. Also, can lights be seen from far away as well?
  4. I would like to see more ideas based on automation. So far, I've seen JC talk about having a large number players working together... Obviously, JC doesn't watch SAO, sometimes you gotta solo... I mean, If I built a large ship with guns, I want to be able to fly it on my own, without having to ask a stranger to come on board and touch my stuff.
  5. Uhh, how about you lower the prices on everything in these new: "Supporter Packs". I'm poor, I can't afford to spend a hundred dollars on a game, just so I could play alpha with no pvp in it. I honestly have to wait almost a year, because I plan to buy beta, because it costs soooooo much. I understand the game needs to be funded, but some people can't afford to throw hundreds of dollars around just for a game. 7k, really? - _ - https://community.dualthegame.com/pledge
  6. I don't think I'm gonna go through with this, I think I'll just solo.
  7. Is alpha going to be the same thing as space engineers, but without damage? - _ -
  8. I just changed my name to MaxMASK a few days ago, I also founded a new discord. https://discord.gg/cRA2kt8
  9. Awesome, I wouldn't want to have a freighter as an escape pod.
  10. So I was watching videos from the Dual Universe channel: Dual Universe - YouTube And I saw how big the cores for building were. After seeing the sizes of them, I wondered if they could ever be resized to smaller versions but with the same functionality, preferably for smaller ships, such as: pods. --------------------------------------------------------- Check Out My YouTube Channel: MaxedMASKED
  11. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/masked#tab-posts
  12. What do these things even do, and why would we buy them: $15 (Actually $17) --------- 1. In - Game Titles: Do we get special items associated with them? Will they mean something more like social status or something, that'd be pretty messed up if it did? 2. Thanks In the Credits as Early Backer: Do I get my name in the credits or is it thanking everyone at the same time? $30 (Actually $34) --------- 3. Digital Reward Original Soundtrack: Do I get to play music in my buildings/ ship with this? $60 (Actually $67) --------- 4. 11 DAC's: Am I going to have to spend money or DAC's every month to play the game in the Beta? $68 (Actually $76) --------- 5. Arkship Passenger ID Card: What does this even do/ will do? $120 (Actually $134) --------- 6. 23 DAC's: Am I going to have to spend money or DAC's every month to play the game in the Alpha? 7. Alpha Team Outfit: Are there different types of clothing in the game? $135 (Actually $151) --------- 8. Dual Universe T-Shirt: Is this like some sort of thank you gift just to raise the price? $260 (Actually $268) --------- 9. Dual Universe Metallic Box: Is this in game and what will it do or is this more trash they are trying to sell? 10. Dual Universe Art Book: Why? Just Why? 11. Dual Universe Poster: I actually like this one, just wish it came with the lower packages. $505 (Actually $564) --------- 12. Alpha Team Member Statue (Male Or Female): Is this an in game statue or is this real? Is it a statue of them or an in game player? 13. Dual Universe Collector Box: Same question as metallic box, but I'm starting to think this is real, why sell me trash? 14. Arkship USB Key: What do this do? Is it in game or real? Is it useless trash or no? $1000 (Actually $1117) --------- 15. One Hour Call with JC: If we all bought this, how would JC manage their time? Is JC a nickname for a person or the team? Can it be recorded? 16. Custom Avatar Portrait: Why is the cost so high for this, why not just make this an in game feature for everyone? 17. 2 Alpha Team Member Statues: Virtual or Physical? 18. 80 DAC's: Why are we paying for DAC's at this point, we already have a lifetime subscription? $5000 (Actually $5587) --------- 19. Half Day with JC and Team: Well, if I can afford this, I could probably afford a few more hundred dollars for my plane ticket right, because I gotta ACTUALLY spend 12 hours with them, shake hands, kiss maybe, start a new family with JC and Team, please? How would they manage their time by giving this out? What if they get attacked or exposed or hacked? $7000 (Actually $7821) --------- 20. Development of DU Secret: Do we get the info first before release or do we get it first LONG before release? What if someone decides to throw this out to the community before release? What if they get hacked? 21. Full Day with JC and Team: What is considered a full day to them, is it 24 hours (a sleep over), or is it in business days? This is enough time for me to start a family with every member in the team . 22. What does Kyrium even mean? 23. If you can pay this much for a game, what tax bracket are you in?
  13. OK, so I understand that some materials are rarer than others, but are there materials that are stronger than one another? I was thinking of this while I was creating another post: AirTraffcking For example, If I were to make two swords, both out of different materials, will one be stronger than the other and break it? Is there such thing as material durability; Example: If I were making more two ships, both out of different materials, will one last longer than the other and In a sense be more durable so long as no other variables besides space exploration are included? Also, Can one material pierce another material; Say If my ship got shot by another ship, would there be a bullet hole in my ship? Last, but not least; Are materials organized in tiers denoting how valuable they are, or is that decided by players? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, Check out my YouTube Channel: MaxedMASKED (Watch, Like, Subscribe, Share, and Grin)
  14. How is/are Dual Universe, Companies, Groups of players, etc, supposed to manage air traffic? Start from: "5:00" of this video: CRASH As you can see, from this video, we see a scene where one ship collides with another and easily tears apart with utmost no effort. How are we going to manage a ton of players flying in one area where, if they collide then the ship included in their collision will be destroyed. What if I just want to leave the planet and some troll flies by and crashes into my slow ship and I'm knocked out of air and grounded in less than a second? What will I do If I'm speeding in the middle of nowhere and someone who's texting and driving isn't watching where they're going and I get hit, and I'm stuck floating in space? Will I have Insurance? Is there a teleport or taxi service? Also, Check out my YouTube Channel: MaxedMASKED (Watch, Like, Subscribe, Share, and Grin)
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