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  1. I don't see complexity being bad for this kind of game... If you really want to see specializations in game, you'll have to make complex models for engines and fuels that would allow someone to be considered as a engine expert... otherwise you'll just have builders, commercials and fighters... not really diverse...
  2. Kinda like EEZ? where countrys "have rights to fish" in a given space around their territory?
  3. Well yeah, it's an idea perhaps for futur developpement, I don't strongly disagree on it it being ressource heavy, but I don't think it would be that bad, the gun could be saved as just a stat file and that wouldn't change much in terms of dammage/weapon calculations, because the premade guns that NQ are making are already a bunch of stats in an instance, and since you have to calculate this instance only once, It wouldn't make that much heavy calcs... (Since DU won't get voxel damage i guess, at least not for now... You don't have to check the weapon integrity and update the stats at all betw
  4. EDIT: I just noticed that there was already a post on the same theme... However I don't feel that bad because it was a year ago... and now I want to see what people think about it since we are starting to get a more prescise idea of what the game is gonna look like... Hello there, So I recently started to take a look at From the Depth, and they had a turret system that looked really cool! Basically, to make a gun you have many components wich act like "blocs". You have to actually place them on your ship, facing the right way so they do what you want these to do: for example,
  5. Well If you think about SE (Space Engineers), even with programmable blocks, no one has yet made a good automated mining drone, because they don't have the tools ; for example (in SE), how do you tell the drone wich area is composed of something worth mining? I don't really think that anyone acheived to make a proper automated mining drone, neither a proper automated fighting drone, since fighting is sooo much more than being accurate... It's about position, ship's control (knowing weakpoints and strongpoints...) But again, SE isn't an MMO and people aren't as badly in need of getti
  6. Well thinking about it, in a small ship (probably 1-2 man crew -> again it's not because it's a social game that being in a single ship with 4 ppl will be better than splitting the crew to 4 ships) , in a combat scenario, you could have cameras around your ship (perhaps in the back) to have a greater awareness of the exact position of the guy chasing you, alowing you to do more prescise maneuvers ... (even though radars will probably be a thing and somthing in the order of elite :Dangerous 's radar could be a great implement)
  7. (please excuse the bad english , I'm french) Hi! After seeing the last Dev Diary, I thought this game needed a bit more types of thrusters, so here is my idea: Basically the typical thruster is something that push the spaceship around... But Thrust and Power shouldn't be the only attributes a thruster can have, because otherwise, the game will probably feel quite empty... So why not having for example -max thrust -energy cost -size (and all the usual stuff) -acceleration inertia (having a really reactive thruster can help in combat, or maybe when you try to hover a
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