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  1. If you missed last weekend's episode of Q-Cast, you can watch it here. A Reminder that instead of a Q-Cast stream this weekend, we will be doing a joint live Q&A with our friends over at the Terran Union on their YouTube Channel. The stream is planned for Saturday, May 3rd at 10 am EST (7 am PST, 3 pm UK Time, 4 pm CEST). If you would like to submit a question for us to answer, please use the dedicated google form. We hope to see you there!

  2. Thanks to everyone who tuned into all of our Q-Cast Streams over the past few months. You guys are the best! We will be back with more episodes to cover everything that happens in the community after Dual Universe's Pre-Alpha. In the Meantime, catch up on the last few episodes if you missed out on them.

    Q-Cast Episode 15

    Q-Cast Episode 16

    Q-Cast Episode 17


    Also if you are new to the community or the streams, feel free to watch all of the streams we have done so far here.

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